BREAKING FREE (Pragya’s story) Chapter 1

Hello readers, here’s the very first official chapter, now the story begins.

It was a beautiful morning in Kensington London, the weather was slowly warming up as the winter faded away, the ice melted away and the snow disappeared, the luscious green leaves of the mighty trees slowly started turning into a warm orange shade. The winter coldness calmed into as serene and gentle breeze, the sun’s rays pierced through the fading thick fluffy white clouds that dressed the now pale blue sky.

This peaceful almost fear brought pragya a sense of calmness, one thing that hadn’t changed about her over the years was her love of nature, her appreciation of the seasons and the changes they brought. She sat on her bed with the windows open, letting in the gentle breeze that filled the room with freshness and symbolized the beginning of a new season, an new beauty. A beauty she so dearly enjoyed, she smiled as she felt the breeze gently kiss her skin, stroke her hair and fill her lungs, she stared out the window and simply enjoyed the view of the city, she could finally be able to enjoy it’s beauty now that winter was coming to an end. She closed her eyes and pictured it, walking down the tree covered streets of that beautiful city, watching her baby girl play in the puddles and run around with her little friends, the sweet smell of the earth after the rains, the beautiful autumn leaves scattered on the vintage bricks that paved the streets that made it look like something out of a classic painting.

And then it came, her smile widened and her heart flooded with warmth as she pictured it, the very best part about the new season, their walks. Holding his hand and slowly walking down the streets, their fingers intertwining and his warmth radiating from his hand, his big strong hands that made hers look tiny in comparison. Just the thought of it brought her an undescribable amount of joy, she was so lost in her world that she did not hear him come in, he stood at the door and just stared in awe at her beauty, his heart pounding faster and faster, he felt as though he would die right there and then at the mere sight of this woman, how was it even possible for someone to be so beautiful? So gorgeous that her smile could send him into a coma? He asked himself.

Is she even real? No, she must be goddess, I wide grin crept up on his face and he smiled like an idiot.

The realization that she was his, his Queen, his goddess, his wife…Mrs Pragya King Singh. It had been seven years already but he still didn’t believe that this woman was his wife, the mother of his child. Can you imagine? He actually had a little version of her, he wondered how he had stayed alive all these years when the mere thought of these women made his heart go wild. The he remembered while he looked at her beautiful smile, that innocent smile and pure soul, she was a dreamer at heart even though she didn’t show it, or better yet she hid it, hid it because of that bastard, he took her smile away, he broke her. Kings blood began to boil and he grit his as he thought about him…he clenched his fist in anger and vowed in his heart, swore that he would never hurt her again, NEVER! Now she was safe, he would keep her safe in the cocoon of his love, even though he was too afraid to tell her, he would always show her, forever, until his heart stops beating. And so he calmed himself and continued to watch her

He slowly walked into the room and spoke

King : Cara Mia

He said with his deep gentle voice, pragya turned to look at him and smiled. He sat on the bed beside her and she spoke softly

Pragya : Mon Chéri

She rested her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arms around his biceps, he smiled and rested his chin on her head, he sniffed her hair and smelled her sweet shampoo, berries, it smelled like fresh berries…his favourite fruit, he smiled at the thought that she might have used it because she knew. She also took in his scent, his intoxicating scent, how could someone smell so good without any cologne? This man, she could devour him there and then, when this thought crept into her mind she was filled with extreme embarrassment and she buried her head in his chest, much to his amusement, he wondered what suddenly got into her but nonetheless he liked it, he smiled and wrapped his arms around her unknown to the battle that poor pragya was having in her heart.

She cursed herself mentally for thinking such nasty things, but her heart also spoke, saying “why should I feel embarrassed? He is my husband after all? But her mind countered with its own statement ” he is your husband but you have not even told him how you feel and yet you are here thinking such things?”, Her heart retorted with ” So what? It clearly shows in my actions that I love him, I don’t have to say it” but her mind yet again countered with a hard fact “really? Is that so?, Well no! You’re wrong, how can you “devour” him when you can’t even say those three little words out loud? It doesn’t go without saying sweetheart” this statement shook pragya to her core. Why can’t she say it? She feels it and she shows it, so why?, Why was it so hard this time?

Her train of thought was broken when she heard him speak, unknowingly she was gripping tightly onto his shirt while she was arguing with herself internally and he started worry so he asked her

King : Cara Mia, are you okay love? Is something wrong?

They parted from the hug and she looked into his eyes, he looked so worried

Pragya : I’m fine, you’re here so how could I not be

She said in almost a whisper but he heard her, her eyes were moist with tears which did not fall. Her tears always broke his heart, he couldn’t bear the sight of them. She knew this and could see it was hurting him, so she gently placed her palms on his cheeks and cupped hi face with her hands then gently kissed his nose.

