Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 84

Oberoi house 

“Kritika where is Roo, is she not coming to stay with us” Tanya ask her

Kritika : I told her but she might have forgot this days she is always in somebody’e else thoughts, Tanya why don’t you explain her something

Tanya : I know as sister your concern is very justified that girl is impulsive

Kritika : my heart says something will happen wrong (gets restless) I am sorry I didn’t mean to make you nervous

Tanya : no worries let me call her and ask (calls Roo but she does not pick up)

Kritika : what happened

“She is not picking up phone” Tanya tries again

Kritika : this girl will land me in big trouble one day I swear

Beach house 

Sahil and Ruchika stays in middle of water for a while feeling each other’s presence.

“Sahil you are very bad, why did you annoy me whole day” Roo hits on his chest

Sahil : what should I do? result of influence craziest person of this world

Roo ; don’t say anything about my behavtio but you are most important part of mine (wraps him around)

Sahil ; really? I didn’t knew that, you know I am very happy today (gets emotional) never thought somebody would love me like this but also scared if anything takes you away

“Don’t ever say that I want to be your world, your life, your family will you give me that right” Roo holds his face wiping his tears

Sahil : from now my every breath and heartbeat will have only one name

The duo holds each other face sealing their lips as token of love passionately.

Meri Peheli Mohabbat

Meri Peheli Yeh Chahat

Meri Itni Si Hasrat Hai

Gale Lag Na Na Jaa

Teri Bahaon Mein Rahat Hai

Teri Zulfhon Mein Jannat Hai

Meri Itni Si Hasrat Hai

Gale Lag Na Na Jaa

Sulge Sulgen Badan Hai

Uljein Uljein Se Maaan Hai

Badhti Jaati Hai Tan Ki Pyaasssss

Bheki Bheki Hai Raatein

Mehki Mehki Hai Saasnein

Rehna Rehna Tu Dil Ke Paassss

Both goes inside the tent continuing their love moment. Their intimation takes another step and gets carried away in emotions.

Tu Agar Ho Samne Ho Kaise

Mein Khud Ko Rakh Pau Hosh Mein

Darta Hai Dil Khata Yeh Kar Baithe

Mohabbat Ke Josh Mein

Badla Badla Hai Mausam

Peghla Peghla Hai Yowan

Jage Jage Hai Abb Eshaas

Bheki Bheki Hai Raatein

Mehki Mehki Hai Saasnein

Rehna Rehna Tu Dil Ke Paassss

Meri Jazbon Ki Jo Bhi Halat Hai

Woh Samjh Lo Na Bin Kahe

Ho In Labon Se Kahon

Jo Armaan Hai Barso Yeh Honth Chup Rahe

Sahil and Roo stops themselves from crossing their forbidden limit.

Roo : I think we should keep the distance till marriage, I cannot break my sister’s promise

Sahil : look here I respect you a lot, I won’t ever do anything that does not have your consent (puts his jacket on her)

Roo : we should go back home, everybody is at Tanya bhabhi’s house

Oberoi house

The girls get the dinner ready.

Dhruv ; wow it smells so great, Tanya you are such good cook

Tanya :  if I knew my husband would be a great cook i would never learn cooking

Karan spills out water from mouth

Sameer : did he really? and it turned out good wow by the way where is he

Tanya : for practice he will be late

Preeta : have some shame, learn from him how to keep wife happy

Karan ; aha look who is talking, as if you wives have given heaven to us after marriage

Preeta : look at him, I am giving you a priceless gift and you are taunting me, our love’s symbol (leaves annoyingly)

Karan : baby doll wait a minute (runs after her)

Preeta’s word echoes in Tanya’s mind about the baby being their gift of love. The couples leave to their room after dinner.

“Listen to me I was just joking” Karan tries to pacify her but ends up touring her duppatta again on door

Preeta looks at the torn cloth and his innocent face getting scared.

“Mere duppato ke dushman” Preeta shouts

Karan : baby doll please spare this poor guy, dont’ rip my pants

Preeta : not today, but will rip you (scratches his hair annoyingly)

Karan : leave my hair

“Preeta stop” girls stop her

Shrishti : oh my god di, did that ghost came in your body again

Karan : mom said girls get panic attack during pregnancy but this is attack for murder

Sameer : bhai stop it why are you fighting like kids now

Karan : tell this girl she is not letting me breath peacefully

Dhruv : guys stop fighting we are waiting for our Rishab bhai, remember tonight is our another celebration

Karan goes into his flashback


Rakhi asks Karan to go live with Rishab and Tanya for few days

Karan : mom you are saying this?

