A call changed our life (Chapter 4)

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Hi guys I hope you guys are liking my fan fiction so let’s start.

Next morning Sanchi woke up she couldn’t find pragati there as she opened her eyes she saw the room was fully decorated and in near by table she saw her favourite sweets and her chocalate milkshake and note

Freshen up quick and comedown soon

She smiled and felt she was gifted with such a lovely father and bestie

She quickly got freshen up and drank her favourite milkshake and few sweets

She came down with beautiful golden frock and maching earring

She saw her father and ran to him hugged him tightly

Saurabh- happy birthday sanchu??? I think I am the first wish like all birthdays

Pragati giggled lightly

Sanchi remembered her first wish she started to blush heavily

Pragati- uncle actually

Sanchi- (intervened) yes papa asusual you are the first wish (she signalled pragati not to say anything)

Saurabh- ok beta take blessings from your ma

Sanchi took blessings from her mom Jaya

Saurabh- sorry beta I have an important meeting enjoy your day kiddos

Both-thank u papa

Pragati- when you are going to tell to uncle about Kabir I know how you are feeling about him. yesterday I saw love towards him your eyes is the evidence to that love

Sanchi- I don’t know whether he has same feeling towards me

(Suddenly surabh came in)

Both became quite

Sanchi- what happened papa

Saurabh- beta do me one favour

Sanchi- tell me dad

Saurabh- today my secretary Anand you to met him in my company you remember na

Sanchi- yes dad

Saurabh- his child first birthday is also today  he had invited me there but I couldn’t go due to tight schedule can you go behalf of me. If you want enjoy out I am not forcing you

Sanchi- no worries dad I will attend the party behalf of you

Saurabh- ok beta invitation in my cupboard. Take care enjoy your day

Sulochana garden- event management place

All staff members are working in full swing

Kabir- I have to ask veer why he didn’t inform me about swara’s birthday

Just then veer passed veer saw Kabir is in his own thoughts

He came near him

Veer- what’s up bro(Kabir got angry he pushed veer together corner)

Kabir- I believed you I think I made mistake you too love swara am I right

Veer- what….!! Take ur Hand from my collar

Kabir- don’t lie I am watching you from the beginning you are in same team but so u took advantage of the situation behave yourself I told she is mine

Veer- what are talking about

Kabir- why you didn’t say today is her birthday answer me veer

Veer- what today is her birthday

Kabir- enough veer  don’t act I know today is her birthday I wished her. you love her right

Veer- Kabir really I don’t now she didn’t say anything don’t you believe me

Kabir- kk I will believe you promise me you didn’t love swara.? Come on swear on me(Kabir took veer’s hand and kept on his head)

Veer- took off his hand from Kabir’s head and shouted yesss I love swara

(Actually swara came to check the decoration she only saw veer said he love her . Her happiness had no bound she run from there smiling)

Swara- finally he revealed he love today is the best day I will propose him before I reach home

Kabir- that’s it go from here

Veer- but kabir

Kabir- goooooo( shouting)

Veer went from there he felt as if he cheated on him

Kabir- she loves me my heart says that I will propose her after the party gets over

It’s 6 p.m all the guest gathered for the function

Sanchi came with pragati to the function she felt like Kabir is around there

Sanchi- pragati I am feeling that  kabir is near me

Pragati- you are always thinking about him that’s why you are feeling like this

Sanchi- pragati I don’t know why but I am feeling like something bad gonna happen

Pragati- nothing yar let’s enjoy the function

Swara- was looking beautiful in her red full hand gown

Veer- was wearing black suit

Kabir- was wearing black suit

Kabir- today after the party I will propose swara

Swara- after the party I should propose veer

Both are thinking which destination is right both thought the river shore

Kabir is busy in catering side so  she couldn’t see him

Kabir saw swara he got mesmerized by her beauty

And another person also mesmerized by her beauty it is none other than veer

Seeing Kabir he went away

Kabir came near swara to compliment her just then his manager called him to check the arrangements he went away without having saying anything

Manager- what are you doing irresponsible look free the arrangements

Kabir- ok sir. Stupid manager one day you will pay for this

(Ok no problem we have her number na we will just call her and tell her to come to the river shore)

Pragati- I am hungry I will bring some ice cream for both(she came to catering side) suddenly she bumped into someone it is none other than Kabir phone fell down

Pragati- I am sorry she took his phone which is fallen down and saw the caller ID Bittu (she lifted her head to see Kabir right infront of her) she is shocked

Kabir- it’s ok (he went)

Pragati came running to Sanchi I saw him who kabirrr

Sanchi- what? how ?where?

Pragati told her what happened

Suddenly Sanchi phone started to ring

It’s none other than Kabir

Kabir- hi Bittu you are looking so gorgeous in this ?