Then she whispered softly,

“I’m Okay”

he smiled and whispered back “Good”.

They parted reluctantly and both went down to have breakfast. As they descended the Stairs of their beautiful home, chatting and laughing as king kept cracking terrible jokes and making bad puns, they were greeted by the usual sound of chaos in their house. A heated debate was taking place at the breakfast table. It was like a scene straight out of a legal drama, King chuckled while pragya Sighed and spoke

Pragya : They do this every morning, I don’t see the point because he always loses

She said with slight annoyance in her voice which made king chuckle more

King : She always wins because she took after her mother, infact she’s stubborn like you

To which pragya rolled her eyes.

They made their way to the dining table and the debate got louder as the got closer

Girl : I don’t need it so I won’t drink it

Boy : yes you do need it and you will drink it!

Girl : No! I don’t need it because I can get the same nutrition from a smoothie, I’ll drink a smoothie instead

Boy : No, you won’t drink a smoothie for breakfast, you’ll have your milk and sandwich, you have to eat healthy food so you can grow big and strong like me

He said trying to persuade her, but his opponent was not budging and decided to use her secret weapon. The one person who could never say no to her adorable little princess.

Girl : I don’t want to grow like you, you’re a boy, I don’t want to be a boy

She went over to her grandmother she hugged her tight, and whined

Girl : Nona, see he’s trying to make me drink that yucky milk again

She said with a cute little pout and her puppy dog eyes which she knew would melt he Nona’s heart.

Dholi : Awww my poor baby, Tarun stop bothering my princess

She said while hugging little Kiara who was showing her tongue to Tarun and enjoying her imminent victory

Tarun whined to his mother

Tarun : but momma, she needs to drink her milk so she can have strong bones na…you know she likes sports so it’s for her benefit

Kiara : No Taru, milkshake is healthy too, my coach drinks it all the time and she is best in sports

Kiara retorted

Dholi : yes my baby is very smart see, she can drink it later, right baby?

To which Kiara nodded cutely and Tarun frowned knowing he’s been defeated yet again. He took the glass of milk from Kiara’s place at the table and was about to take it back to the kitchen and bring a milkshake when he saw his Di come to the dining table, he smiled broadly and went to hug her.

Tarun : Good morning Di

He said happily while hugging her to which she responded

Pragya : Good morning Taru, you’re in this debate again?

Tarun made a cute pout and nodded, now it it was his turn to use his secret weapon

Tarun : See na, Di she doesn’t want to drink her milk but she always falls during her sports because her bones are not strong

Kiara’s victorious smile faded because she knew once her mother said she had to drink the milk, she HAD to drink the milk.

King playfully smacked the back of Tarun’s head and walked towards his princess and picked her up, Kiara’s smile was restored because now the playing field was even since her daddy was on her side.

King : no one will trouble my princess this morning, Taru if you want the milk drink it

Tarun side hugged pragya who was his last line of defense since his brother and mother were against him now, he whined to pragya

Tarun : Di see how they’re ganging up on me, it’s not fair

He said making a cute pout while resting his head against pragya’s shoulder. She smiled and pulled his cheeks then spoke

Pragya : All of you stop picking on my baby brother

She continued

Pragya : and you Kia, you know the rules princess, if you’re going to do sports, you’ll have to take your vitamins, all of them so that includes calcium which you get from milk

Kiara : but momma

Pragya : No but momma, and mom, you always let her get what she wants, you’re spoiling her na

Dholi : Come on beta, it is my right to spoil my grandbaby na

She said kissing Kiara’s cheeks making her chuckle and the she continued to speak

Dholi : that’s what grandma’s do, but if you don’t want me to spoil her so much then you can make her more responsible by giving her responsibility of a big sister, then we can spoil the baby

This statement made pragya’s cheeks turned red, she was blushing hard and king was smiling like an idiot and said

King : that’s not a bad idea mom, What do you think princess?

Kiara : Yes daddy, I want a baby sister, infact two

This statement made Tarun spit out the milk he was drinking which he about to take to the kitchen and made pragya die of second hand embarrassment, which made the trio laugh out loud

Pragya : enough now, stop diverting the topic, you’re drinking your milk and that’s final

She said sternly and Kiara nodded innocently with a little frown oh her face.

They all sat down and had breakfast, laughing and chatting. And so the morning went by and evening came, it was a Saturday so everyone was home, except Tarun who had gone out to party with his friends.

Since it was Saturday they had family movie night and they watched a funny movie together that was picked by Kiara since it was her turn to pick. When the movie was over, little Kiara had fallen asleep and her mother took her to her room and tucked her in, as she walked back to her room she heard king talking on the phone and he sounded distressed so she listened to his conversation.

