Twinj OS – I love you for eternity (By Aaku)

~I love you for eternity~

Kunj took a sip of his coffee, staring outside. As he saw the rain drops sliding down the window. He kept his coffee mug on the table and opened the window letting the cool breeze enter into the room. A knot formed in his chest, then in his throat, as he felt the cool breeze, looking at the rain drops, remembering…

‘I find peace in this rain.’

Those words, fresh in his mind, felt like a wound that would never heal. Every time this word came to him, it took all his willpower to held his tears as it reminded him of ‘her’…
But still he failed to control his tears. Kunj shuddered, inhaling in a deep breath, and wiped the tear away as he knew crying would fix nothing. It would not fill that emptiness in his heart. It would not bring her back.

He stood up and made his way towards the door. Kunj stepped into the garden letting the rain drops touch him.

Kunj smiled wistfully as he looked up at the sky, feeling the rain drops. He could almost feel a warm presence against his side, as his thoughts took his mind back in time.


“Isn’t the atmosphere beautiful.” Twinkle turned her head towards the sky, feeling the raindrops.

Kunj followed her gaze. It was truly a beautiful atmosphere. The cool breezes passing by, the fresh air and the rain made the atmosphere chilling. The rain drops sliding down Twinkle’s face were making her more beautiful.

“It’s one of my favorite things in the world” Twinkle sighed with glee, leaning her head on his shoulder, looking up at him
“I find peace in this rain.”

Kunj kissed the top of her head softly, pulling her closer to him,”I love you.”

“I love you too Kunj.” Twinkle held his arms and snuggling more into him with unshed tears ,”Even if this cancer makes me lie in the grave, I will love you and will always be around you…always.” Twinkle looked up at him.

“Don’t say such things Twinkle, I told you, I won’t let you die, not so soon.” He looked at her wet face.

“I know but just in case if I die. Can you promise me something?”

“You are not dying.”

“If I do die..” Twinkle started ignoring his word.

“Which you won’t.” He stated firmly.

But she continued, “If I do die, promise me that you’ll find happiness, promise me that you won’t stop living your life just because I’m not there. You will move on.”

“Twinkle please-” he didn’t want to talk on this matter. He never even imagined a life without her.

But she continued in a hushed tone, ignoring his interruption, “I will always be around in form of this cool breeze, in this rain drops and in your heart.” she placed her hands on his heart. “I will watch over you and be with you even if you can’t see me. Just promise me you will move on and live your life.”

“Twinkle-” he interrupted her once again.

But she continued,”Please, promise me.”

“I wish I could ignore you like you ignore me, but I just can’t.” Kunj chuckled although with pain in his voice. He then glanced into her deep eyes, which were overflowing with countless emotions.

“I promise” he whispered and pecked her wet forehead.


She loved this rain.
‘ I find peace in this rain.’
She had mentioned this countless times and indeed it really gave her peace. And now when it rained Kunj always felt her presence around. He loves everything about this rain as he somehow feels closer to her.

Kunj exhaled as he was still drenching in rain, feeling her presence, and drowning in the pool of her memories.


“Kunj could you please help me with this?” Twinkle asked him shifting her hair to the right and showing him her untied dori.

Kunj smiled mischievously, “Of course.” he made his way towards her.

He was tying her dori whereas his fingers were creating a different sensation in her. After he was done with the dori he slowly wrapped his arms around her waist and placed a gentle kiss at her back. As a reflex her eyes automatically closed.

Kunj noticed this from the reflection of mirror. He smiled due to the effect that he created on her.


Kunj exhaled as he felt the rain drops.
‘I miss you Twinkle.’ He closed his eyes.
Every time he closed his eyes, he would see her smiling face, and her eyes that always had that spark in them. He could feel her presence even now, all around him, and he knew she was watching over him. She was keeping her promise. He had to keep his.


Kunj was breathing heavily. He had searched for her almost everywhere in the hospital but she was not there. He was panicking. The fear of losing her had made his heartbeat faster. Right then his eyes fell on the bench outside the hospital. There she was sitting on the bench enjoying the rain.

He ran towards her. “Twinkle.” he said taking long heavy breath. He went near to her finding her all wet in rain but yet she didn’t care. Now he too was drenching in the rain. He held her arms gently, breaking her trance,”Let’s go in.” he said.

But she simply nodded her head in no.
“I find peace in this rain Kunj. Just let me stay here for one last time.” Twinkle said.

Kunj just nodded and he too sat down beside her. She leaned on his shoulder whereas he side hugged her. She was enjoying the rain.
“You know Kunj. Everyone wants happiness not sadness. They enjoy the happiness and when sadness knocks the door they break down. But they always forget there is never a rainbow without a little rain.” Twinkle looked at him. “Promise me you won’t stop living your life when I am not around.”

“I-I promise.” Kunj said with unshed tears in his eyes. Even the doctors had left their hope that she would survive. They had even confirmed that she would survive maximum for a week. Kunj was totally broken though he never showed it.

“I am tired Kunj.” she said inhaling a deep breath. She shifted towards his lap. Slowly placing her head in his lap, she whispered,
“I love you Kunj.” Although it was just a whisper. He heard it.
“I love you too Twinkle for eternity.” he said as a lone tear escaped from his eyes. He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Then she never opened her eyes. She left him but before going she had left a letter for him which he got on her funeral day.


By now the rain had stopped.
Finally getting grip over his emotion he pulled a letter out of his pocket; the edges were worn out. But he had kept it safely.

Mr. Sadu Sarna,
I still remember the date when you gatecrashed my birthday party with that business contract paper. Our first meeting turned out to be a havoc but from that day to up to date a lot has changed between us. You were then a stranger to me and were in my bad list but now you are my husband and held a very special place in my heart.

We got married at an unusual circumstance but still you stood beside me every time. I was so blessed to have you but then this news broke out. Although you stay strong when I am around but I know u r broken. And the reason is me. I don’t have much time but the times I lived with you are more than enough for me to drift in a deep sleep.

If I know you like I do, you’ll take this frustration out on someone else, or on the drinks at the bar. And you’ll make your pain last. You will keep it trapped in your heart and you won’t let go. But please Kunj, do something for me. Move on. Live every day in happiness. And I know that I’m asking a lot from you. But trust me I will always be around in the cool breeze, in the rain drops and most importantly in your heart.

There’s one last thing I want to tell you; I know that this won’t help you getting over the pain, but still I just want you to know that;

I love you Kunj.
I love you for eternity.

Siyaapa queen

He held the letter close to his heart,
“I love you Twinkle for eternity.”
He meant every word of it. Just then a cool breeze passed by tickling his face. He knew it was her. He knew she was watching him over.

The end

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