My Destiny Swasan Meghnal and raglak by Ani – Episode 2

Ragya Laksh Oberoi:  Laksh and Ragini's

 daughter 3 years old every loves her

A girl is shown at hospital

She opened her eyes

She saw 2 men

Her prov

Why I'm here and who they are

End her prov

One man said

Man: Ragini are u ok

The girl is Ragini

Ragini: who are u

Man : Ragini I'm veeru ur lover

The man is veeru

And the another man is doctor

Ragini: no u can't be

Doctor:  relax u were here 2 months
And u was in coma

Veeru: and u losted ur memory

Fb is shown

Doctor told veeru she losted her memory
And she is in coma

Veeru was very happy

Veeru: doctor can she ever remember her past

Doctor: maybe but she can't if u don't help her

Veeru: don't worry I will help her

Fb ends
Ragini was shocked

Scene shifts

Laksh:  princess how was the movie

Ragya: papa it was good

Laksh:  now we are going to sleep

Ragya : papa when mama will come

Laksh:  princess i have already told u mama

 will come

Ragya: ok papa

Laksh and Ragya went to sleep

At midnight Laksh wake up he saw a photo

It was him and Ragini

Laksh:  Ragini darling  tommorow is ur birthday

Everyday I wish u will be with us.

Laksh went into flashback


Ragini was sleeping

Laksh and Ragya came

Laksh: princess go and wake up mama

Ragya went to wake up Ragini

Ragya:  mama

Ragini was waken

The room was dark

Laksh turned on the light

Ragini was amazed to see all the room decorated

Laksh:  happy birthday Ragini

Ragya:  happy birthday mama

Ragini: thanks Laksh and thank u my princess

Ragini was very happy for the surprise

Laksh: promise me  u will be with us forever

Ragini: i promise Laksh i will be with

U and my princess

Ragya and raglak went to sleep

End FB

Laksh went to sleep

Precap: New entry's 

Ragini's birthday will celebrated

Thanks for supporting me and love u all

Episode 3 will update br>

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