Kaleerien – The Meervaan Saga (Part 1)

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Part 1


“Just go away or I might just start hating you more than Pammi Kappor.” His words kept ringing in her head as she left the hospital premises. Her tears were not in her control. Meera had never imagined that things can take so much wrong turn while she was trying to help Vivaan. She wanted to make him meet his mother. Just when she thought she had cracked her mission with the help of Friends book everything shattered. She knew how much Amaya means to Vivaan and she can understand what Vivaan is going through but she was very hurt when he blamed her for everything but she hadn’t had any words to defend herself. She kept pleading to him to listen to her once but all in vain. Why every time when they both just come a little close the destiny apart them. Why there are so much misunderstanding in their relation?

She kept walking on the road all shattered and broken. Was Amaya really in this condition because of her? What was her fault? May be everyone says right that she is not perfect to be someone’s wife. She doesn’t know how to be responsible. Her family has to bear so much because of her. Her father and mother are always worried about her. Now, look what she did to Vivaan and Amaya. This cannot be forgiven. Vivaan was right when he said that she was a curse in his life. Tears busted from her eyes. He thinks that she was a curse for him. She didn’t knew why his every word was affecting her so much but they were killing her.

Meera started climbing the stairs of the temple. She was here to pray for Amaya. Today what was about to happen with Amaya shocked her to her core. How can a mother to this to his daughter? Was Vivaan right? She somehow managed to save Amaya from those goons but she ended up being critically hurt. Meera too was hurt and even her previous day wounds were afresh but she was not worried about herself today. All she wanted was welfare of Amaya. Doctors said there is very less chances of her survival but she had full faith in god. He will never let this happen. She pledged to not have a single drop of water until Amaya was back home.


The whole Dhingra family was in hospital with Vivaan. He was very cynical and afraid. He somewhere deep down in his heart knew that there was no fault of Meera but he was not able to forgive her. Somewhere his brain overpowered his heart. He was not in a condition to think about Meera now. The doctors have informed them that Amaya was responding to the treatment but the next 24 hours were very crucial. Dolly was worried for Meera and asked Amar to check with her once but he decided to stay with Vivaan now as he needed support her now. Daadi also made Dolly understand that Meera must be upset and they should give her some time to handle this situation. Still, Dolly was not relaxed until she called home and a servant of Kapoor Mansion informed them that she was back home.

Vivaan was again very upset knowing that she left for home despite of knowing the condition of Amaya but he preferred to ignore her.

“You are a curse in my life. Just get the hell out of here.” He remembered his shouting but his anger for Meer didn’t let him realise what he had done

Meera came into her room and her mind flashed with the previous night images when she and Vivaan were so close. How he was kind of jealous knowing she was going to a party to meet her FB friend. She had never imagined this in her wildest dream that everything will end up like this. Meera was so broken, hurt and bruised that she didn’t even realised when she fainted out of hunger and wounds thinking about what all had happened.


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