Unexpected love story (RagSan) by Aliya shot 2 (a)

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Let’s begin….

A guy was walking in a crowded street

A girl from upstairs waves her hand..

He smiles and winks at her

And the guy is revealed to be Sanskar..

Sanskar’s Pov

How much my life have changed…!!!i don’t know!!!bhool ne ki bimaari jo hogayi hai…

“Arey sanskar bacche”came a voice

Kareem chaacha..kya biriyani banate hai..agar koi khayega ungli chaat jayega…

“Kareem chaacha…!!!”i screeched

He gave me his warm smile…a sad truth about him is he lost his son and daughter-in-law.. actually he killed his son..because he became a terrorist his wife got to know so he killed her.. Once kareem chaacha got to know about his own son being a terrorist..he killed him…even today he is proud that he killed a terrorist … Whenever i see him my respect towards him increases…

“Bacche..you have took a challenge..remember!!”

Oh now i remember

“Thank you chaacha for making me remember..i tho forgot only”i told him while remembering the challenge

“Kya bacche..nahi tho…”

Sanskar: please please don’t make me remember i have to win it

Kareem: ok bacche..i have to go to speak sanjay saab about the orders

San: ok chaacha you go

Kareem:all the best..

He went by giving me his best wishes…oh i forgot to tell about the challenge..and i will reveal it later…

“Bhoo”i stumbled

Anju manju..!!the twin devil of this area..but still loves me like their brother…even i too…

Sanskar turns: why it is me everytime!

Manju:because you are the only big brother we have


Anju:all the best bhaiyya

I bent”thankyou your Highness”
Both giggled and went from there….

O wait now it’s the time 10:15 ..in 5 minutes there is going to be a fight…


“Arey oh bengalan…phir se maas macchi lekar mere ghar aagayi”don’t be confused haan.. She isn’t my Raago’s dadi…ya i heard about the fight dida and dadi had.. Don’t know why dadi doesn’t like me she always bursts in front of me so…Ragoo ne ghar chod di…sirf mere liye???..but i am happy too because sirf aur sirf mere liye??..

“Arey oh sumithra..if i keep those in your house what will happen”this is Ragini’s dida..oh correction meri Ragoo ki dida.. She never calls this lady as Marwaran because that name from her is only for Ragini’s dadi.. Hope everything gets fine and dadi accept me…

Oh i forgot to tell one thing we are leaving in Hyderabad.. Hyderabad ??? which known for pearl’s and Hyderabadi biriyani hmmm yummy right..kabhi taste karna ho tho yahan aajana…oh i forgot

I shouted”dida”

Dida smiles and leaving the fight inbetween she came to me and wished me all the best…

I smiled:dida.. please stop the fight and pray for me….

Dida nods…

I went leaving her

She is one of my partner in crimes ??

*Confused*what is the challenge??and where is My Ragoo?

Hmm..lets go to second question then only will get the answer for first question

Meri Ragoo ke baare mein..mein kya bolun????my love..meri aashiqui..mere Rangrezz..mere rashqe qamar..you would be confused kaise yeh ishq ho sakta hai and all ..at start it was complicated ..pata hai meri Ragoo ne mere liye ek nayi kahani sajadi Hyderabad mein.. dheere dheere meri chahath ban gayi..meri humsafar meri pyaar meri Ragooo???meri jaan-e-mann …kabhi kabhi i behave like selfish lover also..??and now you would know how much i love her???..love her madly..and you would think how much i would talk about her wont i get tired???hmm she is My lady so i will talk na.. Don’t you think it’s beautiful love.. When she talks na mujhe tho bass khamoshi khamoshi hi chaa jaati hai… How much i tried to tell my feelings towards her..but she tho busy in her dhaabha…and looking after all the worker’s and what about me…and finally Kya hoga meri Ragoo ka???

(So did you get something about above dialogue??? Those are the names of my stories?? so you can think Sanskar ki character is mixed up with all other sanskar’s of my story)

Shhh it’s a secret…you know what i get scared of my Ragoo… Here all calls her lady hitler khadoos… She is in pain i think she is still sad that i lost memories..and dida told me that… She misses her dadi that’s why?bahar se kadak aur andher se naram…

And now comes to the challenge..here few girls thinks i am bachelor..yaa you heard it right..because my Ragoo doesn’t wear any married signs may be she doesn’t like it??…but i will make her wear all those one day??..may be the day i would propose her…??? wish me all the best for that day??

Oh phir se i started to talk..here na i do only one work just talking talking and only talking.. isiliye meri Ragoo ne mujhe challenge di hai .. tommorrow some buisnessman names sanjay singh’s daughter’s engagement..challenge di nahi liya hai ??…because of my over confidence???..i had told that i would do pyaasam…pyaasam???…arey naam bhool gaya..i don’t even know it’s name..how would i cook..???

Pov ends

San: what’s that…hmm pyaasam


San:oh ya Payasam

To be continued..

So how was the part???
How did Ragini accept sanskar???

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