Badi Devrani 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Badi Devrani 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal proper’s Reeti’s Saree plates,,Kajal tells its looking Perfect..Manisha tells that they will …Bilashi tells Daadiji that they are in hurry to fix the relation with Enemy..Daadaji tells that already relation is fixed and he dont care If Bilashi eats food or not..Daadiji tells that she is very happy as Vibhor is getting Married after Seven days And tells that she dont Care about Bilashi..Daadaji and Daadiji goes..Bilashi tells Vibhor not to see him as he will be scared..
Indira tells that Reeti known very good painting and embiondery…Prabha takes out Saree and some oil..Prabha tells this is all for Reeti…Reeti gets shocked..Prabha tells that Reeti’s hair could be white that’s why she brought this..As Vibhor hair are very good..Indira asks Who said this??Prabha tells that Truth never hides…Indira tells she did not understand…Kajal tells that Prabha have seen Hair colour in bathroom..Kajal tells that Vibhor is twenty two year old and Reeti is twenty seven year old..Vibhor’s hair are very good that’s why all girl’s like Vibhor… Reeti tells her hair’s are not white As she put to her mother..Reeti tells but she will use to Save in Future..Indira tells that wedding celebrations are started and date is fixed If there is any doubt..Kajal smiles there is no doubt..Indira tells that she will bring sweet’s..Kajal tells no As they will eat in the wedding..Indira tells Kajal to come whenever she want..Prabha tells they will call and come..Prabha,,Kajal and Manisha goes..Vibhor sees Calender and counts the Date for wedding…Vibhor opens TV and plays Video game..Nikonj comes and sees..Nikonj tells that before only he lost..Nikonj tells this life and games decision should be not taken easily….
Manbhari laughs and tells Prabha that after seven days Vibhor is getting married..Manbhari tells Prabha that she started making Shagun,,Vibhor tells his mother Prabha that going out for some work…Manbhari tells that Vibhor is looking very good..And Reeti and Vibhor will look a very good couple..MAnbhari tells Reeti is big than Vibhor soo what??Manbhari tells Manisha and Kajal to remember what happen If Reeti is elder than Vibhor She will bring Good luck..Kajal gets jealous..Manbhari smiles..Sitaram comes to shop..Daadaji and Ghansham welcomes..Bilashi sees Sitaram..Sitaram tells that wedding Invitation card are Printed..Sitaram gives to Bilashi sweet “Kesar chamcham” and Invitation Card..Bilashi thinks about the Promise Sitaram that in Seven days Reeti’s marriage will fixed and If it Fixed Bilashi will dance.. Sitaram tells Bilashi that Card is printed very good..Bilashi is quiet…Daadaji sees Bilashi…Bilashi takes the Card..Sitaram tells that he fullfilled his promise Now its Bilashi’s turn to Dance in wedding..Everyone is shocked..Ghansham tells Sitaram to drink something..Sitaram tells noo..Sitaram goes…Bilashi tells that Someone learn from Sitaram How to throw Acid..Bilashi tells he will teach a good lesson to Sitaram Soon..

Precap::Vibhor tells Reeti that he will spoil her life….

Update Credit to: Ansari

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