Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bulbul taking Shaalu’s baby and locking the door. Shaalu says baby is unwell, he is crying, ask Bulbul to give the baby. Bulbul says I will take care of baby and sings lullaby for him. The baby cries. Ankita asks Bulbul to open the door. Ankur says she won’t listen like this and goes. Bulbul says dad told me that I can’t talk about baby, so I got baby without saying anyone, I got baby with me. Sandhya says but that baby is of Shaalu aunty, baby is not well and Shaalu aunty is crying.

Bulbul says Lord snatched the baby, mum says Lord does not do wrong, I followed him. Shaalu says open the door, my baby is not well. Ankur brings the master key and opens the door. Shaalu takes the baby and Bulbul cries. Sandhya says Bulbul does not like to be alone, so I got all my family here, Misri and Pari are also here, play with them. Bulbul says they will go from here, I know everything, when you get babies, you all will go, I want a baby who goes school with me, plays with me, call my parents his parents.

Ankur says we are hurt by this. Bulbul says even I m hurt. Ankur gets angry. Sandhya and Ankita defend Bulbul that she is just a kid. Ankur says Bulbul you won’t get any baby. Bulbul says I will not stay here. Ankur says then stay in hostel. Bulbul says I will go and leaves. Ankur asks Ankita not to become kid with her. Ankita cries and says don’t know what to do. She says she has bear one pain and can’t bear another.

Sooraj says I can understand your pain, but this is not right, we can explain her. Ankur says how to explain her that we can’t give her second baby. Sooraj says Ankita needs you, and we are here for Bulbul, we will talk to her. Sandhya says yes, we will explain her, she will understand.

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Sandhya and Sooraj take Bulbul for having icecreams. Sandhya says I was like Bulbul in childhood, and says anger melts by icecream, as my dad used to say this. Bulbul says then Papa should have it, he is angry with me. Sooraj says your Papa got sad and mumma started crying, our Bulbul does not like to make her parents sad. Sandhya says yes, even they don’t like to see you sad, don’t cry. Sooraj says Shaalu’s baby is not ours, we can’t take anyone’s baby, else his parents will miss him. Sandhya says you did not open the door when we all asked, and Papa got angry, so he scolded you, else he loves you a lot, he gets so many good things for you. Bulbul apologizes to them and says I made my parents annoyed doing this. Sooraj says no, if you told Shaalu, she would have not been angry.

She says its bad sin to take anything without asking. Bulbul asks if I ask and take, will I get anything. Sooraj says yes, why not, who will say you no. Bulbul says Lord is giving you two babies, will you give me one baby. Sandhya and Sooraj are shocked. Bulbul says we all will be happy if you give us one baby. Ankur comes and says no. Bulbul says Sooraj said if she asks and take, no one will be annoyed. Ankur says come with me, I will explain you.

Bhabho tells Emily about a puja by which the baby is away from all the problems. Babasa says we should do this for their safety after the sleep walking disease. Emily says yes, after Ankita lost her baby… Bhabho says I know, I will have both babies in my hands, once I tie this safety thread to Sandhya, and no one can separate the babies from us. A girl asks Sooraj for the balloon. Sandhya talks to Sooraj and says Bulbul is a kid, what she said is in her innocence, she does not know right or wrong, no one gives child like this, Bhabho might be waiting, lets go home.

They see a boy giving another balloon to the girl. Sandhya says baby is not a balloon, how can anyone make her Ansh/baby away from them.

Sandhya and Sooraj come home. Bulbul is happy. Ankur and Ankita ask her to not jump. Bhabho asks why is she happy. Bulbul says I will tell everyone that my baby will come. Sandhya asks Ankita what is Bulbul saying. Bulbul says Ankut saw me sad and told me, he agreed to me as I wanted a baby. Bulbul says now I will have a baby, who will be always with me. Shaalu asks her to come and have breakfast. Ankur asks her to go and have breakfast.

Ankita ask her to go, else the aunty who comes will think you can’t take care of baby. Bulbul says I will have food and also serve the baby. Ankur says I explained her a lot, but she is not ready to compromise. He says I spoke to an orphanage, who make people adopt, there is social worker who stays nearby, I requested her and she got ready to come here. She says if everything is right, we will get baby in 2-3 months, I did not have any problem except this. Sooraj recalls Bulbul’s words asking for a baby from his twin babies.

