Arrange marriage ke siyappa ss by aliya (pt 8) vol2

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Let’s begin…

Next day
Rag pov…

Its evng and i hv to get ready… Sanskar has even invited muskaan seher and shaad… To the party…

And… Oh how cn i forget the big packet from my fiance… Oh no remembering him.. Makes me blush..

I went to my wardrobe and i saw the packet it fully covered the shelf.. Yesterday bcs of guests i couldn’t see.. And after that sleep.. Today chit-chat with seher and muskaan as they will leave tmrw early mrng.. They hv a flight

Then i took the packet… Opened it and saw a big beautiful box…

“to my lady” a note had pasted in it…

I opened the box…..

Just i can say that how he knows my taste…. My lips turned into wide smile

My phone rang…. Its obviously sanskar… Or my fiance??????

“hello..” i said

“hey sweetheart…”

Oh no naming ceremony

“plzzz call me Ragini” i begged him

He laughed

“i can’t… However i try to call you…. Ragini… I forget.. And i call u sweetheart…” he told mischievously I know that.. Bcs now i can understand him by his tone

“so how abt sweetie?”

“wont you tell… Why u called me…”

“do i need a reason to call you…? Bt still i called you to ask is it a comfortable dress for you” he asked

“hmm… Yes” i said

“then i can’t wait to see you in the dress…” he said

I blushed

“ok.. I’ve to get ready…”

“take your time and i think today after seeing you.. I vl die out of your beauty”

This made me anger…

“don’t you dare to tell abt dieing…..”

There was a silence

“sorry.. To be MRS. RAGINI SANSKAR MAHESHWARI…. i vl never talk abt dieing… And i don’t want to die too.. Bcs i want to live with you.. Hold ur hand for my whole life ”

I smiled…

Then we talked for some time then disconnected

I then got ready……

Seher and muskaan.. They were looking pretty… I complemented them.. And they teased me abt saying Sanskar’s choices are superb

By wearing the dress i felt like a cinderella… Whose prince charming will reach here in any mins

Mom dad were not at home… They went to meet Sanskar’s parents.. To finalise our wedding date

Then there was a horn
I smiled

I opened the door and saw him in 3 piece suit… He was as always looking Hot…

He came towards me…. He bent in his knees… He forwarded his hand

“princess.. Would you like to give your soft hands to me…. To hold it for life long” he asked with a wide smile

I blushed
I gave my hand to him….

He stood and as a true gentleman he took me to the car and made me sit….

Soon we drove to the venue

We reached the venue..

All were looking at us….. With wide eyes….

He introduced me as his fiance in front of the media….

Later everybody came to meet us to congratulate us

Then his friend took him away.. Then seher joined me

“muskaan”… Then i noticed seher was somewhat worried…

Muskaan came to me and pointed towards someone

“he is here?”
I saw his back was faced
He turned……. He saw us

Bt why to worry.. Wn i hv no feelings for him neither i had….

“he is coming towards us.. I think he identified us” said seher…

I looked at sanskar who was talking with guests.. He saw me and gave a wide smile…. San then continued to talk with his friends

Bt i was somewhat uncomfortable… Seeing him coming towards us….

To be continued……..

So finally his entry…….!
Don’t worry nthng serious gonna hpn

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