Born for u….living for u…Last episode (epi 30)

Hai everyone..thanks for the love finally last episode.I want to thank some sweetest persons who have been supporting me in this and became friends…lahari akka , sindhu akka ,dharani akka, Asw, Asra, folly, Dharshini akka , Aditi , Inu , Lovely , Aliya , Khushi , a ,Sam, Aleeza , Anisha , Ammu ,Ammy , mk , vk , shreevijayan , mintu, meetu , Rehna everyone and sorry if I missed anyone..
So here goes

After 3 months…
Laksh started feeling for swara….every thing was fine…

@ ragsan..
Sanskar was getting ready for office and ragini was setting his clothes…
Sanskar: princess see na this button broke…
Ragini : u r always so careless..
Sanskar pouts..while ragini comes with thread to stitch ..she tries to stitch but sanskar keeps on disturbing her by nuzzling her neck…
Ragini: sansku..(she finds the button is not broken)
Ragini glares him..he holds her tightly..
Ragini: why did u lie..
Sanskar : u r ignoring me nowadays ..thats why..its not a sin to spend time with ur wife…
Ragini: sanskar leave me na..i have so much of work..
Sanskar: ok ..but give me my breakfast first..
Ragini: come down I will give u..
Sanskar: idiot breakfast means kiss…
Ragini blushes and kiss him on his lips…he kisses her on the cheek..she also kisses him on both the cheeks..and runs from there ..sanskar smiles to himself…

Sanskar comes down and collides with laksh..
Laksh: sanky wo mehra ji ke files..(he looks at him)
He comes close to sanky..sanky is confused..
Laksh: sanky we know u and ragu r most romantic couple..but no need of carrying the proof with u always…
Sanky is confused…
Laksh shows him his mobile..where sanskar sees his reflection.. there were lipstick marks on his cheeks….he gives an embarrassed smile to laksh and runs to clean it.. while laksh smiles at his antics…

After a while sanlak come down discussing some files…
Swaragini were arranging the dining table…
Swara: come and have breakfast..
Sanlak comes forward excitedly..
Swara: I made it today..
Both of them back off…..and look at each other with fear..
Sanskar: er ..laksh ..u have breakfast..i have to attend today’s meeting ..i need to leave..bye..
Laksh: sanskar wait ..i have all the details u need even I am coming wait..
Swara pouts..
Sanlak try to go from there but find ragini blocking their way….
Both request her through their eyes to let them go…
Ragini: u have to have ur breakfast..
Laksh: don’t call it breakfast…(he whispers)
Sanskar controls his laughter.
Ragini: lucky..its not that bad okay..for u guys I will eat it first okay..
Sanskar: ragu don’t take risk..
Swara: shut up ..ragu u trust me na…
Ragini: haan di..come..

She eats first morsel… sanlak and swara look at her for some expression..ragini smiles and suddenly her facial expressions changes..she gets up and runs towards the basin and vomits….
Sanlak glare swara while she bends her head..
Sanskar : laksh call the doctor..and swara this is all because of you…saw just one morsel and she vomited like this..
He takes ragini in his arms and takes to his room..while ragini gives helpless look to swara..
Laksh comes close to swara and puts his arm around swara..
Laksh: don’t worry swara more thing..please drop the idea of cooking from now…
Swara looks at him with pout..
Laksh: if u want I’ll cook daily..
He also leaves…

Doctor checks ragini ..sanlak look at her worriedly..while swara looks guiltily…
Doctor comes to sanskar ..
Sanskar: how is she..
Doctor:she is..
Sanskar: I know doctor ..this is swara’s effect..
Doctor: no sanskar this is u r effect..u r wife is pregnant…
Sanskar: that means I will become mother..(laksh hits him on his head) I mean we will become parents ..he goes and hugs ragini..
Doctor goes..laksh smiles and looks at swara but his smile fades looking at her..she was shooting daggers at him..he gulps in fear..he goes to sanskar..
Sanskar: wow princess thank u ..thank u so much…
Laksh nudges him..sanskar still hugging ragu..
Sanskar: stop disturbing me laksh..
Laksh : swara..
Sanskar looks at swara who was glaring him..sanskar gulps in fear while ragini controls her smile..
Swara pulls both sanlak and sits next to ragini..
Sanskar: swara ..wo ragini vomited after eating u r food na..thats why I thought …
Swara: ragu don’t u think they should be saying something else…
Sanlak: sorry(holding their ears)
Ragini: di forgive them…
Swara: okay but only for u haan..but they should do all the household work for one week from tomorrow..
Sanlak r shocked ..

