Everything Is Fair In Love And War (Kanchi) Chapter 13

Dr. Bala and Dr. Madhu quickly leave Dr. Riya’s office. Let’s just check on Sanchi now. Sushant is also in the gym trying to calm her down. Luckily she did and now is calm (phew)!!!

Sushant: What happened Sanchi?? Flashback
Sanchi: Is there anything else that gives me horrible nightmares??
Sushant: …
Sanchi: I just wish to go away from all this and live Bebeji and Dadaji. Calm peaceful nothing to worry about !!!
Sushant: Sanchi!!! You know what we should do??
Sanchi: What
Sushant: Friends trip!! You, me, Pragya, Isha, Veer, Garv, and Meera
Sanchi: Yesss!! But what about the kids!!

Sushant: Mumbai, summer vacation!!
Sanchi: And where
Sushant: We can discuss that
Sanchi: We won’t get a leave
Sushant: Use your Sanchi Magic
Sanchi: On that Khadoos… no way!!!
Sushant: His mom likes you right???
Sanchi: Get his mom to let him let us go… sureee like that will work…
Sushant: Come on Sanchi!!
Sanchi: Why don’t we postpone this to a few months later???
Sushant: Enough time for us to prepare but then the kids??
Sanchi: Next summer vacation??
Sushant: UGH spoil sport

And he walks away…
Sanchi: Wait!!!
Sushant grins and runs away…
Sanchi: SUSHANT !!!
She runs after him but Kabir comes in the way and they collide into each other. And Sanchi is about to fall when Kabir holds her!! Kabir is holding Sanchi by the hip. They snap out of it real quick and stand away from each other
Sanchi: Thanks… “why did I say that”
Dr. Kabir: This isn’t a playground, it’s a hospital.
Suddenly they hear a song… O Lal Dupatte Wali…
Sanchi was afraid of that and now…

Sanchi: Sushant da bacha
Dr. Kabir: What is this nonsense now??
Suddenly the entire gang comes over and starts singing O Lal Dupatte Wali Tera Naam Toh Bata!! Naam toh bata tera naam to bata!!!

Sanchi: Shut up!!!
Veer: I didn’t know you were …
Garv: Miss. Gorgeous!!!
Pragya: Red Saree and huh
Pragya and Veer: Khidki nahi khulti yeh khidki nahi khulti…
And they bump into Sanchi…
Isha: You didn’t even tell me!!! Huh

Sanchi: Sushant!!!!!!!!!
Dr. Kabir: WHAT is happening here??
Sanchi: We all are off duty so umm see you when I get bailed out of jail
And she runs to get Sushant !!! The gang all just start laughing…
Dr. Kabir: What’s so funny??

They all looked at Kabir and slowly walked away…
Dr. Kabir: Veer ???
Veer and the rest of the gang ran as fast as they could out to the employee parking lot
Dr. Kabir: Honestly that group needs to go back to kindergarten and actually grow up…
And he also walks away to his next patient…

Employee Parking Lot

Sanchi: Sushant where are youu?!?! I’m here to murder you now!!!
Sushant: “I’m actually dead”
Sanchi: FOUND YOU!!! Sushant Singh what in the world were you thinking?? If they saw Aman then they will know who I am. Luckily I was smart enough to cover my face on that day.
Sushant: Sanchi you need to chill and forget your past!!! Focus in why you are here!!!
Sanchi: I can’t forget that year but I definitely won’t forget why I am here!! Just saying I say NO to the friends trip so BYEEEEE
Sushant: UGH Bye

Sanchi leaves to go home but then gets a call from Dr. Kabir… oh also Sanchi now has a foot cover thing to keep her feet from hurting!!

Sanchi: Can you not email me?? I’m driving!!!
Dr. Kabir: I need you to drop some files to my house asap so that I can analyze them tonight.
Sanchi: Again you could’ve emailed me, I have email notifications unlike some people…
Dr. Kabir: Listen I don’t have time for your nonsense so shut up and do what you are told.
Sanchi: OYE tum bhool rahe ho ki main bhi ek DOCTOR HOON NOT AN INTERN!!!
Dr. Kabir: The interns aren’t here to do your work.

Sanchi hangs up on Dr. Kabir
Dr. Kabir: Hello… hello… hello, ugh she hung up. So glad that she didn’t intern here!!
Sanchi: What does he think of himself?? Hitler!! And I’m not his assistant whatever he needs he can get it himself. He should waste his petrol because he wastes my precious time!!
So Sanchi reaches home and starts preparing dinner, why don’t we check on Sushant and his family?? Sunidhi, Aryan, and Anita are leaving to Mumbai with Rohit and Alia.
Meera: Di Are you sure you can handle these two??
Sunidhi: Meera if I can handle Aryan then I’m pretty sure I can handle these two. Don’t worry and enjoy your time away from the kids.
Just then Sushant come with a bunch of goodies for everyone leaving.
Sunidhi: What took you so long??

