Sequel to Devil: Skeleton in the closet B3: Black Sheep (Ragsan) – Part 1

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“Ghonchu” Sanskar entered the room. Ragini wiped her tears. She moved her wheel chair and walked inside the room. “What were you doing in the balcony ha? See I told you to sleep and you are wasting your time like this” he held the wheel chair and moved it to her side of bed.

“Ohho Ghajni Maheshwari usse dur bhi tho nai jaa sakti mai tumhare sahare ke bina. At least waha tho jaane do” she said as he lifted her in his arms and placed her on the bed. He walked to his side of the bed and sat beside her. “You still miss him don’t you?” he cupped her face with one hand.

“I thought I will name him as Sanshray.” a tear tripped her eye as she placed her head on his shoulder. He held her cheek. “He is no more with us Biwi. And don’t worry he will come back for sure.” said he as he kissed her hair.

He made her sleep and covered her with the quilt and caressed her hair. “That nightmare isn’t leaving you Ragini. And I’m worried it is gonna affect you more and I have to just watch you suffering.” a tear was battling at the edge of his eye.


“Ragu bacha get up see time to have break fast” said Sanskar but Ragini hugged him more tightly. “Please na don’t go today to office” she looked at him pouting. He smiled at her cute antics. “Okay fine. But get up you have to eat break fast” said he. She turned the other side. “I hate you clown. You are a very bad clown. You don’t let your queen to sleep only” she said twisting her lips.

“Awww meli choti si queen ko ghussa aagaya” he turned her to his side and pecked her head. And it formed a sweet smile on her lips. And her smile brought a huge smile on his lips. “Dramebazz” he said pulling her nose. He got up and walked to her and walked inside the wash room.


He was combing her hair. He plaited her hair and placed the Sindhur on her hairline and made her wear the mangalsutra. “I can do that Pathi ji” said she cutely. “I know. But that gives me the feeling that you belong to me and only me” he kissed her forehead holding her back and touched her forehead with his. She smiled through her tears.

“Oopsi” Piyu closed her eyes and turned back. “Why don’t I listen to Dadi ever in my life” she cursed herself. Sanskar and Ragini chuckled listening to her. “Piyu bacha” called Ragini and she turned and slowly opened her eyes.

She sighed with relief when she saw her chachu at a considerable distance from her maasi. “Maasi maa” she screeched happy and ran to Ragini. She hugged her snaking her arms across Ragini’s neck and drooled happy.

“What happened? My bacha is so happy today?” asked Ragini. “Swara maasi had called. Her engagement date is fixed. She was trying to call you but your phone was in silent mode” said Piyu pouting. “Really?” Ragini asked excited.

She wanted to dance but her paralyzed legs prevented. Sanskar who was combing his hair looked at her sad face and placed the comb back. He turned to her smiling and lifted her and danced.

Ragini smiled looking at him and her tears made their way. “If you want to cry for free let me drop you down then you can cry for a reason” he chuckled. Ragini snaked her arms across his neck and placed her head on his chest.


“Yeh lo aagaye” said Sujata looking at Sanskar who was descending the stairs holding Ragini in his arms. Sujata smiled looking at her son. He placed Ragini on the chair and sat beside her. Ram smiled looking at them.

“Yeh lo aaj Ragu ka favorite bana hai. Poha” said Sujata screeching happy. “Mom you are saying like you made it” said Sanskar. “Oh hello serve tho maine kiya hai na. I know you love to praise your Adi bhai but I’m your mom. Tujhe janam diya hai uska karz tho chuka?” she told him with all the dramatic expression.

“Hogaya” Adi joined Sanskar and told in chorus. “Aap ek dum bekar ki acting karte ho” said both of them and gave high five to each other. Ram chuckled listening to them.

Sujata turned and glared him. “Some times only I will be hearing honest opinions which I cannot have. Let me listen na biwi” said he smiling sheepishly at her. She twisted her lips and walked to her room.

“Today for sure I’m gonna sleep in hall.” said he pouting. Ragini burst out laughing looking at him. Sanskar smiled looking at her laugh which he saw after a month. Adarsh placed his hand on Sanskar’s shoulder which he held. They both watched their life giggling whom they thought they will lose a month ago.

******Flash back******

“Ragu” Adi screamed approaching her. Sanskar’s world stopped when he saw her lying in the pool of blood. His body was too numb to react. He stood there blank. “Sanky” Adi called him but it felt he was holding his breath. “Sanky” Raman dragged him and they all rushed to Ragini.

He lifted Ragini and they drove to the hospital leaving the police behind to arrest Shesh’s men.

“Doctor” he screamed as he entered the hospital. The duty doctor came and took Ragini inside and started the treatment. Every time the nurse or any doctor came out Sanskar felt his heart beat racing.

