Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sushim and his team are passing track, Vasu says that why did you take othe team’s stuff? Sushim says this is strategy to weaken other team, Indar says i am thinking what Siamak’s team must be bearing without stuffs, Sushim says i like your loyalty for me, when i will become Samrat, i will make you my right hand, other student says Sushim is great. one student says Ashok must be still waiting for his time to start, Vasu says you must know how much fast Ashok runs, Sushim says Vasu have gone mad, he is taking other team’s side, he loads his shoulder with food stuff, he says now you will know what it is to go against me, Vasu says this is difference between you and Ashok, you are against your team member just cause i like AShok and otherside AShok can help his enemy in need, try to understand Ashok and you will learn alot, sushim is about to beat him but Indar not this time, Sushim says lets gp.
Siamak says to his team that its difficult for us to reach first stage before sun set down, one student says i cant go forward, i am thirsty, Siamak says we have to move, Subaho says how much can we run without water, Ashok says this is trick only to check our mental strength, we have to run, one student says we cant move forward, you go, Ashok loos around, gets some idea, sees a tree and cuts its stem, water starts flowing from it, all are happy and drinks water, Siamak says great, i never learned this in school, Ashok sys you leanr it in Vann, Siamak says thats why you are Vanraj, i am lucky to have intelligent Army master, my other team members already thought that we lost competition but you are giving them hope, he says lets move forward.

Scene 2
Sushim team reaches a place, its all smoke there, Vasu says this fog is distract us, we have to be careful, Sushim sys fools like you need to be careful not me, one student is attacked by someone, arrow hits him, sushim looks around but cant find anyone due to fog, he says student is unconscious, the arrow had medicine which will keep him dizzy for sometime, we are in nomads area, we cant stop because of one unconscious student, protect yourself from arrows and move forward, they start moving forward, arrows are thrown from all sides, he sit down to be safe but cant see which way to go.
Siamak’s team reach the fog area, they try to move forward, they find the student from Sushim’s team unconscious and is been taken away from there, arrow is about to hit one student but Ashok sees it and saves him, they crawl to move down.
Radhagupt calls all hobbits, he ask one hobbit where is Vrahmir? he says who is Vrahmir? Radha says dont lie, Chanakya says he is not lying, they do not do work of architecture and do not make secret caves, Radha says how can you say that? Chanakya says when hobbits makes secret caves or way, they crawl in it to work and their elbows get blacken in this but these hobbits are fine and have no black elbows, Radha says how will we reach Vrahmir then? Chanakya says we wil not go, he come himself and i know how.

Scene 3
Siamak’s team is cleverly passing fog area, Siamak says we dont have any weapon to protect ourselves, Ashok says we can thinks something else too, Siamak says how? Ashok says i will tell. one student says we will not reach on time, Sushim’s team must have crossed first track. otherside Sushim’s team is throwing arrows at nomads too, Indar says its difficult to go out of here.
one student says to Siamak that you are captain not that cheap guy, Siamak curtly says his name is Ashok. Ashok goes to check and comes back, he says this is artificial fog, its not covering much area, nomads have trapped us here, Sushim’s team is trapped in it too, if we come out of this fog then we will be safe from nomads and will be ahead of Sushim’s team, one student says how we will be safe from nomads? Ashok ,,
in some red light area, one girl from Greece is being auctioned, people are giving money to get her, one man gives alot of coins and takes girl away from there. other men fight that they didnt get her, manager of red light area says i will take you somewhere, where you will get god sight, she brings them in room, Chanakya comes there, they greet Chanakya. they are men of Chanakya only, chanakya is ill but says to men that i have some important work, they ask to order, chanakya says new palace is in construction, Vrahmir is there too so i think that there is conspiracy of trapping royal people so that in chaos situation, royal family becomes helpless, dhananand made same kind of plan years back with help of Vrahmir, Justin, Nicator, Helena, Raj are making same kind of plan, he ask them to keep an eye on everyone, specially on hobbits, he says one guy(chitragupt) that check finance of government and check where the money is going. he says to manager that keep eye on workers who have come from Ujjain, he says this is our secret task.

Ashok is in jungle to collect something to eat. sushim is hiding behind tree and puts poison on arrow, he points arrow towards Ashok and says this poisonous arrow will hit you and you die in seconds, otherside Dharma worries for Ashok.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What is sushim’s problem anyway?,I think sushim will loose due to his insecurity with Ashoka.

  2. Shushim proved that he can’t be a king from any angle…. Ashok u r doing very well…

  3. Very nice episode

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