Hi guys!!! Anokhi here….This is my non serial fiction…Plz read it and comment…I will be posting it on every sunday..And friendship,love and nothing else on week days….So lets start the epi…


We all have so many friends in our lives.But some may be very special that we don’t want to miss them at any cost.This is a story of 4 friends who are meant to be together.Unfortunately,a misunderstanding creates rift between the two of them.The other two make them resolve their conflict. What is the misunderstanding? What made them part ways inspite of their strong bond? Did the other two succeed in their mission? THIS IS A STORY OF FRIENDSHIP,FRIENDSHIP AND FRIENDSHIP ALONE…


It is a bright morning.People are running for their survival.On a busy road,a man dressed up with crisp white formal shirt and black pant walks to his college.
It is the reopening day for his second year.The long holidays had made him so lazy that he does not want to go to the class that day.He thinks of the possible ways to bunk the class.Suddenly,something lying on the road caught his attention.It is a new i-phone 7S.He sees around to find the owner of the phone but finds nobody.
A girl in blue chudithar,going in front of him adjusts her handbag.Thinking “The phone must be hers”,he approaches her.
“Hello! Blue chudidhar!”,he calls.
She turns.
“Is this your____”,before he could finish,she says “Hey man! Why are you following me? Don’t you have any other work? Stay away from me”. By saying that she goes.”She must be mad”,he thinks.
As soon as he enters the college,he goes to the canteen. “Give me a puffs bro”,he says to the waiter.The waiter replies,”Hi!How are you?”.
“I am doing good.How are you?”,he asks.
“I am fine.Seems like you have become rich in a month?”,the waiter says pointing to the phone in his pocket.
“Bro! Don’t come to a wrong conclusion.I got this phone on road today”.
“So,you have got a new phone”,the waiter winks.
“Don’t say so bro.I have to hand it over to the owner of it.It is very costly.He must be searching for it by now.I’ll get two advantages out of it.One is helping someone and the other is bunking classes”,he says with a smile.
The waiter nods.
“Today morning I approached a girl to ask her whether it is hers. But she talked like mad”,he says.
“Is it not yours?”,he is surprised to hear this voice from behind.

        “What?You?Again?”,he charged the girl with a fusillade of questions.It is the same girl whom he met in the morning.                                    “Sorry,morning i misunderstood you.My friend said that her friend has lost his phone.She said that it is also i-phone 7S which has has a black smiley sticker at the back.Please check it.”,she says to him.
He checks it and finds the sticker.

She says,”That’s cool.Give it to me and I will hand it over to him”,with a smile.
“Mmm….Let me check whether it really belongs to him.I want to bunk a class.So,I want to do that.Ask him to come and meet me tomorrow at the same time here.I will be sitting in the 4th table.l will see whether the phone unlocks on face recognition and give him.”
“ok”,she says And forwards her hand “ I am Ravina”
“I am Faheem”,he says.
He gives her half of his puffs.She refuses at first and then gets it after he insists.

The sun rises and Sri gets up with a hope that he wil get his lost i-phone today.He could not sleep the whole night and he was waiting for the sun to rise.He was very excited when his friend told about a guyhaving his phone and that he wants to meet him the next day.
He goes to the college earlier.He waits for the clock to strike 10 o’ clock.The  next second,he goes to the canteen.He keeps on checking the guys.”Oops! She did not tell where the guy would be sitting.Let me find out.”,he goes on checking.
He goes near a guy.He was solving sudoku. Sri is very interested in those Puzzles and  he is very good at solving them.At once,he forgot his lost i-phone,the guy who has it and that he has come there to meet him.
He sits beside him and helps him solve it.They were lost in solving the sudoku.They started talking only when they finished it.
“Yippie! We finished it”,said Sri.
“Yeah…Thanks to you”,Said Faheem.
“By the way,I am Faheem. Doing 2nd year CSE.I love bunking classes and so cane here.What about you?”
“Hey I am also doing Chemical Engineering 2nd year. Sri is my name.I lost my phone.My friend said that an idiot has my phone and he wanted to meet me.I have been waiting here for half an hour but could find him.I don’t know where the hell had he gone”,says Sri with disappointment.
Faheem could not control laughing,”He is bashing at you man”,he tells himself.”Don’t scold him.He might be busy solving sudoku”,he says with a smile.
“What!!”,exclaimed Sri.He is embarassed.”So,you are the one who has my phone??”,asks Sri.
Faheem nods.
“Oh,sorry yaar”,Sri tells Faheem.
Suddenly Sri kicks forcefully.

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