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As soon as Aditi announced and confirmed her and yuvi’s wedding venue Bebe and Leela rejoiced with happiness and excitedly started discussing about the rituals. When Aditi once again spoke.

” And today we all are going for my wedding shopping including you Mr Kunj Sarna ” Aditi said with authority as she saw he was about to make some reason to avoid it so she already warned glaring him while Kunj just gulped in fear and nodded his head in yes.

Bebe , Leela and Yuvi giggled seeing Kunj’s helplessness infront of Aditi. In last few years she was the only person who had dared to challenge the authority of ‘ THE GREAT MR KUNJ SARNA ‘ and even won over him when comes to agreeing him on her terms.

Soon the breakfast was wrapped with Kunj barely eating anything to which everyone sighed in dismay but never left the hope to revive their old Kunj back.

Soon everyone got ready and left for ‘ BLUE INDIGO MALL ‘ happy and excited to shop for AdVi’s wedding. Kunj decided to separately took a car for himself , Bebe and Leela to give AdVi some much needed privacy.

But more then spending sometime with eachother AdVi bickered whole ride on the smallest thing’s with Aditi turning her face to other side angrily. As soon as the reached mall and get off car both AdVi started complaining about eachother to Kunj like nursery kids. Kunj slapped his forehead with sigh seeing both acting like kids. Who would say they were about to get married ?

But wasn’t his and twinkle’s relationship same like AdVi and at one point where all they did was bickered at every small thing with eachother yet cared for eachother. All that bring to him was painful memories that pierced his soul.

Kunj gulped his pain inside himself like every other time and decided to mask his emotions for the sake of his bestfriends who were about to step into new chapter of their life and expected his presence along them.

They walked inside the mall with AdVi still bickering over something while Leela and Bebe trying to mend thing’s between them. Kunj sighed and walked behind them. He wished for them to have all the happiness in their life which was snatched from him.

They first walked toward’s the designer section for AdVi’s wedding dresses. Leela and Bebe were helping AdVi select their dresses but all the while Kunj was staring at them from a little far. It was not like he didn’t wanted to be a part of their happiness but he was to afraid that his presence might snatch their happiness.

His eyes have frozen over like the surface of a winter puddle, robbing them of their usual warmth. He’s in there but it’s like he just took a huge step back from life. He wanted to console himself that everything will be okay. But his inner self is shattered badly.

His insides are too damp with uncried tears. He always had pain inside, but now its visible on his face. He was badly broken inside out. He could do nothing but see his life shattering each day to unrepairable extent.

His presence screamed to come at life but his past pushed it away everytime. The darkness around him was suffocating for others but the only possible way of his survival. Thus he was to afraid to live like before again.

Every moment of his life came with a realisation for him that he might once again face something like now if he would even think to proceed with his life normally. He had left everything to fate.

He didn’t knew how far will he be able to go but he just knew that he will go as far as his life takes him. He have no desire to live or wish for anything but was living just for those who loved him selflessly and stood by his side in those dark moment’s of life where his family and love left his hand.

Amidst this all ‘ FATE ‘ had binded him with a responsibility long that he was yet unawared of but soon he had to face that responsibility to willingly or either unwillingly. Their was no way he could turn away his face from it.

But that path was going to be much more painful and shattering then what he was facing now. He was to undergo another life shattering moment’s that might break him , hurt him but might eventually heal his wound’s. If not heal those untreated wound it would atleast become the solace for him.

A little light of hope who had taken birth the day his inner self died completely will now embrace his life to revive him.


After a head aching two hours of meeting and negotiating with client’s regarding their demands twinkle finally came to terms with the client’s she was here to deal with regarding a project and signed the deal.

Once the meeting was over and clients left twinkle to asked her personal assistant to make arrangements for deal and contract papers.

Twinkle finally stepped out of the luxurious conference Hall of the mall and heaved a sigh of content and relief. Her one task and reason to be here was complete and now the only left and most difficult task of cracking the international deal that could straightly changed the destiny of any company who cracked this deal by hundred folds.

But the difficulty and only obstacle was she had to face the great ‘ KS ‘ whom she had heard alot about but never saw. She was completely unaware of who he was ? From where do he came from suddenly and established himself to this extent where he became the strongest competitor amongst everyone else.

Twinkle decided to go and get some clothes for herself as she was asked at the last moment by her company to attend this meeting take up on this deal so she had less time to pack anything properly for herself but more than that her main focus was ‘ HIM ‘ who would surely be in grumpy mood all ready to pounce on her like a little wild cat and give her a hard time to convince ‘ HIM ‘ after all he was another *sigh*.

As much as she wished , she wanted to forget him forever after what he did but it was impossible. Everything about him was now around her in another younger version of ‘HIS’

Twinkle walked toward’s some best designer sections to look at some good clothes for herself and afterwards walked toward’s a men shopping area where from a toddler to an adult all sizes were available. She chose to shop on ‘ The Denims ‘ where from toddler to adult everyone’s clothing was available.

So she got herself on mission to buy some good clothes for him though it was sometimes really difficult to please his choices. He was self obsessed just like him.

On other hand Kunj and Yuvi decided to shop some casual clothes for themselves and let the three ladies take their own time selecting their thing’s. Yuvi dragged Kunj along him to ‘ The Denims ‘ unaware of the storm that was igniting in their lives which was about to hit them.

Twinkle was looking for some nice shirts. She had to always a one size bigger for ‘ Him ‘ cause he was much taller than his age mates after all this was in his genesis. Yuvi was standing a little far from her but did saw her.

