BREAKING FREE (Pragya’s story) Character Sketch

Here’s the character sketch guys


Pragya King Singh

Wife of King Singh

Mother of Kiara King Singh

Professor, international award winning scholar and runs the most Prestigious university in London

Kind, considerate and caring.

Loves her daughter to the core and adores her husband

Confident and headstrong, she is a natural born leader.

Hates her ex husband

Suffers from PTSD

Lives in London

King Singh

Husband of Pragya King Singh

Father of Kiara King Singh

Internationally famous Rapper based in London

Loving husband and father, protects his wife and daughter with his life.

Kind, A Gentleman but has an attitude for his image as a Rapper.

Hates liars and Hippocrates and has alot of integrity

Is a complete germaphobe

Lives in London

Kiara King Singh

Daughter of Pragya Kingh Singh and King Singh.

Biological daughter of Abhishek Prem Mehra

Loves her parents the most and is a complete daddies girl, she loves king the most

Naughty little girl and always gets in trouble with her mother, she has some of Abhi’s traits but also picked up some of King’s habits

Very intelligent little girl and very athletic

Lives in London

Tarun Singh

Cousin Brother of king singh and pragya king Singh

Son of Dholi Singh

Chucks of Kiara King Singh and her partner in crime

Loves his family to the core, especially his sister in law whom he calls his Di

Is a momma’s boy which earns him teasing from his Big Brother

Happy and cheerful guy, he’s humble and a gentleman like his uncle

Studies at the top university in London which his Di runs

Lives in London

Dholi Singh

Aunty and Mother Figure of King Singh

In-law of pragya king singh but loves her like her own daughter

Grandmother of Kiara King Singh and pampers her with love

Mother of Tarun Singh and adores her son


Knows about pragya’s past and hates the Mehras to the core for hurting her daughter

Lives in London


Abhishek Prem Mehra

Husband of Tanu Abhishek Mehra and Ex husband of Pragya

Biological father of Kiara but doesn’t know it

Brother of Aliyah Mehra and best friend turned brother of Purab Khanna

Uncle of Sunny Purab Khanna

Famous award winning Rockstar Known for singing love songs

Stubborn, hotheaded, irrational and arrogant. Is good at heart but too easily manipulated

Lives in in Delhi India

Tanu Abhishek Mehra

Wife of Abhishek Prem Mehra

Sister in law and best friend of Aliyah Mehra

Super model and loves her career

Selfish, Arrogant and vindictive. She can do anything to get what she wants, is extremely greedy and obsessed with status

Lives in Delhi India

Aliyah Mehra

Sister of Abhishek Prem Mehra

Best friend of Tanu

One-sided lover and ex fiance of Purab Khanna

Hates Disha Khana to the core and Loathes Pragya the most

Tolerates Sunny Purab Khana because he is Purab’s son

Obsessed with purab and keeps trying to sabotage his marriage

Obsessed with status, money and power

Lives in Delhi India


Purab Khanna

Husband of Disha Purab Khanna

Father of Sunny Purab Khanna

Owns a music company and record label, also manages Abhi’s career

Hates Aliyah Mehra and Tanu and only tolerates them for his brother’s sake

Loves his wife and son to the core and always protects them from Aliyah’s venom

Responsible, kind and gentle man, he’s a peacemaker.

Lives in Delhi India with his brother Abhi

Misses his pragya Di and wishes she reunite with Abhi

Is blinded by his love for his brother

Disha Purab Khanna

Wife of Purab Khanna

Mother of sunny Purab Khanna

A successful journalist and influential in the media

Adoptive sister of pragya and greatly loves her Di

Hates Abhi and his family for what they did to her sister

Only stays in their house because of her love for her husband

Loving wife and mother, adores her husband and son and considers them her only family in the Mehra household

Kind, sweet and caring but bold and stern, she is a practical thinker and hence is not swayed by emotional nonsense

Sunny Purab Khanna

Son of Purab and Disha Khanna

Nephew of Abhishek Prem Mehra

Loves his parents to the core and is a momma’s boy, loves his abhi chucks (much to the displeasure of his mother)

Doesn’t like Aliyah at all and always pulls pranks on her

Is a naughty little boy and always pranking people, he’s sweet like his mother and gentle like his father

Lives in Delhi India


Sarla Arora

Mother of pragya, bulbul, preeta and shrishti

Ex wife of the late Raguveer Arora

Owns and Runs a successful chain of marriage halls across the country

Loves her daughters to the core and adores her granddaughter Kiara

Loves her son in-law king and considers him her own son

Kind and loving mother and protects her children fearcley, she is ruthless and cold to anyone who hurts her loved ones

Hates abhi and the Mehras to the core for hurting her daughter

Lives in Mumbai India

Preeta Karan Luthra

Wife of Karan Luthra

Third born daughter of Sarla and Raguveer Arora

Younger sister of pragya and older sister of shrishti

A medical doctor by profession and top in her field, she owns her own clinic

Loving wife to her loving husband

Loves her sisters to the core and protects them at all costs, especially her baby sister shrishti

Her pragya Di is her hero and she absolutely adores her.

Loves her brother in-law king and adores her little niece the most

Hates the Mehras for hurting her sister

Strong, confident and intelligent woman, she is caring and compassionate but very dangerous to those who hurt her loved ones

Shrishti Arora

Youngest daughter of Sarla and Raguveer Arora

Fiancee of Sameer Luthra

Baby sister of pragya and preeta, their little firecracker

Famous interior designer and owns her own company which is the top design company in the country

Loves her mother and sisters to the core

Adores her little niece Kiara and always saves her from her mother’s scoldings

Loves her King Jiju and calls him Bhai

Buddies with Tarun and is his human diary

Kind and loving, extrovert by nature, hotheaded and short tempered. She can literally fight anyone to protect her loved ones. Very outspoken

Hates Mehras and especially Abhi for hurting her sister

Lives in Mumbai India but currently in Dubai for work

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