Sanskar’s pov:
I got ready for the office and came downstairs for breakfast. Mom and dad are already having their food and taking my seat i served myself. We wished each other morning. ” Sanskar i want to talk to you” my mother, Sujata told me. ” yes mom” i said.
” this year you have to marry that’s it” she said as always. Don’t know why all mothers want their children to get married. I never pay heed to her words because till now i was also not knowing who will be my life partner. I used to flirt and all but never got serious with anyone. Now when mom said about marriage the first person that came in my mind is Swara. When ever i look at her, i feel like she is only for me. I know it’s filmy but honestly i feel something when she is near me. Trust me! I’m not time passing with her. She is beautiful, mature and sensible girl and i can not think to have fun with her. Though i used to tease her but only i know what turmoil comes in my heart with her proximity. Her eyes are crystal clear and she has faced alot in her life. She never shared with me but i can feel and see in her eyes. I don’t know what bothers her but she seems to have some fear. I want to engulf and comfort her.

” Sanskar ” mom bought me back from swara’s world. This girl always cloud my mind. ” yeah mom ” i said looking at her. ” when you will come back i will show you some girls then you have to select one for marriage ” she said with finality and left. Wowwww how can someone marry a person whom we don’t know it’s ridiculous!! I finished my breakfast and went to office.
On my way i was thinking that i should propose swara because i don’t want to meet any other girl when i want to marry swara. Don’t you think it will be so fast, my mind alerted. That’s fine it’s being almost three months i know her. As it’s said, we can fall for someone in few seconds. I won’t force her but i know she also feel some thing for me. Her cheeks turn pink when i come close to her. I do observe her.

I enter inside my cabin and started waiting for swara. She will come with coffee and it make my day. Hot coffee with her beautiful smile is the best. There was knock at the door and adjusted my suit. ” come” i said. My face fell because it’s not swara. ” where is swara??” I asked from peon who came with my coffee. “swara madam is busy ” he told me. She never miss to give me coffee then what happened?? ” okay go” i said. He left the coffee and went. I got up and went to her cabin. There is not too much work then where she is busy.

” swara” i said entering her cabin and she has rested her head on desk on her arm. I slowed down as i don’t want to scare her. She senses my presence and lifted her head. ” what happened??” I asked tensely.
Her face is red and eyes are tired. I touched her hand and she is burning. ” you have fever” i shouted. ” yeah it’s little” she said.
” it’s not little” i protested. ” let’s go to doctor” i said. ” i will fine sanskar ” she said.
I didn’t answered and bought medicine from my cabin for fever. ” have this” i offered once i returned. ” Sanskar..” i cut her. “First take these” i said. She nodded innocently and consumed the medicine. ” pack your bag” i ordered. ” why??” She asked. ” you are suppose to question your boss” i said crossing my arms. She chuckle and did what i said. ” today you take leave, i will drop you at home” i told her. ” sanskar i will go” she said. ” no arguments” i said and went.

We reached her apartment and i also came inside with her. ” you want coffee or juice??” She asked me. ” nothing take rest ” i said. She smile and moved to her room. I followed her and she gave me confusing look. ” i want to make sure you will sleep” i told her. She roll her eyes. We enter inside her room. It’s small but very properly arranged. ” i will come after changing you please sit” she told me. I nodded and started seeing her room. I was wandering in her room when swara’s phone vibrated. It’s wrong to check someone’s phone but i was curious to know whose message came. I saw it was from an number which was not saved ” I’m coming soon baby” the message read. Who can say ‘baby’ to swara. May be some friend. Yeah that’s possible.

Swara came out in her night suit. She is looking so cute in baby pink dress. I had seen her in only dresses never in casual wear except today. When swara will be my life then i can see her regularly like this.
” sanskar ” she called me. ” umm..come and sleep” i said. ” you will stay here?” She asked. ” no I’ll leave give me your house extra keys i will lock from outside. ” what if i say i have only one key” she made innocent face. ” i know you have two so stop your tantrums” i said. She make faces and give me keys. Swara lie on the bed and closed her eyes. I waited for ten minutes. She is asleep now. I was about to leave but i stopped and stared at her. I checked her forehead and she still has fever but with medicine and rest she will be fine. Don’t know what came in my mind i leaned and kissed her forehead. I smile and left. I have to prepare for the proposal. I want her to accept me.
To be continued…..

Recap: sanskar get to know swara is married.

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