Hello Pratibha 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pratibha comes to Sunidhi who is shocked in worry seeing her. The door bell rings, Pratibha turns her face and Sunidhi has vanished. Pratibha wonders where she had gone, and smells all the dishes. She is relieved.
The guests hand gifts to Pushpa. Kaashi comes and asks them to come inside. Sunidhi asks Anmol to serve water to everyone. Rishi asks about Namrita, Chacha calls her. Pratibha brings Namrita out, Rishi smiles looking at her in saree. There is dislike in Kaashi’s voice. Everyone smile looking at Kaashi, there is family talk amongst them. Mahen arrives and says he is sorry for not coming, he is sorry for not being able to come in time. Mahen says Namrita is really nice, she will fill their home with love and happiness. There is a prevalent silence, Pratibha reads Kaashi signaling Sunidhi. Maami asks Pratibha where is she lost today. Pratibha says she forgot to wish her. Namrita tells them today Pratibha cooked all the dinner, she says today all credit goes to her bhabi. Mami says Bitto always cook he best. Kaashi asks Pratibha to get ready as she has done all the cooking and got credits now. Pratibha says changing isn’t needed. Mahen also asks her to change, Pratibha resists but Mahen nods at her. Pratibha leaves worried, looking at the evily smiling Sunidhi.
Pratibha gets ready in a hurry, puts her sindoor and rushes downstairs. She comes across Sunidhi cleaning her hands as she came out of kitchen. Pratibha rushes to the kitchen and finds garlic in there. She smells the dishes and Pushpa’s word echo in her mind. Pushpa asks her if everything is alright. Pratibha says yes everything is. Sunidhi comes and asks for serving the food. Pratibha says no, and asks Pushpa for 15 more minutes. Pushpa asks her to make if fast. Sunidhi sets cutlery till then.
Pratibha wonders what she can cook in 15 minutes. She hurries to cooking. The guests said the best about Indian families is cooking. Maami ji said there must be nothing wrong in cooking. Pratiha’s time was running out, she hurries. Pushpa asks Maami ji about engagement’s timings. Kaashi asks Mahen to call Pratibha and get a book. Pratibha calls Mahen back saying she will bring it now. Sunidhi comes to kitchen, and serves the old dish. She invites all the guests to the table and serves maami ji with special dum aaloo. Maami ji asks if there is onion and garlic in it. Pushpa says Pratibha has taken care not to use them.
Maami ji takes her first bite. Pratibha comes downstairs with the book and is shocked to see everyone on the table. She shouts Maami ji to stop taking the bite and says she must not eat this. Everyone is shocked. She hurries and gets her freshly cooked Zeera Aaloo and says she must not touch that dish as there is garliv in it. Maami ji shouts what has happened to her, she knows well she doesn’t eat garlic and onion. She says the house where their wishes aren’t acknowledged and where they are disrespected again and again, she can’t marry him here Rishi. Mahan scolds Pratibha this is what he feared for. Pratibha wondered about it only. Rishi tells his maa there is no garlic in it. Sunidhi says where is Pratibha’s mind. Maami ji says Pratibha might not remember it, she takes a bit and appreciates her cooking. She says her food is still tasty. Everyone smiles. Rishi says Zeera Aalu is his favorite. Rishi’s father tells Namrita not to use garlic and onion in food. Sunidhi asks Pratibha to go and get rest as she looks really pale. Pratibha goes inside. Kaashi asks Maami to say if she has disliked something in the family. Mami ji asks to keep a Pooja at home so that their family can meet Namrita. Pushpa asks to keep it tomorrow.
Pratibha was worried in the room. She comes to Mahen on terrace and asks why is he worried. Mahen says he is worried about wedding, maa never likes chachi. He knows from childhood how maa hates chachi. She now has to live with Chachi under one roof and that too because of her son. Pratibha assures that she will take care nothing wrong happens. Mahen says he can’t rely on her for getting through with anything wrong in the family. Pratibha got silent, with tears in eyes.

PRECAP: Kaashi asks Pushpa if she has asked for lending any Shagun to boy’s family. Pushpa says she will give 11011 rupees to everyone. Kaashi distributes packs of 11 rupees to each. The ladies gossip.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I dislike Sunidhi so much because all she does is to discredit Pratibha.Why cant she learn to do something with her lifeless life.She cannot even portray her character in this story line good.She looks so idiotic when she try to act smart.Poor acting skills.Every umbrella has a purpose and Kaashi is Sunidhi ‘s umbrella ,where she stays under and follow every instruction that is wrong.

    1. haya rehan forever

      Ummm its not poor acting skills. ITS JUST that sundihi is idiotic and stupid

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