Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 31st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil protects Pankti from protestors

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 31st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pankti clarifies to her mother that only Vaidika is Sahil’s wife. She is sure nothing happened between her and Sahil. Did she think how Vaidika must have felt watching her husband with an alien girl, and Vaidika delivered a pre-mature baby. How she will face Vaidika now. Pankti’s mother tells her to think for herself, there is nothing wrong with what happened. She must take advantage for this misunderstanding and be Sahil’s second wife. Pankti warns her mother that if she ever tries to do it again she will lose her daughter. A woman spying on Pankti calls Bari Amma that her task can now be completed.
The doctor comes out of Vaidika’s room. She tells them that Vaidika’s operation was fine, her bleeding has stopped. The baby is premature as was born in seventh month still healthy. Sahil requests to meet them. The baby played in the cradle. Sahil gets teary that mummy hasn’t yet permitted but he promises his baby to make thinks up slowly. A nurse comes to hand Sahil the medicine slip, he smiles and leaves the room. Vaidika lay asleep.
Pankti walked across the road all alone. A group of ladies chanted slogans against her, the media also encircles Pankti.
The nurse gives medicine to Vaidika and turns on the television for her. Vaidika watches the news against Pankti. The ladies accused Pankti for breaking Vaidika Agarwal’s family life. They intended to blacken Pankti’s face. Sahil came to protect Pankti and stops the ladies. He says they must be ashamed to hold fingers over a girl. The ladies question Sahil how his wife reached hospital and gave birth in seventh month. Sahil says even its Pankti, he is equally accusable. Vaidika drops the glass. Sahil says he is answerable to his wife only, not anyone else. Vaidika tells the nurse to turn the television off.
Sahil requests the ladies to leave. Pankti was sorry. Sahil says it’s equally his responsibility as well, but it seems whatever happened was a trap. Pankti complements Sahil for being a protector. Sahil says he is unaware how someone will react to this all. Pankti assures it will all be fine. She tells him to go to Vaidika and clarify any misunderstanding. He must hold his baby and take care of Vaidika right now. Sahil hurries to hospital.
In the hospital, the bed and cradle were empty. A nurse tells Sahil that Vaidika got a discharge from the hospital and left with her son. She saw the transmission about him and that girl on television. S

PRECAP: Vaidika packs his bag to leave with his baby and Ved. Everyone including Sahil tries to stop her. Pankti comes home apologizing to Vaidika. Vaidika says if Pankti wants to repent, she must leave this house right away.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. As with the precap… Vedika is damn right, Pankti has to leave there immediately.. Who would have thought that BA would have accepted Vedika in this lifetime according to the script…to go to this level as her previous ones, to bat for Vedika..

    1. Exactly is about time she think about herself for once….let pankti and her mom go back too her da

  2. ..and I really think that I have the guts to murder someone after all and Pankti’s mother will be my victim!!

  3. Anyone know what was the task bari amma had please tell me she’s not back too her old ways….i like this new BA….I’m tired of this sahil pankti story infact karan not even acting like his intense self when it comes to vedika pain where is mature sahil even at the beginning of the show he was more mature and considerate of vedika’s feelings….I’m sure now more than ever they slowly replacing suhasi with whatever pankti really name is she’s getting too much of media coverage and she’s have more screen play so I’ll just stick to reading from now on

    1. Hey Sam.. I think that the task BA spoke about was for the media and the people to question Pankti and shame her to the point of where she she should go away from Sadika’s life.. I’m pretty sure that she had her contacts stoke the flames.

      1. Sigh” ok I’m glad because vedika can’t handle anymore villains

  4. Omg.. Sahil is such an idiot… I was beginning to feel sorry for him when he was praying.. but after that interview in the TV he does not deserve her. He is more interested in saving Pankti skin than his marriage, Vedika is doing the right leaving him. Wow writers you manage to make me hate Sahil. Is this the end is Sadika?? Usha, Mandakani and Pankti mother can take the lead now…

    1. Pooja, I think that Sahil is insinuating that he’d protect any woman from what Pankti was faced with and I’d like to think that he gives some credence and importance to Vedika that he’s answerable only to his wife..so, I don’t think that he sees what he’s done towards Pankti as anything he shouldn’t do for any other woman, it’s just that pankti is in Sadika’s life and we would tend to see the situation through a bad light..

  5. love the dramas ending ♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Nina

    No, Naz you are not a murderer. Clever Sahil takes clear they have trapped. Above all Pankti must walk out. Vedika gave birth to two sons Sahil is a happy father must appreciate her. Their favorite tv show had tied Bari Amma and Nani like all us.

    1. Lol.. You know Nina, these morons in these serials makes me think I am one..they just make me think this way…but I hear you.. ??

  7. I agree with Sam, sahil has stopped acting with passion and maturity when it comes to vedika. He should have delt with pankti at this time the way he delt with bhoomi, divorce her and ask her to go and hide somewhere as the rift between sahil and vedika is caused by her whether they were set up or not no woman can just walk with her head held high pregnant for that matter, her hormones are running wild please, she is mad and rightly so. Sahil who understands so much about pregnant women why cant he try hard to beg vefika and get rid of pankti and her mum. Any loving man understands the fury of a woman who just caught her husband with another woman.
    By the way i saw un update that says vedika will have her baby kidnapped and pankti will be blamed then baby will be found but very sick and will die so vedika and sahil will blame each other and vefika will file for divorce. Vefika will leave town with ved and sahil will marry pankti. HOW TRUE IS THIS UPDATE?
    these vilans who ran free need to be taught a lesson they will never forget.
    I cant blame vefika she has taken up too much
    The relationship is toxic she will die of heart attack if she does not put her foot down with sahil. Relationships end over things like that not true but seeds of doubt has been planted by people and sahil himself he is too close to pankti vefika is human she is feelng insecure at present.
    Sahil has made things worse he shouted at vefika in font of everybody that there was a generational gap between he and vefika that was harsh as if it was not enough he is set up with pankti in the same bed. Can we blame vefika for being furious? neyee
    Please comment and confirm if this update is true.

    1. God i hope that update isn’t true and if so and they reduce vedika character to that then I’m totally done with this show…..i don’t enjoy KJ acting no more since pankti entered his brilliant acting skills left…..even with bhoomi he was acting at his best i feel he’s fedup of this bs too so don’t care to put in the work…..how much more wives can sahil have for crying out loud and all young maybe the age differences isn’t where writers really was heading maybe they was making vedika a phase for him hence the huge gap in their age which was a foolish move from the start…..they should’ve make them 10years apart because anymore leap and vedika would be an old old woman with ved an adult and arya with kids…that will be crap…..anyone know if their trp drop??

    2. OMG.. Madeline, this forecast for Sadika is looking ominous.. I’m horrified if this will actually happen..and I feel so madddd now, after everything that has happened with Vedika, she will lose her baby???? Na….this is crazy! This is too much torture for this kind hearted person.. I’m thinking, that Aarya can never be like her mother, she’s too much of a fire stick, too much hyper at most times.. Vedika is serenity personified and very dignified in her dealings with everyone.

  8. Madeline, I also read tgatcVedika will file for divorce. The story looks very rocky now, shame that we want see those beautiful Sadika moment☹️

  9. we were so much in love with this serial and its characters, see what has happened now.. did they change the writers in between? someone of our wavelength has gone missing i guess.. vedhika’s life is so full of struggles.. she depicted the state of women in our society.. but every character that once was so full of life and charm is assassinated now.. dont know why sahil is projected this way?? even his way of expressing love looks fake now..maybe we got into the skin of vedhika’s character that we feel this way…

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