Are we destined for each other????? (Part 1)

Anika woke with a grumpy mood…literally hating the alarm for waking her up from the good sleep and loving it for reminding her to escape from the clutches of her otherwise strict parents….

The moment she came back after bathing…she heard a long good morning from her mom…..

The breakfast was something which she wished to skip…because it will be either some tasteless dosas with some curry which doesn’t takeover the effect of the bad taste of dosa….

Seriously one day holiday is just a headache for her rather than work….

Her otherwise loving mom would literally eat up her head for being a problem since childhood…till the second decision she took in our life…which literally broke her mom’s wishes…taking up management instead of CA…

She was different from her family….

She was a vegetarian were as her parents ate non- veg…she used to eat non-veg till she was 17, but then took this major decision….Ok…Now you would have thought why she stopped….But that is saved for later….

She was a person who believed home is a home when you have freedom to be you there…..which she never got…Her parents had there own strict regulations…..They were so strict such that even though she had thick hair on her legs she was not allowed to shave it…She was allowed to cut her hair short only after her parents received a consent from her parents, other members of her family and her mom’s friends….such was the condition of her childhood…

  Her mom is another person who gets mad with her even for the smallest things…Rarely there were days which she didn’t cause any problems….She used to sometimes try to hurt herself by continuously hitting herself on the head or not having food….such that she catches the attention of Anika’s father, i.e. her husband…..

Anika’s father, the otherwise calm person used to beat her with the stick repeatedly, catch her neck sometimes, slap her on the face or maybe even try to kick her out of the house for a longer time…just for some mistakes she had committed…She knew she had committed mistakes sometimes but that doesn’t mean that she should receive such harsh punishments….

Her brother is somewhat better, but he is, of course, “Maa Ka Laadla”……So, she couldn’t even mend her brother…as each attempt will somehow reach her mom….

She was going through depression till 10th std…and then she some how diverted her mind…from those thoughts with the help of her friends…

Because of all this happenings in her childhood….she even was harsh to her classmates and others such that everyone considered her as burden….

But she was a magic, a supporter, a good friend , who literally became very popular between among everyone….from 8th std…

So, guys, the next chaps will be mainly Anika’s but you can expect Shivaay’s entry (maybe I will add that too)……

  1. Nikita_jai29

    Looking forward to see the next update

    1. Agga4102

      It will be coming…I have just submitted it….

    2. Agga4102

      It will be coming…I have just submitted it….Just wt….

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      Sorry for sending the comment twice….

  2. ItsmePrabha

    nice start..looking forward to it..

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      Feeling good that it has satisfied you…! Was a bit nervous!

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