Satrangi Sasural 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
All stand tensed, while arushi lightens the mood, that mini and priyanka went to get nilima, as was precdecided. they all cheer up yet again. Gautam is then welcomed inside ceremonially with all the rituals. just then, a lady gets down, and informs someone that they have reached and the work shall be done. Aother fellow gets out of the car and they both walk ahead.

The priest begins with the puja, while arushi asks vihaan about the wish. he eyes her to come along, while she is surprised. he says that she wont miss much and insists on her to come. he then takes her to a decorated room for a honeymmon setting, and she cheers up saying that this is for gautam and nilima. he says that there’s one for them too but this is for them, so that they can enjoy what they missed out on their wedding night. she shyly says that she has to go as there’s work downstairs. he asks her to tell him that she doesnt miss all this and that she doesnt want to intimate their relation. she gets overwhelmed, as he takes her anchal and drapes it over her head. He then takes her to the bed. She gets nervous and excited, while he thinks that he knows that tonight shall be their night of love. He then lays her on the bed, while she turns away in shyness and nervousness. he takes her face and turns it towards him, and leans in to kiss her, and brings his lips close to hers, while she closes her eyes in excitement. he is unable to and then gets back up. She gets up saying that she had the faith that he wont do anything, as more than her, he respcts granny’s words, and that she knew this. he gets angry and says that he isnt able to bear this anymore, being away from her. She says that they have passed all exams, and that love is a arelation of the hearts and emotions. he kisses her on the forehead. he asks her to come along, as they all are waiting for them. She stops him and then when he turns around, she caresses his face and then kisses him on the lips, while he is highly amused, as she blushes and runs away.

Downstairs, granny asks where is arushi and vihaan. the priest asks them to get the bride. Arushi comes just then and says that she shall go rightaway. she collides into the woman who came suspiciously, with her son, and apologises. The lady asks her to mind her own business. she says that she was just helping, but the woman behaves rudely and asks her to get lost. she wonders who is this lady and who must have called her. harpreet hollers her to go and get nilima, and arushi leaves. Meanwhile the boy asks his mother, the suspicious lady to hurry along for their work. she complies.

Meanwhile, Nilima is in her room, is highly disturbed and upset and decides to take off the switch. Arushi rushes to nilima’s room, and discarding all her concerns regarding the wig, she cites that she is perfect, while unable to see the reash created on her neck. She then dons the dupatta on her and takes her outside. As arushi is getting nilima downstairs, she collides into a wallet kept on the floor. she takes it. just then a security personnel comes. The security guard tells arushi that the supervisor wishes to speak with her, rightaway as there’s some trouble. Arushi gets tensed. she tells nilima that she shall come shortly. Nilima then comes to the mandap with some other friends, and is made to sit beside gautam. while she is still uneasy with the wig. gautam asks what happened, she says that all is okay. meanwhile, the lady gives the Cd to her son and he leaves. she gets a call, and she responds that they are ready for the ensuing Drama.

The supervisor informs arushi that gautam’s parents had arrived, as arushi’s sketches suggested, and how they were sent away, when asked for their invitation. arushi asks them to be alert as they shall try to come another time. she thinks that vihaan was right in thinking that gautam’s parents shall create an interference, and how she shall not tell this to anyone, or else they shall be tensed. she wonders what could it be, that they want now. Arushi then shows the wallet with the I-card, bearing the name rahul diwan, the son who came with his mother, to vihaan, who teases her if its an ex-flame. She too plays along anbd instead plays the trick on him, saying that he indeed is. He gets tensed, while she breaks into laughter at his plight. he plans to take reevenge of her kiss. she asks what he shall do. He suggetss that he wants to do a lot. she changes the topic and points out how happy nilima and gautam look. He gives the credit to her only. Suddenyl the lights go off, and all gets tensed and worried. vihaan is about to go and check. A lady’s voice booms out and asks them all not to be bothered, and then says that she shall just take sometime, to show them something, that shall double the entertainment dose. Arushi and vihaan discuss whose plan it shall be, and they both deny. they go to find out. As the video shows a montage of pictures, of gautam dressed as a groom with the same lady, in bridal attire, and the voice suggesting that he is a fraud who has several marriages. Another picture of gautam with a young child also comes, shocking them all. the screen freezes on arushi’s tensed face.

Precap: gautam vehemently denies that he isnt anyone’s father. The boy gets enraged saying that he shall break his moiuth, if he says so. gautam is ferocious. arushi intervenes and says that papers suggest that gautam is married to sujata, the lady, and that the child is also theirs. Hence they cant let a person like gautam, marry nilima, and hence this marriage shall not happen. All are shocked, while nilima is boggled. Arushi presents the bottle of vermilion, and asks gautan to do the honours for sujata. he takes the bottle. Sujata stands tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Arushi is stunningly beautiful, its a shame tat she is receiving such bad treatment frm some of the mother’s as they were all so excited to see Vihaan get married. Very confusing!!! Also why is neelima getting married to gautam, he messed up her life the 1st time n married numerous wives so how can an intelligent woman like Neelima give him another chance, I’m sorry he does not deserve the 2nd chance , find another decent man If u want to get married but Gautam does not deserve ur love, his parents forced him but he was a grown man an had a choice to make an chose the wrong 1 , sorry will neva trust a fraud like him EVA!!!!!!

  2. why prianka is hell bent on causing confusion between nilima and gautaum why she do not go and look for a man for herself somehow I feel that she is jealous of nilima and she does not want to see her happy with gautaum so she is doing everything in her power to make gautaum look like a crook and that is why she hire these people to put on an act saying that gautaum is a married man and that he has a child come on writers why all of these serials have to be with somebody doing evil why there cannot be a happy ending you writers seem to be pure evil individuals and that is why you think and do evil

  3. Wat the he’ll? ?????????????

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