Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa attacks the arrow in the sky.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha, balram and radha going back to vrindavan. Kanha tries convincing radha but she doesn’t listen. Radha says kanha, you have done what you wanted always and you don’t even care for me, why should I even listen to you? Kanha says radha but… radha says enough kanha, don’t say another word. Kanha says fine then, radha you are very arrogant, you don’t even know that there are bigger problems in this world then you, you are always thinking about what you want. Kanha says but from now I wont tell anything to you, talking with you will only create more problem for me, I am going. Kanha says come on brother lets go. Balram says yes. Radha says wait! How can you go so easily? You think I want to talk to you? Even I will not talk to you.
There kansa goes and takes the bow of lord Vishnu covered inside a shield and takes the arrow. Kansa says Vishnu see this, it is your bow and arrow, you have done what you had to! Now I will do what I want, you hide like a coward but now I will destroy the world you created and cause destruction everywhere!
Narad muni says prabhu, it is your bow and arrow, how does kansa have it? How is it possible? And in the mountain, parshuram ji is there, no one can ever defeat the great parshuram and also take his axe! Lord Vishnu says you are right narad muni, that is my bow and arrow, but kansa is a king and he had done the ashvamedh yagya from which everything came under his control, he can touch my weapons but he cannot destroy anything unless kanha wants so.
There kansa gets angry and he fires the arrow in the sky. The sky opens into a huge hole, this hole starts sucking everything inside it.
There in vrindavan, a gopi says to her other gopi friends, I always keep the door open so that kanha shall come and eat all butter but he comes and only tastes it like a good child. Other gopi says then what do you want? He should always eat butter from your house only? He shall eat butter from our hands too. The gopi says I want to always feed butter to kanha myself. Other gopi’s say then what do we do? Kill mosquitoes? Everyone laugh. suddenly the gopi’s pots go into air inside the hole. The gopi’s panic and say is it a new demon? We have to run to kanha, come on. They run and suddenly push damodar who falls into mud. Damodar gets up and says what are you doing gopiya? I fell down because of you. Damodar’s hay stack also goes pulled into the hole. All people panic and kanha and balram come, radha comes. All people gather. Damodar and the gopi say our pots and hay stack got pulled in the sky kanha, we think it is a new demon. Kanha says yes even I think there is a demon. Balram says where is that demon? I will kill him. Some people say our cows got pulled in the air kanha. Kanha says brother I think this demon is in the air and not on ground. Balram says you are right kanha. People start panicking. Kanha says everyone do not panic, now you all go and alert all people and keep your valuables inside the homes and you all stay inside your house, me and brother balram will figure something out and take rishi gargacharya’s help. All people go.
Kanha says to balram brother you know all things are naturally pulled by the earth towards it. Balram says yes. Kanha says then in the same way this all is happening. Balram says you mean something in the sky is pulling all things up, kanha says yes brother and I am worried that soon even the people will get pulled inside whatever there is in the sky! We have to do something.
Narad muni says prabhu, how come parshuram ji didn’t do anything? His axe cannot be taken, no one can wield his axe as it needs the power like parshuram ji. Lord Vishnu says many years ago, kansa did the ashvamedh yagya from which he sent his horse all over the world and the kingdoms accepted him as their king, no one stopped the horse except for the mountain mahendragiri. When kansa knew about this, he went to the mountain. In flashback, kansa goes to mahendragiri and says mahendragiri, you fool, how dare you stop my horse? You dared to stop bhagwan kansa, but you are a mountain and not human, I would have killed if it was a human, I will give you another chance, give my horse the path and accept me as a king. Kansa steps ahead with the horse but mahendragiri blows a stormy wind and pushes kansa and the horse behind. Kansa gets angry and screams, he says I will destroy you mahendragiri! You will feel my wrath now. Kansa kicks some stones at the base and the ground starts shaking. Lord Vishnu says to narad, from these tremors parshuram ji came in anger from the disturbance kansa created.

Precap: parshuram confronts kansa and attacks him with his axe. Kansa fights! There all houses and people start getting sucked into the hole.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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