Sushant: I showed the video to our gang except to
Khadoos… so Sanchi was about to murder me
Rohit: Papa you got goodies…yesss
Aila: Awesome!!
Anita: Bye beta, see you in a month…
Sushant & Meera: See you
Meera: Dadi aur Bua ko thang nahi karna okay bacha party
Rohit & Alia: Ok mama

Alia runs and gives a kiss to her dad and leaves with her bua… Meera closes the door and starts to walk towards their study…
And he picks up Meera bridal style.
Sushant: Aap kahan chali??
Meera: Dr Sab I have important files to read and other important work to do!!!
Sushant: Begum Jaan hum to aapko nahi chodoge toh…
Meera: Sushant please I actually have work please put me down…

Sushant: We are alone in this house after who knows how many months… I am not letting you work…
Meera: I will do anything but please let me work now. Remember you have to go champagne shopping for Sanchi’s house party on Saturday… 2 days!!!
Sushant: Fine can we both make dinner today and watch a rom-com in bed …
Meera: Perfect!!!
Sushant: You do know I’m hinting to something else but have to keep it appropriate on TU!!
Meera: YOU are disgusting and drop me off to the office and NICELY put me down on my chair…
Sushant: Fine

Okay… so they need their private time… hello, Dr. Kabir
Dr. Kabir: Sir I can’t believe I’m saying this but I need to go on a leave for one week…
Dr. Malhotra: May I know the reason??
Dr. Kabir: My mom is having surgery and I want to be with her before the surgery and possibly after as well.
Dr. Malhotra: Can you try to come in on Tuesday??

Dr. Kabir: I can definitely try,
Dr. Malhotra: If not then Sanchi can handle it.
Dr. Kabir: Okay sir Thank You So Much for granting me this leave!! “i doubt she will be able to handle any of my responsibilities”

Kabir now heads home. When he reaches home he goes to check on Kusum and make sure she is okay…
Kabir: Maa how are you doing??
Kusum: I’m fine, did you get your leave??
Kabir: Haan Maa, why don’t you rest now, I will be in my room if you need anything okay??
Kusum: Okay Gollu beta
Kabir was walking out the room when …
Kabir: Maa did Ms. Mishra come to drop some files??

Kusum: Who??
Kabir: Dr. Sanchi, she makes me address her by her last name and she does the same.
Kusum: Umm okay, and no she didn’t come to drop any files
Kabir: “yeh ladki mujhe pagal kar de gi” Maa I have to go her house for maybe a second…
Kusum: She lives 10 minutes away and don’t worry about me I’m fine!!
Kabir: I’ll be back!!

Kabir heads out to Sanchi’s house. Sanchi currently is cooking her dinner. She’s wearing a black crop top and black sweatpants with her hair tied up in a ponytail.

Sanchi: Thank god my diet doesn’t include indian food. I can barely make any sabzi and I definitely can’t make roti. Now for some music…
She plays Jatt Jaguar (Mubarakan). After a couple of minutes she hears the door…
Sanchi: Right on time Mr. Khadoos!! PLEASE WAIT ONE MINUTE!!!
She grabs the files Kabir needs and opens the door.
Sanchi: Here are your files BYEEE

She tries to close the door but Kabir stops her for some reason.
Sanchi: What?!?!
Kabir: Why are you up on your feet?? And having tattoos is against SD’s rules
Sanchi: My feet are okay… and these aren’t tattoos BYEEE
Kabir: …

Kabir heads to his car but something is now stuck in his thoughts…
Kabir: “She is such a rude girl!!! What is her goddamn problem with me?? I guess I have to bring myself up two levels as well!!!! But those tattoos or whatever they were, what are those, she has them all around her abdominal area and neck. Honestly, I don’t care she is just another annoying colleague”

It’s the next day and Dr. Anand Malhotra has called Dr. Sanchi to his office.
Dr. Malhotra: Dr. Sanchi, I would just like to inform you that your office will be ready by next week. So you can move in there later in the week.
Dr. Sanchi: Thank You so much Sir for listening to my request!! “Now I can work on my actual job”
Dr. Sanchi left Dr. Anand Malhotra’s office and headed to her office to quickly study a patient file.
Dr. Sanchi: Dr. Kapoor do you know where A-125 is??
Dr. Kabir: Go to the A elevators and take a right and go straight ahead.

Dr. Sanchi: Thanks

So Dr. Sanchi starts her day and has patients back to back… so let’s check on our gang…
They all are in the garden, chilling…

Pragya: Singh Sab maine soona ki tumhare bacha Sunidhi ki saath Mumbai chale gaye
Sushant: Miss. Yadav you heard right…
Veer: Good thing we are all single!!! No gf, wife, kids.
Garv: Hassle free and chill
Isha: I actually feel bad for Meera…
Pragya: Me too!! Sushant must have bothered her way too much…
Sushant: Hey!!!

