Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Charu comes to Justin, she says Sushim is my son, son of a queen and you had beaten him, Justin says what i did was requirement of situation, charu says from when you have started the situation? years back, you wanted to become Samrat when Bindu was ill even with the fact that only sushim had right on it, you and your mother was ready to snatch throne, Justin says dont you dare talk about my mother and before pointing fingers at others, see your son first, Charu says Sushim is my son and i will not tolerate anyone insulting him and if you touch him once more, i will not bear it, dont forget he is heir to throne, Justin says you are forgetting that its not decided yet who will be the heir, Charu leaves angrily.
Ashok is leaving palace, chanakya comes to him, Ashok says to Chanakya that dont stop me today else i will forget my limits, Chanakya says if you leave from Patliputra then it will be crossing limits of promise only which your mother gave to me, Ashok says you twist everything for your good, according to you my mother is dead so all the promises had died too, what promise you are talking about, i cant play this game anymore, i am leaving from your Patliputra and you cant stop me, Chanakya says dont do mistake in anger, Ashok says it was my mistake that i listened to you but not anymore, keep your Patliputra to yourself, he starts leaving but soldiers stop his way, AShok beats soldiers, one soldier puts sword on Ashok’s neck, Ashok ask Chanakya to order your soldier to kill me else i will leave from here, Chanakya says i doing all this for your good but even then you wanna go then you are free to go, he ask soldier to leave him, soldier moves away, Ashok starts leaving the palace, Ashoka hai Ashoka plays, Radhgupt ask Chanakya why did you let him go? Chanakya says to accept truth, he has to leave from here, the much he feels pain, he will become more weak, let him go away, Radhgupt ask will he return? Chanakya finds loin there, he says Ashok will return, he is running away from Patliputra but he cant run away from fate of India.

Scene 2
Samrat Bindu ask where is Ashok, soldier says he ran away to find his mother, Bindu says nobody even told me, with whose permission he has left the palace? Soldier says he took Chanakya’s permission.
Bindu comes to Chanakya and says sorry for talking you in high tone, he ask why did you not stop Ashok? Chanakya says it was not good to stop him, he was in pain, he is feeling more pain in Patliputra so i thought that if he leaves from here then he will get some peace and will accept the truth, Bindu says i know how it feels when your loved one goes away, i lost my father then my love Dharma, i didnt talk to you about it before, years back when i went on hunt, i was attacked and it was Dharma who protected me, i fell in love with her, i married her, nobody can take her place in my life, i promised her that i will return to her and will bring her to Patliputra but then i got to know that she died in an unfortunate incident, i couldnt protect her and now when Subhadrangi saved me 2 times, i couldnt protect her too, its strange that i didnt know her much but i used to feel that she knows me well, she understands me well, i dont talk about my personal life to anyone but with Subhadrangi i could share anything with her, it was she one side and otherside was Ashok, i used to feel that they are part of my family even with the fact that i didnt know about Subhadrangi being mother of AShok but i couldnt do anything for them, after giving Agni to her deadbody i feel some peace, i thought to bring AShok out of pain but i couldnt stop him too, Chanakya says you couldnt stop him but you can bring him back, Bindu ask how is it possible, all are angry with me that i gave Agni to Subhadrangi and now if i go to find a common kid then what people will say, Chanakya says kings are like father to nation so if king goes out to find his son then how it is crossing limits? you have promised Subhadrangi that you will look after her son and now its your duty to fulfill your promise then why you are thinking much? Bindu says i just wanna know if he is safe or not, bindu leaves, Chanakya feels hopeful.

Scene 3
Bindu comes to Helena, she says Samrat you seem worried, Bindu says i cant hide anything from you, i feel that i have no reason to be happy, and i deserve it, Helena says dont think like this, incidents happen in life, you are Samrat, Bindu says yes i ma Samrat but when Samrat fails to fulfill duties then he feels dejected, Helena says if you are talking about Subhadrangi then you should know that people die, death is must for everyone, nobody can stop death, Bindu says but i am unable to accept her death, i feel to leave from here and go away, Helena blesses him, he says when i talk to you, i feel peace, Helena says its proud thing for a mother.
Helena comes to Charu, she says to charu that you have disappointed me, i thought you will be worried about future of Magdh but you are doing nothing to make you son next Samrat, Charu says the much i know, you want to make Justin Samrat, you tried it once, you made plan to make Justin king when it was Sushim’s right, Helena says i remember everything but now things have changed, Sushim was small then and to stop chaos in Magdh, i had to make Justin Samrat but now we can solve the matter easily, time has come to take decision, Bindu is in weak state, you can manipulate him, Bindu is broken because of Subhadrangi and Ashok, if you make your son redeem in Bindu’s eye then he will announce him as heir, Charu says but Noor has prepared to make her son next Samrat, Helena says but Sushim is elder and should become Samrat, its on you how to take things to your side.
Helena comes to Justin and says i did this so that now both Noor and Charu will starts cold war with each other and in that process their attention will be diverted from us and in meantime we will make plan wit Ujjain’s king.

PRECAP- Bindu listens the argument of Siamak and Sushim, Sushim says tell me one name who can fight for someone else, tell me one name who can put his life in danger for someone, tell me one name who thinks about others than himself, is there anyone? Siamak says yes it is Ashok, Bindu is surprised. later in court, the case is presented to Bindu, Bindu gives his decision and says Ashok give person coins, all are surprised that Bindu is missing Ashok so much that he took his name in court when Ashok is not present here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. now that Ashok has left patliputra, i will not be surprised that he will find Dharma alive. And like every typical Indian TV serial it will be revealed that Nirjara replaced Dharma in the last moment and died in stead.
    SO APAARENT.!!!!!!

  2. U r right prish now ashok finds dharma and the revelation scene

  3. Guys i think its nt typical tv serial rather the story says so

  4. Apeksha Kumat

    Dharma will b back or not .,i mean my question is -is she realy dead?

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