KKB (You are so special) Part 6

Mehra Mansion

Alia’s pov- I have to do some plan to this Pragya……. So today is success party………… this is last party for you Pragya today your chapter will be end pragya
She took phone and dialled a number
Alia- hello
Caller- hello…. why you called me
Alia- hello sweetheart I have deal for you
Caller- what’s the deal alia
Alia- sweetheart you have to kidnap Pragya
Caller- ohh Pragya ok i will accept the deal……. So when i have to kidnap her
Alia- today night
Caller- ok done
Alia- ok byee
They ended the call

Kholi mansion

Pallavi- Vikram have informed Pragya ji about the party
Vikram- woh… Sorry pallo i just forgot
Pallavi- what is this Vikram how can you forget first invite her
Vikram- I will just call her and come
Vikram went to call Pragya
Pallavi- beeji Pragya ji is so beautiful right
Beeji- ahh pallo she is just awesome no one will belive she has 20 years daughter
Pallavi- yes beeji no one will belive and prachi she is just like her mother
Beeji- yes puttar

On the other side
Vikram- hello Pragya ji
Pragya- hii Vikram ji… how are you
Vikram- I am fit and fine and how are you
Pragya- I am absolutely fine……. do you some work from me???
Vikram- yaaa I had some work with you
Pragya- yaa tell me
Vikram- you know our company is in top 3
Pragya- wow that’s a great news
Vikram- and it’s all because of your hard work only and your designs so I held a party in house and you have to come
Pragya- sorry Vikram ji i can’t come
Vikram- Pragya ji please please please please it’s not an request it’s an order please please Pragya ji
Pragya’s pov- I know it is him’s work ahhhhh why he all way’s trouble me
Vikram- hello Pragya ji can you here me hello
Pragya- yaa yaa i can here just some network problem that’s why
(mee- bhagwan don’t lie Pragya….. Leing is bad manners pragya)
Vikram- ohh it’s okk Pragya ji and please don’t say please Pragya ji
Pragya- ok ok Vikram ji i will come
Vikram- thank you
They ended the call
In Abhi’s room
Abhi got a call seeing the id he slimed
Abhi- hello princess
Reha- hii dad….. how are you dad
Abhi- I am good princess how are you and your studies
Reha- I am also good dad and studies are going great
Abhi- ohh ok and when are you coming
Reha- dad by next week
Abhi- okk princess byee be be careful okk
Reha- okk dad love you byee
Abhi- love you too princess

They ended the call
Mean whlie
Abhi- what should I were to party………..
idea **
Abhi- I will were that suit which fuggi gifted me….. where is it……… Go it.
He saw the suit

Flash back

Pragya- suniye i have a gift for you
Abhi- what fuggi your only a gift for me
Pragya- but I brought the naa
Abhi- ok what’s the gift…….
Pragya gave the gift to abhi………. Abhi opened the
He saw the suit
Pragya- it’s nice naa
Abhi- it’s awesome fuggi thank you so much fuggi
Pragya- your should were this only for the party
Abhi- yaa fuggi

Flashback ends 

Abhi- so this I will were the suit which Pragya gave me
He saw the suit and said I love you fuggi
Love you so much

In Pragya’s room
Pragya- he invited me to party to ask forgiveness know
I will not forgive him this time of I forgive means he will. Again break my heart…….

In college
Sahana was going in stairs she just tripped and she was about to kiss the ground colsed her eyes in fear………… But two arms holded her (guys guess who it)

It’s Aryan

She opened her eyes and saw the black crystal eyes
Both lost in each other eyes

Song (main phri bhi tumko chaahuga)
After sometime there eye lock was broken by pranbir
Parchi- ahemm (coughs fakely)
Aryan makes sahana to stand and saw pranbir staring them
Sahana- what why are you starting me……. I was about to fall aryan came and held me that’s it!!!!! (told in one breath)
Aryan- yaa she is rigth
Pranbir- but we didn’t asked anything
Arhana- bites tongue
Pranbir laughs looking at them

Sahana- what…… why you both are laughing!!!
Prachi- I didn’t asked you but your telling and going like both lovers are caught

Arhana blushed on hering lovers

Aryan’s pov- I love you sahana I love you so much I think to confess the my feelings to but what if you say no and break our friendship I don’t want to break my friendship

Same thing happens with sahana
Prachi- hello where you both are lost
arhana- nothing
Both saw their faces sahana blushed
Sahana- I have class byee
Saying this she ran
Prachi- what happened to this girl
Ranbir- don’t know
Prachi- ok also gave class bye
Ranbir/Aryan- byee

With whom alia talked in phone
Tell me in comments
Precap- Pragya’s kidnap

Byer love you guys

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  4. Just amazing 😊. Make some new entry kidnap pragya..it’s just an opinion. Are pranbir are in love? By the way arhana scene were cute and nice 🤗. I am eager to see how reha reacts seeing her mom. Waiting eagerly for next episode 😊.

    1. Hema devaraj

      Yes pranbir are in love, both confessed also and soon i will update

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