Sooraj thinks at night and talks to babies, while Sandhya is sleeping. He says I m afraid, I can never think to make you away from me, never.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When wild animal turns to mental , it is shootout ligealy . as like, Bulbul is killed by another person.

  2. Show running too worst track. … finally this twin babies track will turn to sacrifice 1 baby
    here there will be 1 more twist, if ss have boy nd girl as twin then. Wat will they do.

    1. But the track seems ss will give 1 no boy nd grl,nly 2boy or 2grl as twins.then nly track will be simple

  3. sandhya sacrifice her own one baby.sooraj again will make ” biwi ka golum”.
    bhabasa will die , bhabo is shown as widow.

  4. is bulbul abnormal??? dsnt fl lyk a kid

  5. Stupid Director. ..y need to continue or drag the show. Show can end with happy things by showing family pic with twin babies.
    no need for leap, no need baby sacrifice and no need other foolish ideas.

  6. Now it’s all like film style, ankur get a baby from orphan and the nxt day babies mother will come and take babie. Then sad moment in ankur family. Then sandhya and Sooraj decide to give 1 baby to ankur and ankitha.
    Non sense. ..

  7. Uff!!itxxx Gonna to be boring

  8. Stop the show with happy ending .. Why again worst track.., I think director needs to take break and start part 2

    Otherwise this is best serial to worst serial .., already rating going down…

  9. Hello everyone!
    I am the boyfriend of deepika, i met her in a restaurant near the studio of mumbai, she is so nice with me! So, i love her she love me.

  10. I was with him also

  11. Jeyam Ramachandran

    There are two mysteries yet to be solved in DABH. First of all the members of Rathi family including Santhosh are too stoic and indifferent to know who the kidney donor was. It was a total disrespect and ingratitude towards the donor who volunteered the kidney for free. Are they so selfish as Meenakshi so that they are not at all interested in knowing the donor and offer a word of thanks? Secondly after kidney drama came chutney drama. What happened to Sooraj the world famous chef? Was he not in a position to prepare a kind of chutney that his pregnant wife liked? And the episode did not have any solution as to how Sandhya was satisfied of her pica. And now it seems somnambulism of Sandya has been cured but only the director knows the magic of such sudden remedial measures. Now Bul Bul is pulling upon the demand of a baby which is eerie and unique of a little girl who should be taken under psychological care.

  12. Jeyam Ramachandran

    One more thing I have forgotten to tell you. Is Sandhya still in service for she is still without attending the office for the past one month?

  13. It is said that Anas forgot his cue and hold her from front instead of back. If Deepika feels bad then why don’t she discuss that with him before complaining to director. This incident tells us that they are not really good friends. Or do we need to think that this whole incident is a drama played for some other cause? Otherwise deepika does not like to act with anas further?

  14. Hi Director, pls dnt make ss give away dere child.. enough of giving away character dey hav shown, not again pls.. dnt make ds serial jst a tragedy.. let dem hav som happy moments wd d twins and d whole family.. end d tragic drama plssssss

  15. prajna kishore

    Sandhya and Sooraj should not give thier child to bulbul . if they give thier child then bhabo will go against them and they have to suffer a lot. In reality no parents will give thier child to others. Please dont do this .No one will watch the show. Try to show some reality

  16. Saas KO kidney diya aura bhabhi KO baby Dena hai aura for all that this drama. When bhabho gets angry and sad, this hen pecked Suraj will put sense in her head. By the way how many months chutti did Sandhya get ? She was an inspiration to many ladies as a brave ASP officer. Now a days she is only shown as childish and hyper any ordinary star plus bahu. We want a brave , fast decision making and intelligent police officer Sandhya Rathi and we love her that way. There are many dutiful and stupid and silly star bahus like Gopi, Akshara, and last but not the least Ishita., who have nothing else to do. So don’t spoil ASP Sandy’s character.

  17. How selfish is Bulbul. She wants to take away a baby from her Bua. Doesn’t she know that it will take away happiness from Bhabo, and the rest of the family. First of all because of her, the baby died. Now she wants another baby, and now take a baby away. Can’t she understand that now she won’t have another baby brother or sister. Isn’t she supposed to be happy with what she has? She has Pari, Mishri, Minakshi’s baby and then Sandhya’s babies. Isn’t that enough for her? How selfish and stupid.

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