Can I fall i love, Episode 65

Next morning:

Everything was as usual in Birla house, except that Yuvi came home back earlier than usual after his jogging. He know that Suhani has follows her own time table, and wanted to break it. Suhani was with Gauri when he came back. He went to kitchen and drank his juice. Suhani came to kitchen after some time, time at which Yuvi comes back usually and found the glass empty.
Suh : (smiling) May be he could not have finished the work by night and came back early.
She continued her works as usual. She didn’t meet Yuvi till breakfast, usually he used to call her to room for something or other, but she knows he does it only to spent time with her. She felt a bit odd as he didn’t call her and thought that he was busy. They didn’t speak throughout during breakfast. He was busy with Sharad. Neither did they talk on their way, when he dropped her, Suhani smiles at him and he too smiled.
Suhani, Kasyap and Ria had a nice time in the office. Ria found the other two very welcoming. It was only her third day with them, but they made her very comfortable with them and she liked them a lot. Evening, she saw both leaving together and smiled.
Ria : Wish I too had a friend like that!!

Today, Kasyap bought a dairy for Ria. Kasyap drops Suhani and leaves. She searched for Yuvi and found that he was with Sharad; she smiled at them and went to kitchen. After dinner, when she came to room, Yuvi was again busy in laptop. For the whole day, they didn’t speak to each other. So she decided to wait for him. He was sitting on the couch and she sat on the bed, in long sitting position. She was looking, admiring him. He was aware of it, but acted like he is concentrating on his laptop. She waited and waited…. and finally dozed off. When he was sure that she slept, Yuvi got up. He admired her and made her lay down. He kissed on her forehead.
Yuvi : My dear wifey, I know you missed me, but I want you to know that I need you!!
He too sleeps.

Next morning:
Same thing happened like the previous day. Yuvani haven’t even had a small conversation. Yuvi seemed too much busy and Suhani let him be.
Evening when they were about to leave, Ria came to Suhani and Kasyap.
Ria : So do Kasyap drop you every day?
Suh : Not every day.
Ria : But from the day I came here,I saw you both leavibg together.
Suh : Yeah, for this week he is gonna drop me.
Ria : Why?
Suhani looked at Kasyap.
Kas : (stammering) Be, because her husband is very busy this week.
Ria : Wow, that is very sweet of you Kasyap.
Kas : Hey, nothing like that, I used to drop her home always, when she was not married.
Ria smiles and leaves.

Suhani laughs. Kasyap fumed and then went to buy her something. He bought a teddy.
Suh : What is there in this teddy bear?
Kas : You won’t understand, girls love it, unlike us boys.
She fumes and then smiles. They leave.
Suhani wanted to talk to Yuvi and go to him, who was in hall with Sharad. Just then Bhavna called her. She looked at her and went to her unwillingly, as she is pregnant. Bhavna signs Yuvi and Sharad and they smile.
After dinner, Suhani was determined to talk to him. Yuvi and Sharad was about to take Snoopy for walk.
Suh : I am coming with you guys.
Yuvi gestures Sharad to stop her, and made sure that she saw it. Sharad made some idiotic excuse and they leave. Suhani fumes as she understood that Yuvi was doing all these intentionally.
Suh : (angrily) What the hell is wrong with him??? Idiot!! Why is he doing all these? Now I will make him say this. Just see what I do Mr. Yuvraj Birla!!!
She goes to her room, and started reading. He came after sometime, in fact bit late than usual, she was worried for him and was glad when he came, but acted like she didn’t see him. He smiles silently for she behaved exactly like he thought she would. He knew she was wake because she was worried. He too acted like she was not there and both sleep.

Yuvani ignore each other.

  1. awesome its nice even when they ignore each other.. silent love,..

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  6. Lovingirl

    Awesome as always it was so cute love it

  7. Yuvani_saraj

    superb episode….yuvanir so cute….

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