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Hi every one thanks for ur  comments.Here is next part.

part 6:

Ram announced muhurth and all are happy to here that.

But one person is feeling afraid that non other than swara.

She is feeling afraid for office incident like

sw: thinking to herself:They didn’t said anything till now about what they heared through the phone .what uncle and aunty think about me.I am feeling very tension.

what if they will punish me after marriage like don’t talk or don’t see sanskar upto one week .No I can’t bear that I have to clear their doubts and I want to know what they r thinking about me.

While thinking swara didn’t heared that somebody is calling her from 5 minutes.

swara swara(loudly)

swara realized that some body is calling her.

sw:ahh sanskar I don’t have any hearing problem. y r u shouting like that.

san: what I am shouting .I calling u since 5 minutes but u r not responding.

sw:sorry.ok tell me y u r calling me .

san:to take sweets.

sw:sweets for what.

san:our engagement date is fixed that’s y. If u r not happy with this engagement then tell me I will search for another girl and marry her.

sw:got angry with his answer:If u do like that means THen I will kill u idiot.

U  r mine that’s all .U have to bear me ur life long.understand.

san:dramatically:god save from this devil. but she is my devil.

sw:angrily: U called me devil. then u maha rakshas. Just wait there maha rakshas. see what ur devil going to do.

saying she take one pillow from sofa and here sanky started running seeing this swara also started running behind him.

They r running whole house. seeing all elders became very happy.

A nd went for doing engagement preparations.

Here our swasan is still running. At one place swara got slipped but sanskar catch her before she got hurt.

san:swara r u ok.

sw:ha I am ok sanky.

san:see if u slip and got hurt then our will post poned u want that.(putting pout)

sw: no sanky. sorry.

san: but I will give u punishment.

sw: seeing his pout melted: ok I am ready.

san: not now my dear I will tell u afterwards.


san: but now I want one kiss.

sw:what. shocked.

san:ha that to here only(he said while pointing his lips)

sw:sanky anyone will see us.

san:ok then let’s go to my room but I am clearing one thing that after we went my room soon to be our room(hearing this swara blushed) don’t blush like this because I can’t control my self.If I see u blush.

Hearing all this swara shocked and blush more.

san: huskily: ha swara I said na don’t blush I can’t control myself .please let me control myself till our marriage.

After that in our suhagraat I will remove my controll and show u the meaning of blush.

sw:sanky stop .she tried to run.

but sanskar hold her hand.

san:hahahaha swara u will escape now then how will u escape after our marriage.So, if u escape now then the consequences will be more wild after our marriage.

swara shock to hear all these and now her cheeks giving competiton to tomato.

sw:sanky please.

san:ok I will leave u but give me what I asked u before.

swara slowly came near him and peck him on hic lips and ran away from there.

san: jaan these is not fair.

sw:while going:everything is fair in love.

san:my lovely jaan ummaah. sanskar gave flying kiss to swara.

precap: same precap

sorry for short  update guys .I am bit busy .But I will give next part tomorrow only.

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