Can I fall i love, Episode 68

Yuvani are shocked and look at each other. There was complete silence.
Sau : Hello, are you there?
Yuvi : Yeah, I mean Yes Bhaiya, so, when are you going to come back?
Sau : Well, in three days.
Yuvi : Ok then bye, see you Bhaiya.
Suhani was still in shock!! Yuvi looks at her.
Suh : Yuvi trust me, I saw him today.
Yuvi : Are you sure that it was him?
Suh : I swear!!
Yuvi : Then why did he lie??
Suh : I don’t know!! But where is he??
Yuvi : That is easy to find, my friend is there in cyber cell, we can find it tomorrow. I want to know what he is hiding.
She nodes.
Yuvi : Shall we sleep??
She nodes smilingly.

Next day:
Yuvani goes to Yuvi’s friend. They get to know that he is there in Allahabad, and finds address of his location.
Suh : Shall we call Rags bhabhi?
Yuvi : I think we should. Why is he lying to her?
Suh : Yeah, he shouldn’t.
Suhani calls Rags.
Rags : Hey, are you fine? I mean why did you call me now?
Suh : Yeah bhabhi I am fine, I was thinking of meeting my college mate, I want you to come with me.
Rags : Me??? But why?
Suh : Simply, just come na. Please, please, please…
Rags laughs.
Rags : Ok, alright, I will come.
Suh : Thank you so much bhabhi, I will come home in a while, you be ready.
Rags : (smiling) Ok.
Suhani disconnects the call.
Rags : Mental!!
Suh : (To Yuvi) She agreed.
Suhani was worried.
Yuvi : Don’t get tensed, all will be fine.
Suh : I hope so.

Yuvani reaches home, Rags was waiting for them. She was not expecting Yuvi with Suhani.
Rags : Yuvi!!! Suhani when he is with you, why did you call me??
Yuvi : Actually, we want to take you there, the place we are going.
Rags : Why?
Suh : You will get to know it bhabhi.
Rags smiles and leaves with Yuvani. Yuvi messages his friend to locate Saurab’s location again. They reach a house. Yuvani was worried. Rags was pleasant.
Rags : Is this your friend’s house?
Suhani nodes and rung the calling bell and Saurab opened the door. Saurab and Rags were equally shocked. Neither expected the other there.
Rags : (shocked) SAURAB???? You here, how??? Why??? What is happening???
Yuvani holds their hands and was silent.
Saurab was hell shocked; he didn’t understand what to say!! Before he could say something, a lady came out from inside.
Lady : (To Saurab)
Hey baby, who is there at the door??
Rags couldn’t believe her eyes and ears, she was hell hocked and shattered. She was about to fall. Suhani held her.
Suh : Bhabhi…
She looked at her helplessly. Suhani didn’t know what to say, being a woman, a wife; she knew exactly what is going through her mind. She was speechless.
Yuvi : (shocked) Bhaiya, what is all these???
Saurab was silent. Rags started to cry. Yuvani became helpless seeing her and they were angry with Saurab.
Yuvi : Bhabhi, there is no need to stay here, come let us leave.
Suh : Yes bhabhi, come on.
Yuvi started to go, Suhani led Rags to the car. Saurab kept calling the name of all the three one after the other, but they didn’t give him a damn. Saurab felt miserable, three of them were very angry. They leave and Saurab looks on.

Rags decides to leave Birla house.

  1. Shocking one.. But I expected it to happen… Waiting for the next episode..

  2. Yuvani_saraj

    oh so sad for rags….and the revelation is shocking….waiting for next update

  3. shocking yaar so sad for rags but please update soon

  4. Superb…rags keliye bura lagtha hee…i hope yuvani rags ko samalengiii

  5. tat was a nice shock go on..

  6. shocking.. feeling sad for rags..

  7. Nithu

    loved it dear….my health was and is soo bad i had an asthma attack tooo i read all your parts now…i loved all the parts…im reallyyy missing ssel sooooo much but after reading your ff i feel like im reading ssel loved it

    1. Yuvani

      I hope you are fine now, take care dear, you comment means a lot to me…. Thank you

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