You are my life (RagSan) Shot 1

Shot 1

Heya Twistinians, this is the first few shots of RagSan after a long time now, I was actually busy writing my FourTris’ stories.

The flashbacks will be throughout the story and they will be written in bold.

Lets enjoy this one shot or maybe there will be more shots without further ado.

-Sanskar’s pov-

Life without Ragini is no life. She was my everything and now she just left me with nothing else than my sorrows. My friends are trying their best to make me smile and live again like nothing had ever happened. “Where are you my love?!” I desperately screamed out.

“Sanskar I want you to live your life without me,” this were Ragini’s last words ever, “I’m dying and maybe someday you will find someone, who can love you more than me.” Her last words always follow me, wherever I go. She just died infront of my eyes and I couldn’t let her go. She is ingrained in my mind. There’s no worth living without her. “Tu meri zindagi aur humesha rahoogi(You are my life and you always will be).”

“Sanskar, I’m pregnant.” Ragini told me a month before she died in my arms. I always go back to the memories of my wife.

“Sanskar please stop tickling me.”

“Why should I?”

“Because I can’t breathe!?” She exclaimed. I let her go for that moment and she went outside to shop groceries for us. An hour later I was worried about her and found her in a lonely alleyway. Her whole body was covered in blood, scratches like someone tried to force themselves onto her. I ran towards her, picked her up, went to our car and drove her to the hospital. The doctor checked her and told me that Ragini doesn’t have much time left. I went to her ward and she looked so pale as well as liefeless. When we were talking, I had to hold back some tears. When her last words came, I was in tears and to be honest my heart broke and it won’t be able to be mended ever again. Sometimes I think that dying would the best option in my life.

A year has passed without her and I don’t feel anything. After her death I have become emotionless, I only smile when it is needed, but that’s not that often. With her I would smile more than anything, but she’s not here anymore, but I always feel her presence by my side. I wasn’t that happy, but I have to go to a businesstrip to Barcelona, Madrid as well as Rome. I wasn’t to excited about that trip as these were the places, where Ragini always wanted to go to.

As for the woman, many of the were interested in me, but I’m not. Last week Sneha, one of my co-workers tried to ask me out and I told her that I’m not interested in the nicest way possible. She didn’t get it and then I rudely told her that I’m not interested in her. She then ran out of my office, while she was crying. Many girls tried to get me into their claws. I mostly ignored them, but one of them started to tell everyone bullshit about my wife and I told her that we shouldn’t talk about dead people like that. She just completely ignored me until someone told her off for talking like that.

No one dares to say anything against Ragini infront of me, because they fear about the consequences and they know that dealing with an angry Sanskar is like being in a blood bath. That’s what everyone thinks about me, but do they really know, how I felt after loosing my wife as well as my unborn child. I always had imagined having an happy life with my loved ones, but life played a cruel game with me.

Today I had to pack my bags, which was easy to do and I was finished with in 5 minutes. I took out an hidden photo frame, where I was looking at a picture of Ragini.

“She is so beautiful, kind, sweet, a crazy girl, who smiles a lot and is a dreamgirl/woman for any man.” These were the thoughts I had, when I first saw her.

She was shy at first, but after a while she was more comfortable with me and talked to me about everything and anything. She even told me that she wants to get to know me more and that’s why there’s no rush in getting married.

Few months after that I asked her the most important question in my life, “Ragini Gadodia, you are the best decision ever happened in my life, so will you please give me the honour of calling you my wife?!”

“Sanskar you have passed the test and will be given the honour of calling me your wife, so the answer is a thousand times yes!?” She had exclaimed and I already knew that I had made the right choice. Our relationship had grown steadilly and that’s what made our marriage work differently than the others. I fell asleep while holding the picture to my heart.

The next morning when I woke up, I had to rush out of my house, because I was nearly too late for the flight. Luckilly I boarded on the flight and waited for the plane to fly into the clouds. As I was tired and anxious at the same time, I tried to sleep to calm my nerves down.

After 15 hours of flight, I had finally reached Bercelona, I went to the hotel to sleep as the meeting was sheduled for tomorrow at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

The room in the hotel was nice, comfy and elegant. For a while everthing is blurry and mumy thoughts went back to Ragini, who always has occupied my thoughts, even before we got married. I can imagine her sweet smile while blushing like a tomato. I sometimes wonder, how many childrens we would have had and if we would have had twins or triplets. I would have done anything for them. I wish I could have saved her by going out with her to shop the groceries. Then she wouldn’t have died with our baby. Her death was my fault.