“I’m sorry Mr. Maheshwari we could not save your child there was excess blood loss so the baby died inside only” the doctor’s words crashed his world. He collapsed on the chair behind. Raman was being operated in a operation theater.

“Sanky” Adarsh held him and sat beside him. “Bhai how will I face her now. How will I tell her that we lost our child” he sobbed holding Adarsh. “She is still alive Sanky thank God for that. And I’m equally responsible for your loss. If I knew she is pregnant I would have never let her do this. Never ever” he tried consoling.

“Aur Piyu kya tum logo ki bachi nai hai. Wo tum logo ki beti hai mere ya pari se zyada” said he cupping his face. Sanskar nodded his head


“Sanskar” her soft voice made him wake up from his sleep. He lifted his head which he had placed beside her on the bed.

“Hey Ghonchu” he smiled through his swollen eyes. “Mr Ghajni Maheshwari glad to see you again” she said and he placed his finger on her lips. “Relax. I’m not gonna run away nor I’m gonna let you go this time. So we have all the lifetime to talk. Take rest now I will call the doctor” he got up as he could not face her.

She held his hand and stopped him. “Sanky” her cracking voice stopped his heart beat and a tear tripped his eye when he closed his eyes. She got up and tried moving but her legs could not move. “Sanky… Sanky my legs… I can’t feel them” she looked at him horrified.

“What?” he knelt beside her. “Doctor doctor” he screamed and the doctor rushed to him. “I’m not able to feel my legs” Ragini spoke with tears streaming down her cheeks. The doctor checked her sensing power in her legs. Sanskar looked at him helplessly.

“Her legs are paralyzed as well along with her abortion” the doctors words made her breath stop. “No” she screamed. “No no… my kid” she placed her hand on her stomach. She dragged all the things around and cried bitterly.

“Ragu” Sanskar stopped her and sat beside her and placed her head on his chest and patted. “Sanky our kid” she sobbed with hiccups. Sanskar closed his eyes and let the tears flow. There was nothing he could do. He felt so helpless for the loss his love was going through. He can’t even imagine her pain. He can’t reduce it by an ounce also.

“Doctor” Ragini spoke as the doctor was at the door. “It was a boy na?” she asked painfully. The doctor nodded his head and walked out. Ragini held her tummy with one hand and squeezed the bed sheet with other hand.

Sanskar dragged her to a side hug and caressed her hair. “Shhh” said he and she controlled her sobs. “Piyu is also our kid na bacha. See she is only our kid from now okay. We still are a happy family. You are back in my life and I don’t need anything else” he kissed her hair. Ragini held him tightly to control her sobs.


“Ma’am” the nurse came with a wheel chair. Ragini looked at it blankly. “We don’t want this” Sanskar pushed it aside. “But sir” the nurse spoke. “Madam will walk on her legs” said he and lifted her in his arms. “Me and you are not separate. Isn’t it Biwi” he spoke touching her forehead with his forehead. “As you are insisting so much I will take this and my Ghonchu will play with this in her room only” he dragged the wheel chair.

The nurse smiled at his concern. “Let me help you sir” she said and dragged the wheel chair till the car and instructed the ward boys to place the wheel chair in the back side of the car. Sanskar placed Ragini inside the car and drove the car to Maheshwari Mansion.

Sujata welcomed Ragini warmly. She was so happy to see the happiness on her son’s face. She needed Ragini as the soul of her son than the daughter in law of the house. Maheshwari Mansion returned to normal charm as the days passed. Sanskar healed Ragini’s pain to a considerable level. But she still felt hollow inside.

****Flashback ends******

“Ice cream” said Sanskar forwarding the cone. Ragini nodded her head in no and looked outside. “I know how my Ghonchu likes the ice cream” he placed the ice cream aside and lifted her and walked to the balcony. The rain drops touched her and she shivered with cold. “Ghajni kahi ke… It is raining” she complained. “Who cares” he twirled her and placed on the chair.

He ran inside and brought the cone and she took it smilingly.  The rain touched their souls as they were together again.

Tenu ithna mai pyar kara… Ek pal vich sau baar kara…
Tu jaave jo mainu chad ke mauth da intezaar kara
Ki Tere liye duniya chod di hai… tujh pe hi saans aake ruke
Mai Tujhko kithna chahta hu yeh tu kabhi socha na sake

He leaned closer to her and kissed her lips passionately. The rain touched the earth. The rain touched their love. Love so strong which will surely over come all the odds.


As per the mystery part it is still high in the plot. Read it on your own risk. And will try to solve everything as soon as possible. Till then stay tuned to the new book in the series.

Actually I have thought a name for the series. “The Skeleton in the Closet” Do let me know how is it. Waiting for your response love you guys.

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