Yuvi looked around for Kunj. He was nowhere to be scene. So he called out for ‘ Kunj ‘. As soon as name ‘ Kunj ‘ hit twinkle’s ear drums. She froze in shock , her heart was beating like it would jump out of her ribcage any moment. She felt unknown emotions embracing her but why was she reacting this way ?

It wasn’t necessary that he would be her Kunj right ? She turned around to see but all she saw was a yuvi’s back facing her and he was holding phone to his ears. She could not recognize.

Twinkle shrugged her thought’s and turned around to go for billing and payments when she bumped with a hard and tall figure. Thing’s fell from their hand’s and without looking at her man mumbled a ‘ Sorry ‘ and picked her and his thing’s while twinkle stood stunned realising who the person was. It was non other than Kunj.

Kunj stood up and when his gaze fell upon the person that he bumped into. He stood stunned but his face expressionless. All those memories of her harsh word’s and insults hit his ear drums like rocks.

At that time Aditi came from behind finding Kunj and yuvi. As she didn’t realise twinkle’s presence due to Kunj standing in between them. She casually went toward’s him and tapped his shoulder and turned him around.

” Mr Kunj Sarna. Where were you ? I was finding you and your idio…. “ Aditi stopped in middle as she finally noticed twinkle looking at them and then at Kunj whose face was expressionless but eyes held pain.

Aditi’s face turned red in anger seeing twinkle and she was about to burst out on her when Kunj held her hand and softly said to not make any fuss ” Let’s go Adu ”

” But Kunj…… ” Aditi tried continuing but stopped seeing Kunj nodding his head in no.

Aditi fell silent but glared twinkle angrily. She held Kunj’s hand and was about to go when twinkle held them back with her disgusting taunt throwed at them.

” Woah Mr Kunj Sarna ! You found another sl*t for yourself. ” twinkle taunted seeing Aditi holding Kunj’s hand and taking him from there.

Kunj stopped dead in his track. Tears formed in his eyes and hurt was apparent on his face but he didn’t turned or reacted but Aditi completely lost her temper seeing Kunjzs hurt face and listening to twinkle’s disgusting word’s.

So without caring for where they were or how many people were watching them she slapped twinkle hard across her face not once but twice stunning everyone and shocking day lights out of twinkle.

” Mind your tongue Ms Twinkle or else I know how to cut that into pieces and feed them to dog’s. Even they won’t want to eat that disgusting tongue of yours. How low will you stoop to disgrace a person who loved you Haan. ” Aditi said with utter disgust and anger toward’s twinkle.

” You……How dare you slap me ” twinkle started but was interrupted once again by receiving a slap by Aditi.

” I can do and say zillion other thing’s to a disgusting woman like you but I don’t want to spoil my mood when i am shopping for my wedding. So be in your limits or else next time I will chop your tongue and feed that to you itself “ Aditi replied with anger and then holding Kunj by his hand took him out from the shop leaving behind an embarrassed twinkle whom everyone was gawking as if a cartoon.

Twinkle awkwardly looked around and then turned around to go but was met by yuvi who was standing behind her and witnessed everything and glared at twinkle.

Aditi once again came back and this time said to yuvi ” Oye ! Idiot have you planned to stay here for rest of your life. Ya iski Aarti utarni hai “ said last line glaring at twinkle while yuvi gulped his saliva in fear and silently followed Aditi like a Kid who follows his mother after getting scolded.

AdVi went outside toward’s the sitting area where Aditi left Kunj. They looked at Kunj who was sitting on a corner table numb. His eyes held no emotions but they knew well what impact twinkle’s word might have left on him.

AdVi glanced at eachother than sighed. When they thought and was determined to bring back old Kunj to life twinkle had to return back. They walked toward’s him. Aditi kept her hand on his shoulder to which Kunj spoke without even looking at her.

” I am sorry Adu. I am sorry due to me you had to listen those word’s from her. I am sorry I could not protect you from her wrath that’s why I never wanted to come along you. I know I can never be a good omen for you. See I destroyed the happy moment of Life. “ Kunj ended with tears finally falling down his eyes.

Aditi fisted her hand’s in anger. Due to that woman once again Kunj was thinking low about himself. She wanted to bury twinkle alive that moment but kept a control over her emotions.

” What rubbish are you speaking Kunj. Do you even realize that ? Her words didn’t hurted me at all cause I expected nothing from her but your words are sure hurting me cause you know I just have you , Bebe , Leela Maa and Yuvi in my family and no one else and you saying these word’s are making me feel you considered me nothing in your life “ Aditi said remorsefuly wiping Kunj’s tear while sitting beside him.

” Areh…No Adu ! I didn’t meant to hurt you. You are one if the best thing’s that happen to me. You are not just my bestfriend but my sister. Don’t ever think like that and in morning you only said right that I should focus on everyone who is by my side rather than anyone else. Then I promise today. I won’t ever let her become a part of my life AGAIN..” Kunj replied with some different glint of emotions.

AdVi were stunned for a while that he finally was ready to move on from past. They knew it wasn’t easy for him at all but if he was willing to move on they would leave no stone unturned to help him overcome his pain.

Aditi smiled and hugged him while yuvi whined in Jealousy ” I am also here in case you both forgot “. Aditi chuckled while Kunj pulled him in hug to. Twinkle just saw Aditi hugging Kunj from far and fisted her hand in anger. She didn’t heard anything nor saw yuvi hugging them.

She left assuming everything not realising what damage she caused by her word’s a while ago. The day she might realise would be to Late. The day she would have no chance of holding onto him left.


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