Chaahatein (Kundali Bhagya ff) Episode 14 & 15

Title :- The Kiss?

Preeta was sitting at the pool side…..dipping her one hand in the pool

Rishabh came there

Rishanh:- You are here…I searched you everywhere in the house.

Preeta:- yah… You know Rishabhji in singapore i have a pool in my room because i love water …Whenever I want some peace I used to sit there like this only. So dad asked the builder to provide a swimming pool in my room here too.

Rishabh:- You want peace?

Preeta:- yah I m little tired now.. Aap b aayiye na

Rishabh sit with her and put his hands in the pool

Preeta:- kesa lag RHA hai?

Rishabh:- feeling so relaxed.

Preeta:-told you

Rishabh:- Thinking about something?

Preeta:- yes… About the wedding announcement

Rishabh:- You should be happy that you are getting married to your love.

Preeta:- who told you that I love Arnav?

Rishabh:- That day Srishti was ….

Preeta:- That was just teasing …. I never loved Arnav …he is just my best friend. And you know I never thought that mom will did this…. I am so upset since that day….. Everyone used to tease me for Arnav and I used to smile with a blush in a fake manner…… I never love him.

Rishabh:- then tell this to everyone

Preeta:- I will….. At the correct time

They were talking when suddenly Preeta’s hand touched Rishabh’s hand.

Preeta :- so sorry….

Srishti entered Preeta’s room and saw Rishta and leaves smilingly.

Preeta gets up and rishabh too…

Preeta start walkingbut slips and both rishabh preeta falls in the pool

Preeta hugs Rishabh and he too hugs her back.

Preeta starts moving back ….rishabh came close and revove her hair from her face…. They looked at each other and Rishabh placed a kiss on her lips. They shared a soft kiss

Preeta moves out of the pool and Rishabh leaves the room

Karan:- bhai tu bheeg kese gaya….

Rishabh:- mai pool me gir gaya

Srishti looks at rishabh who was looking at preeta who was standing upstairs.

Luthra mansion

Rakhi:- puttar apna dhyaan rakhna…

Mahesh:- Rakhi ji he is going for 5 days only.

Rakhi:- 5 ho ya 10 bachhe ki fikr hamesha rhti hai maa ko….

Rishabh:- mom don’t worry…. I will be back soon. Dad please take care of mom.

Karan:- bhai all the best for the conference.

Ruchika:- bhai mene Jo list Di hai vo le aana…

Kareena:- he is going there for work and …

Rishabh:- bua relax…. Ruu don’t worry leaaunga…

Rishabh leaves for Australia.


Dadi:- so now you are getting married. After marriage who will leave India?

Preeta:- yah… Don’t worry dadi …abhi bahut wqt hai.

Preeta treats dadi

Dadi:- ek baat kahu …agar bura na maano.

Preeta:- dadi… Aapki baat ka bura kyu manungi mai…

Dadi:- I wish k tu mere Rishabh se shaadi krti.

Preeta gets stunned….

Dadi:- you both are just perfect for each other.

Preeta:-aap b na …kuch b

Dadi:- kyu….don’t you like him?

Preeta:- no…no … I like him… He is a very good person but…. I never think about him in this way….

Dadi:- achha….

Preeta:- Achha hua aapne ye Rishabh ji k saamne nhi kaha….

Dadi:- uske saamne khne k liye vo yaha hona b to chahiye.

Preeta:- hmm… Vo to office me

Dadi:- nhi nhi… He is in Australia

Preeta:- Australia?

Dadi:- yes…for some conference … He went there for 5days

Preeta:- he didn’t tell me..?

Dadi:- you said something?

Preeta:- no no

Five days passed….. But for preeta these 5 days are like 5 centuries… She is missing Rishabh or should I say she is dying to see him.

She is unable to understand why she is feeling so lonely….

Preeta to herself:- I m really angry…. He didn’t tell me about his trip and didn’t even call me for once…. I want my Rishabh…. I just want him!

What are you doing preeta…. Are you mad? Rishabh ji ki itni yaad kyu aarhi hai….? What is happening to me?

She switch on the TV but not at all interested in watching it. Changing the channels ….. She stopped and her eyes widened





She called someone and asked something and next thing which happened was her phone falls from her hand and she was stunned



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  1. Jasminerahul

    good that now there is no misunderstanding btw rishta as preeta told rishab thatshe doesnt luv him.pool scene was romantic.kiss was unexpected.but since they have not confessed their feelings or they r not aware of each others feelings i would like to know their pov about the kiss they shared.Preeta is missing Rishab n wants him.happy that she realized her luv 4 rishab.what shocked preeta through that ph call?

    1. Mystery

      You will get the answers in upcoming chapters…. Thanks for commenting..

  2. Awesome update
    Loved it ?
    Rishta’s pool moments?
    Preeta missing Rishab…..hopefully they realise their love soon
    What shocked preeta???
    Excited for next
    Post ASAP dear
    Keep smiling??

    1. Mystery


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