Isha’s watch beeps…
Isha: Time for me to go, see you later or tomorrow at Sanchi’s party
Veer: Oh ya Sanchi’s party!!
Garv: Can’t wait!!!
Sushant: I think we should also go back in…
Pragya: Before one of the Khadoos’ comes
They leave smiling…

It’s time for Dr. Kabir and Dr. Sanchi to give their lecture to the interns, unfortunately Dr. Sanchi hasn’t had any lunch. Let’s how this goes. Dr. Sanchi comes in first…

Dr. Sanchi: Good Afternoon Everyone, how’s everyone doing?
All Interns: Good
Dr. Sonali: Thank you for asking!!
Dr. Sanchi: I hope everyone is getting along and is also learning.
She grabs a stack of papers.
Dr. Sanchi: I am handing out this paper. Just so that I get to know you, your interests, if you have any complaints about another intern/doctor. Please fill this out completely and give it to me, not Dr. Kapoor. You can find me in the intern room, next week I will have my own office so in there as well.
Dr. Sona: Who is Dr. Kapoor??

Dr. Sanchi: The doctor you gush over
Just then Dr. Kabir comes in,
Dr. Sanchi: Good Afternoon Dr. Kapoor
Dr. Kabir: Sorry I am late ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Sona will be passing around this month’s calendar. It has all the lecture dates and timings along with staff/department meeting dates. And test dates so don’t be surprised when we say test day. Tests will be every 6-8 weeks depends on our schedule…
Dr. Sanchi: Yes we are selfish people…

The interns giggled a little but then stopped when Dr. Kabir started glaring at them…
Dr. Sanchi: So today you guys aren’t learning anything new we will be going over procedures specifically testing procedures….
Dr. Kabir: So take notes because every time majority of people forget.
Dr. Sanchi: Isn’t funny when someone describes them self?? Don’t take notes unless you really want to, but you guys will be going back to your duties afterwards. So I would recommend recording this on your phone and maybe 3 days before tests listen to it to remind yourself!!
Dr. Kabir: Don’t listen to her, write this down

Dr. Sanchi nodded her head no and picked up her phone. Most of the interns started to record… which made Dr. Kabir a little mad… oops
Dr. Kabir: Again each test will be every 6-8 weeks. If you miss a lesson for any reason, you can get the notes from one of your “friends” we will not be repeating any lessons at any given point.
Dr. Sanchi: Speak for yourself, if your “friends” are too busy then come to me I will email the presentation or I will go over the lesson with you.
Dr. Kabir: It will be your responsibility to study for the test and to keep up.
Dr. Aditya: Sir here it says …

Dr. Kabir reads the paper given out by Dr. Sanchi and glares at her.
Dr. Sanchi: Before the tests about one week before I personally and some other colleagues of mine will be holding review sessions. For example if a test is about cardiovascular then I might call Dr. Veer to help you and clarify any misunderstandings. Again just an example really depends on the doctor’s schedule. Here is “my” calendar.
Dr. Sanchi and Dr. Kabir continue their lecture. Dr. Kabir was slowly getting mad that Dr. Sanchi was doing the opposite of everything he was doing… finally the lecture ended and all the interns one by one left the classroom.

Dr. Sanchi: That went by well!!
Dr. Kabir: No one asked for your opinion. I need you to do a surgery with me tomorrow.
Dr. Sanchi: You’re kidding me … right??
Dr. Kabir: Does it look like I joke around??
Dr. Sanchi: I don’t want to do it. Just get like 3 interns!!
Dr. Kabir: Any reasons??
Dr. Sanchi starts packing her stuff and talks along,

Dr. Sanchi: Three in fact!! One, I’m avoiding you. Two, I don’t know any information about the
patient. Three, my party is tomorrow!!!
Dr. Kabir: Surgery is at 7:30 AM, be ready!!! And if you fool around then I will give you a punishment!!
Dr. Sanchi: Ohhh I’m so scared, btw
Dr. Kabir: I’m not invited to your party anymore I know…
Dr. Sanchi: No you still are, party starts at 6 come whenever!!
Dr. Kabir: But…
Dr. Sanchi walks out
Dr. Sanchi: I can learn to slowly forgive…
Dr. Kabir: “I’m confused”

Author’s Note:
I am so sorry that I updated so late but I have so much homework just on the first week. Reading a 369 pages chapter book, writing 2 pages of notes for 5 pages every night, and practicing my French….so every update does depend if I get homework so that means later updates than promised!!!

I honestly feel like my updates are getting boring by the chapter so please honestly tell me, am I putting too much detail something needs to be worked on, etc. . If it’s the content that is getting boring then I am considering a leap to make it a little better. So let me know in the comments section below, silent readers especially help me out!!

About Sanchi, please understand that Sanchi is rude and mean because her past has forced her to push everyone away unless she absolutely trusts you!! So that’s why!! Again I really need your guy’s help with Kabir’s Khadoosness, I may cook up a story about his past as well so that may help me. And I’m not a good romantic writer before “love” happens so any suggestions. Just saying if you remember option 2 won so that’s gonna take a while but I do need coincidental romantic moments for the story to progress… ANY SUGGESTIONS??

So the real question is… what’s up with the song O Lal Dupatte Wali?? I will be referencing that quite a bit!! Last but not least will Kabir go to Sanchi’s party??

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    1. Palak.Sharma

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