Rakhi : I don’t want any rift between my children that can break thread, and I am going to gurudwara in Amritsar to bow down for both of my grandchildren

Karan gets shocked initially

Preeta : ma, you really want us to go there?

Rakhi ; yes I know Tanya really need us and I want you all to stay with them till I come back

Karan : wow mom love you (hugs her back) I knew you would change your decision

Mahesh : aha love you session is going on but at least hug your father who gave this brilliant idea nobody loves me

Shrishti : uncle we are there na not to worry

Dadi : okay Kritika and Shrishti you both listen very carefully don’t be lenient to any of this girls alright, my Preeta is obedient but Tanya keep eye on her

Karan : you leave that on me

Mahesh : look who is saying, dear you just handle your own child my Rishab is enough to take care of that storm

Rakhi ; here is list for both girls (gives to Shrishti and Kritika), I have made homemade food make sure they eat in morning

Kritika ; don’t worry aunty we will take best care of both would be mother after all we both also need to take some training

Karan : please for god sake bring your child after our track gets over

Preeta hits on his shoulder

Rakhi and Mahesh decides to bring their children back once they return. She warns all not to tell anything to Rishab and Tanya.

Flashback ends

Sameer : where is Tanya, maybe in her room let me go call

Preeta : wait I will go

Shrishti : di you stay back how much you have to talk with her everytime, I mean you both always something cooking up

Preeta : stop with your useless argument

Kritika : she is not wrong Preeta bhabhi, I mean Sameer bhai is her brother but she shares everything with you mostly we are also her own

Preeta : you all have gone crazy

Dhruv : right and only sensible left is Ms Preeta Arora sorry correction Preeta Luthra

Sameer and Karan goes to Tanya’s room who is sitting on table

Karan : this is not done we came to stay with you so bhai and you feel better now I think you are not happy

Tanya : don’t you get tired with your nonsense thinking

Sameer ; what wrong he said? you are sitting alone here are you alright

Tanya : yea I am fine (wipes her tears)

Karan : wait you are in tears? now what happened, bhai has been selected in football what else you want

Tanya : his happiness, Karan you know your brother more than me don’t you feel he needs to think about himself

Sameer : bhai her words does not enter my mind you crack mystery

“Listen I know my brother and you better than others, you are blaming yourself for mistake that you never did, and you know biggest happiness of Rishab is this precious smile” Karan sits next to her

Sameer : we all know Rishab bhai is very innocent he only wants his family together

Karan : as far as this child goes, you see Rishab will give love more than real kid

Tanya : but I want to win Rakhi aunty’s love and only way is giving birth to Rishab’s child

Karan : oh my god such small thing and you are making it so big

Tanya : you think this is not bigger problem

Sameer : come on yaar, and Rakhi aunty will definitely

Karan signals him

Tanya : you were saying something

Sameer : I mean she will forgive you one day, my heart says

Karan : wipe your tears, this does not suit your personality, we want our old Tanya back alright

Tanya : then you have to wait for a while

Karan : don’t worry everything will be fine okay now come on everybody is waiting

Sameer : yes after long time we all are together time for some fun

“Wait come here both” Tanya hugs them both together happily

Karan : don’t be too sentimental now and please handle that kareli

Tanya : why what happened

Sameer : she has created chaos in whole house, i heard girls get cranky but she is getting panic attacks from right now

Tanya’s phone ring

Karan : who is it?

Tanya : you both go I will join in few minutes

Sameer : come soon

Tanya : hello

“Bhabhi open the kitchen window quickly” Roo whispers

Tanya : what?

Roo ; don’t ask me questions, just come I am waiting please

Tanya : fine wait I will be there

Roo : and make sure nobody is around you

Tanya : god this girl (goes to kitchen)

Luckily everybody is in room organizing. Roo comes inside through kitchen waving to Sahil

Tanya : put that hand down and tell me what is going I am calling you from last few hours

Roo : sorry bhabhi I told you its Sahil’s concert

Tanya : and this jacket, wet clothes what is all this where are you coming from

Roo : please we will play this KBC later I am feeling cold, show me the room

Tanya : come hurry up they are in room, before anybody comes

The girls goes silently in Tanya’s room.