Sanchi- you too(actually pragati told about Kabir outfit)

Kabir- I have a suprise this is going to be your in forgettable birthday can you meet me in river shore after the party gets over

Sanchi- of course I am waiting for this moment

Kabir- see u there bye bittu

Sanchi- Kabir(call ended)

Pragati- super yar I think he is going to propose you he is just admiring your beauty by hiding let’s play the game don’t go at correct time let him wait for few minutes ??  all the best

Sanchi started to blush

The party gets over

Veer standing in the entrance suddenly a small girl came near him

Girl- bhai di told to give this she handed down a letter

As soon as veer took the letter in his hand the little girl ran away

In Letter( meet at river shore now)

Veer- who is this ok let’s go

Kabir- oh I have to give her the special ly made cake afterall it is her birthday

Veer went to river shore( it beautiful ly decorated)

A girl is shown she is witnessing the beauty of the moon

Veer- who are you why you want to meet me

Girl showed her face she is none other than swara

Swara- I know you will come here

Veer- why this decoration swara

Swara took veer’s hand and locked with her’s

Veer- swara what are you doing

Swara took veer to the decorated dinning table and made him sit

Swara- I don’t know where and when it happen I don’t know seeing you the first time I had fallen for you I know girl not dare to propose first but I got fear of loosing you veer I want to be your better half will you marry me

Saying this she hugged him and placed a kiss on his cheeks

(Mera Mann plays in the background)

Veer responded the hug

Two pairs of eyes watching this one

Suddenly veer broke the hug and pushed swara backwards

Swara- what happened veer

Veer- no this can’t happen

Swara- why I know you love me I heard that when you said to your friend

Veer- you love Kabir na and Kabir loves you too

Swara- what Kabir which Kabir

Veer- opposite team Kabir my friend you were talking to him in phone na and he too wished to your birthday today na

Swara- what today is my birthday who said

Veer- wait something is wrong .he was talking to you in phone na you were friends right you said yesterday you know Kabir and he is your

Swara- I thought you were playing with me so I too  said I know Kabir but didn’t talk even a single word to him. Leave him you love me na

Veer- noo way something went wrong Kabir loves you he is right choice for you and i will not cheat my friend forget me

Swara went crying from there

Veer went behind her shouting swara

Sanchi heard the whole conversion understood what has happened she was shocked tears started to roll down from her eyes she throwed her phone in anger and left

Kabir interrupted veer

Kabir- I am sorry veer I heard everything I am sorry for everything you are such a good friend I accused you I am sorry  swara loves you you deserve her will you forgive me

Both hugged each other

Veer- something went wrong show me your phone

Veer checked Kabir’s phone he checked swara’s number with his phone

Veer was in shock he told Kabir that swara’s last number was four instead of seven

Kabir- omg I told her that I will.meet her here tonight

Veer- ok call her and tell about the misunderstanding

Kabir called Sanchi

Veer and Kabir heard the sound near by bush both went and saw a phone ringing

Veer took the ringing phone he saw the caller ID Kabir and his number

Both were shocked

They checked her recent contact s and found Kabir was talking to her only instead of swara

Kabir felt bad for her

Again Sanchi phone started ringing it was pragati

Pragati- ( started talking without break)hey Sanchi I reached home how your date is going Kabir proposed you na I am really excited tell me every detail

Kabir- I am Kabir speaking

Pragati- oh this is Kabir sorry for disturbing you and your Bittu can I speak to her

Kabir explained the whole story to her

Pragati is shocked to hear that suddenly her door opened with a bang and Sanchi came wipping and lied in her bed

Pragati dropped her phone in shock

The call ended

Pragati started to console her

Kabir and veer don’t know what to do

Suddenly their manager called them and told them to pack their stuff for departure

They was in hurry but they want to hand over this phone to sanchi

They found her address stored in her phone and thought to send it in courier with a appology letter in it

Meanwhile swara packing her stuffs thinking of the time spent with veer

While traveling veer tried to speak to swara but she ignored him

Next morning

The employee s reached their native pune

Pragati didn’t leave Sanchi alone she postponed her trip to Pune her native place

Sanchi was tired of crying

(Saurabh was in business trip so he will reach tomorrow only)

Both heard calling bell

Pragati- wait I will see

There came a courier for Sanchi Pragati handed over it to her

Sanchi opened it and saw her phone and apology letter from Kabir

In anger she tore the letter and throwed her phone to the floor

Her phone broken into pieces

Pragati- why are you showing your anger on your phone calm down

Sanchi – he will pay for this i will take revenge?


So guys I will end here I hope you like it luv u all take care thank u for supporting me asusual comments likes and dislikes welcomed see u soon?????





















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