Love can make you blind, but not always because every couples fight now and then, but they make up for it with small gestures, by apologizing or by making their marriage work by talking to eachother about what they like about the person or what they don’t. Ragini and I have fought a few times too, because of my insecurities or for being insensitive towards other people. Ragini had made a few good remarks about my behaviour. “What the hell is wrong with you Sanskar!?” She had angrily exclaimed after we came back home from a party. “Nothing!” I replied back with a jealous tone, I didn’t like the way Sanjay was looking at her like she was a fresh piece of meat. “Then why did you just give me an hickey infront of all the people?!”

“Because you are my wife.” I shouted at her. “Really I thought that you were jealous of that Sanjay or whatever his name was.” That was a slap in my face, because she was right, I was jealous. “Yes, I was jealous and the way he looked at you was disgusting and that’s why I did what I did.”

“Are you insane Sanskar?!”

“Yes, I am so what?!” I asked her while going towards her and she said, “stay away from me!?” I let her go as I knew that she was hell angry at me. The morning after our fight, I woke up earlier and made her a sorry breakfast as she was right and I was in the wrong.

Thinking about Ragini helps me to sleep.

The next few days passed like the wind and soon it was time to go back home, where I will be drowned by darkness again. Darkness is the only friend I have. To be honest I do miss my friends, but they cannot understand how much Ragini meant to me and still means to me.

I booked a flight as well as an hotel to New York as I needed a longer break.

So the night of the last day of staying in Rome, I went to the airport, where someone ran into me. I held that woman by her waist, sadly I couldn’t see her face, but when she turned to look at me, she took my breathe away as well as I was speachless, because it was her. “Ragini!?” I blurted out. “Oh, hello I’m not Ragini.”

“Then who are you?!” I asked her, I thought that I was dreaming, but she pinched my arm, that was still around her waist as I was steadying her. She answered back, “my name’s Sandhya Agarwal.” I looked at her and she looked just like Ragini. “Sorry, you just look like my wife, who died a year ago.”

“You know, what you look like my dead husband Rohit, so I thought you were him.” After that we both said goodbye and went to our destinations. I could not thinking about her and Ragini, but why is the question? Do I like her? I should forget her as I will never meet her again in my life. If I would have feelings for Sandhya, it still would feel like I’m cheating on Ragini, because my heart will always belong to her.

“Sanskar, if I will ever die before you, I want you to move on with someone else.”

“Ragini, I could never move on from you, because you are my life and you will be the only woman in my life!?” I had answered back to her and she started to complain, that one day she won’t be with me and then what will I do. I told her that I will not do what she wants me to do ever and that I won’t let her die, but still I broke that promise I made to her.

A few days, weeks and months had passed, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Ragini as well as Sandhya and then I concluded that Ragini and Sandhya are the same person. But why is she lying to me? I was so lost in my thoughts that I nearly didn’t hear the doorbell. When I opened the door I was shocked, because I saw…


I know it was boring and I’m sorry for that.

There will be another part or more.

End of AN

Disclaimer: If you copy that story, then you will be with your oh my mata?

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  1. Amazing start dear. Missed you??

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot. Missed you a lot too☺️☺️

  2. Nice. Ragini died??

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      Thanks. Maybe or maybe not??

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  4. Sissssssy where were you in this days? how are you ? Interesting concept . Don’t kill our princess na plsssss????

    1. AMkideewani

      I was busy with exams, I’m fine thank you. How are you? Do read my other story Forbidden love, it’s not RagSan but another couple I love a lot.
      Thanks for liking the concept??
      I would never kill our princess, I promise

  5. Interesting yaar. Don’t disappear suddenly please.

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      I won’t, was just busy with my final exams.

  6. Superb. Plsssssssssss update next one soon.

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  7. Awesome.

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      Thank you so much yaar??

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you so much??

  9. MKRS

    Fabulouuuuusssss story. Why are you not posting your stories on watty? please continue your Ragsan stories .

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot dear, I wasn’t posting in Watty as I had my exams and I will continue with my RagSan stories after I have reread all the stories as I sadly have forgotten about all of them

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  13. Aditi.Ayansh

    awesome one jaanejaan…so is Ragini dead? ….???? update soon 🙂

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      Thanks a lot Adi Jaana❤️❤️
      Maybe or maybe not and yeah I will update soon

  14. Liya

    Loved this one Soo much??? feeling bad for sanky though ?..I think Sandhya is not ragini? but you are unpredictable jaan …update soon

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