King : is there really no other way? I can’t do this, not in that place

Caller : I know man, but this is the opportunity of a lifetime, come on it’s always been your dream

King : I know, but my pragya, I can’t do that to her, I swore I never would

Those words sent a chill down pragya’s spine, what could it have been that distressed king so much? What did he swear he’d never do? Her mind was ravaged with all these questions and she started to move back but accidentally knocked over a vase that was in the hall way, which in turn alerted king that she was listening. He quickly dropped the call and hid a file that he was holding in his hands. Pragya saw there was no use in hiding so she walked in, he did not know that she had seen him hide the file.

She walked towards him as he tried to hide his distress with a smile, he spoke first

King : Cara Mia

But before he could say anything more, pragya spoke

Pragya : No, what was that?

King saw she was getting upset but he wasn’t sure how much she heard so he tried to calm her

King : oh that, it was nothing, just a call from work

Pragya : King

She said sternly, the look in her eyes showing the utmost seriousness, she asked him

Pragya : why are you lying to me?

King gulped, he could not meet her eyes and this confirmed to her what she was already suspecting. He was hiding something, something big

King : I’m not lying to you love, it really was a call from work

Pragya walked towards him and took his hand and placed it on the top of her head, this action filled king with fear, he knew what she was about to do, he knew he could not lie to her so her so he sighed and pulled her into his embrace, he hugged her tight, burying his face in the crook of her neck and began to sob. This greatly distressed pragya, she caressed his back rubbing it softly, running her fingers through his silk rich hair to soothe him.

He kept mumbling, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry”

She felt like a dagger was pierced through her heart, just as he could not bear her tears, she could not stomach his. So she whispered softly “it’s okay” , she did not understand why he was apologizing…..after a few minutes he calmed down and composed himself, they parted from the hug and she cupped his face while looking into his eyes that were bloodshot, she asked softly

Pragya : Mon Chéri, what’s wrong?

King took a deep breath and took her hands in his, he closed his eyes a laid a long, soft kiss on them and then spoke

King : I’m sorry I couldn’t keep my promise

Pragya : what promise love?

King : the promise I made to you the day our daughter was born

Pragya : you made many promises that day love, and I Know for a fact you’ve never broken a single one

Pragya said in a tender voice with a warm smile on her face, her smile and her words warmed his heart and reassured him, he let go of her hands and walked towards the place where he hid the file and took it out.

He came towards her with it in one hand and took her hand with his other then made her sit on the bed, she looked at him with confusion written on her face.

King : This came to me earlier today, it’s the project I’ve been working on for the past two years. It finally got approved

Pragya smiled broadly and hugged him in excitement

Pragya : This is great news, why didn’t you tell me? I am your manager after all so why are you only telling me now?

King : I’m sorry love, I didn’t tell you because I didn’t wanna get your hopes up without knowing if it would go through. And yes you are my manager but only part time love, you have alot of work on your plate running the university and the academy

Pragya : but still, anyway it’s okay, then why are you sad? This is your dream come true

King sighed and handed her the file to read, but before she read it he spoke

King : yes it was my dream, but it’s turning into a nightmare, read this

Pragya was confused at his statement so she proceeded to read it. she took the file out of the envelope it was in cased in and read it, her face turned pale and a chill was sent down her spine.

She sat there and looked at king, she now understood why he reacted the way he did, they both sat there in silence, their faces frozen with horror.

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  1. Wonderful dear it’s nice but I can’t understand one thing if pragya loves king how will.she again be united with abhi I am very excited for next episode what is written in it

    1. Esie

      Thank you dear❤️ this is actually not an abhigya story so abhi will not end up with Pragya. I wrote this version because I feel Abhi as a character really did not do much to deserve an unconditional love like pragya’s and I felt the writers did wrong by destroying king’s character for no reason, he was the better man in my opinion. But don’t worry, in my story abhi isn’t really evil, she’s just too cocky. But I will improve his character and who knows, I you want I could give him a love interest too

  2. Purple girl

    The best one but just write in paragraphs it seems to be boring for reading write it as communication with the name pls or elsewhere it was just simply awesome

    1. Esie

      Duly noted👌, thanks for your feedback. Actually this story is written in book format…I actually wrote it specifically for Wattpad version. But I will make some changes to the format when I post it here

  3. It very nice. The starting was amazing. I don’t understand two word here. Cara mia and mon cheri what is it’s meaning after all its nice chapter. Update soon 😊😊

    1. Esie

      Hello dear, thank you for your wonderful feedback ❤️ actually “Cara Mia” is an Italian word which means “my beloved” and “Mon Chéri” is a french word meaning “My darling”

  4. It was just amazing 😊. I liked king and pragya pair..but don’t make tanu as abhi’s pair 😑. Tanu is just irritating..the bond between kiara pragya and king is amazing 😊. Waiting eagerly for next episode 😊.

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    1. Esie

      This is before Prachi and Rhea are born. They’re not in this ff

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