“What time has come I have to be like thief in my own house” Tanya gives her clothes

Roo dries herself with towel

Tanya ; madam here I helped you but remember your sister is in same house, her temperament have touched sky now she is very angry at you (sees ring in her finger) what is that

Roo : nothing bhabhi

Tanya ; show me, ring? this is engagement finger tell me

Roo : please don’t tell anybody yet, Sahil proposed me (tells her everything)

Tanya : are you serious? how did this miracle happened

Roo : he might got brains finally that he is missing such amazing girl

Tanya : oh please cut that attitude he is definitely not from those guys, anyway congratulations (hugs her happily)

Roo : thank you bhabhi

Tanya : so do you want me to give this breaking news or you will by yourself to your family wait sister

Roo : after a while bhabhi, we don’t want to rush right now

Tanya : okay fine take your time but you remember don’t do anything drastic and I am always with you if you are right

Roo recalls their intimate moment

Tanya ; hello where are you lost?

Roo : nothing bhabhi, where is Rishab bhai

Tanya : he is at practice, okay come downstairs quickly (leaves)

Rishab comes back home after tiring practice day at ground.

Karan : bhai you look so tired, so lets cancel today’s program

Kritika : no way we planned with so much effort we cannot waste it

Rishab : what are you talking about?

“You sit here” Kritika makes him sit next to Tanya on sofa

Roo : you both are such cute couple (comes there )

Shrishi : where did you come from?

Kritika ; i am calling from last few hours and but dare this girl if she picked my one call

Roo : vent your anger at another time

Dhruv : absolutely let it be Kritu

Sameer sees old belongings in Tanya’s shelves from childhood.

Karan : wow you still have all this things, bhai  this is same bag you gifted her remember

Tanya : I have much more things

Sameer : old songs, after long time what do you say bhai (plays the audio on tape)

Mausam pyar ka

Rang badlta rahe
Yu hi chalta rahe
Tere mere pyar ka karwa
Mausam pyar ka
Rang badlta rahe
Yun hi chalta rahe
Tere mere pyar ka karwa

Roo brings all couple to dance. Sameer Shrishti also enjoys the fun.

Thandi hawa matwali bahe
Hamare sang ud ke
Abhi kahinn dekhona mud ke
Thandi hawa matwali bahe
Hamare sang ud ke
Abhi kahin dekhona mud ke
Pichhe kahan ye nazare ye shama
Mausam pyar ka rang badlta rahe
Yun hi chalta rahe
Tere mere pyar ka karwa

Karan Preeta gets lost in each other while dancing. Their love season kept changing every time but only ends up making them stronger in all situation.

Rishab and Tanya also share their amount of moment during dance.

All of them are taken aback in old is gold moments of their lives.

Kaha kaha se hoke
Tujh tak layi hain
Mujhkoko ye rahe
Chhodunga main
Kaise ye bahe
Kaha kaha se hoke
Tujh tak layi hain
Mujhkoko ye rahe
Chhodunga main
Kaise ye bahe
Are ab to eye sanam
Tu jahan main waha
Mausam pyar ka
Rang badlta rahe
Yun hi chalta rahe
Tere mere pyar ka karwa

Ruchika comes out of her dream of dancing with Sahil. All of them goes to their room to sleep from long day.

On other side at Singhania mansion. There is big picture of Ruchika on screen. A guy remember how she slapped him once. He runs Sahil and Roo’s intimate pictures from beach house on projector.

“Time has come Ruchika for payback, now lets see who will save you from my wrath” guy looks at her picture with smirk

Next day

Shrishti and Kritika decorates the room for both girls with toys and palanquin of small children.

Karan : wow amazing girls you did great job

Shrishti : thank you jiju but there is condition, its special room for our would be mother’s and boys are not allowed all the time

Karan : thats not fair sister in law

“We can’t help it bhai” Kritika teases him

Shrishti and Kritika pulls his leg funnily

Karan : you were joking? god

Shrishti : sorry sir but your reaction were so worth watching

Kritika : okay lets go prepare breakfast hurry up, bhai can you please wake up that lazy bone Roo



A new politician family will enter : Singhanias

Ranveer Singhania : Ruthless and arrogant man who want to gain public’s sympathy. His two children walks on this footstep

Saurav Singhania (Vatsal seth) :  Spoiled brat who sets his eyes on every beautiful thing. He is shrewd like his father who care for nothing. Soon becomes obsessed with Ruchika after her rejection to his proposal.

Image result for vatsal sheth

Payal Singhania : Daughter of Ranveer and queen bee of college Ruchika studies. Develops secret crush on Sahil and jealously for Ruchika in course of time

Image result for tumhi ho bandhu sakha tumhi shaina

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    Saurav singhania was the guy who was having RuHil pictures, haina?
    New entries in RuHil’s life . Rocking ?? !!
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