Later that evening..ragini stands infront of mirror checking herself…
Sanskar was working ..he looks at her..
Sanskar: don’t look that much warna meri princess ko nazar lag jayegi…
Ragini : I am not ur princess na?..once baby comes u will forget me…
Sanskar smiles at her and makes sit on his lap…
Sanskar:let our baby come or our baby’s baby come..u will be my princess always..even in old age…u will be my princess..
Ragini hugs him… they sleep in each other’s embrace…

After 1 year…
Ragini comes out with a broad smile on her face..she stand on the stairs and look at the happiness in front of her..she never thought ..she will be so happy..she had the most loving husband..her sanskar..her best buddy laksh..her di swara and her life, symbol of love of ragsan ..her daughter..sara(sa-sanky,ra-ragini)..and now she was waiting for the new member of the family… she looked at swara coming down the stairs who now had a baby bump..yes she was six months pregnant..and there were sanlak..fighting on who would take sara next…
Sanskar: Laksh I am her father so technically I will take her next..
He was about to take sara but laksh slaps his hand away
Laksh: Mr. sanskar ..i am her God I have more rights than u..
Sanky: me..
Laksh: no me..
Swara comes there and looks at both of them and takes sara and goes away. sanlak look at her with shock…ragini laughs at them..sanskar looks at her with pout ang goes to her..while laksh runs behind swara for sara..
Sanskar comes to ragini and smiles..she places her hand on his chest..and he places his hand on her chest..both smile at each other..

The end…

So done finally guys please tell me ur fav scene till now..please it’s a request……

  1. Sindhura

    Nice I will miss it

  2. Happy happy ending, I will miss this ff for sure dear, can you write an epilogue for this. It’s just a request. I commented first dear

    1. Shrilatha

      thanks rehna…i gave the epilogue in this only

  3. Dharani

    awesome shri i will miss this ff for sure and fav scenes hmm dont know yaar i like everything in this ff

  4. Lovely7

    Cute ending, start new raglak or ragsan ff

    Waiting for dare

    1. Shrilatha

      thank u lovely..

  5. Inu

    Supwrb wpi. Lovely family. Happilly ever after ending. I will miss it.

  6. Awesome ending ???

  7. Awesome
    Ragsan scene

    1. Shrilatha

      thanks aleeza

  8. Follybraverl

    I love it shri but will definitely miss them….
    All the scene are my favourite but most favourite is…..Sanskar recognise Ragini..
    Laksh and Ragini bonding….. Whenever Sanky calls her princess….Wo I will miss them….

    1. Shrilatha

      thank u folly

  9. Varshni

    really amaing !!! I ll be missing it !!

    1. Shrilatha

      thanks varshini

  10. Episode is Sweet simple and cute……
    Going to miss this ff

    1. Shrilatha

      thanks khushi

  11. Sreevijayan

    Will miss this ff fr sure…a very sweet story it was…. and a very sweet ending as well..loved it soo much…fav scene was when sanky recognizes ragu….

    Please keep writing more stories…will miss u dear…

  12. Darshini

    Awesome epi shri…i loved it…hpy ending…
    I will miss them all…my most fav is whn Ragini secretly enter sanky’s room to steal the saree…nd sanskar caught her na…dat one…i will miss them for sure…
    Come back with another ff dear…tc dear…

  13. Asra

    awesome shri dear….now am going to miss thz ff…..plz give epilogue dear….loved it alot dear….
    and my fav scenes….all s my fav….some scenes i love more…raglak bonding….Sanky take ragu in his bike without knowing she’s her ladoo….and ragsan first entry in Sanky house…and their competition…Sanlak save ragu…Sanky recognise her princess….and hospital scenes….Sanky come to ragu room in night and stay with her….and saree giving scene…shopping scenes….adarsh pari raglak scenes….and ragu come to Sanky room to take saree…that scenes….and last ragsan marriage scenes…ragsan engagement scenes…and ragu recognise his touch…and pora scenes…and thz final part all s my fav…waiting for ur dare ff….tkcr dear…

    1. Shrilatha

      thanks asra u were commenting from first episode love u a lot

  14. Fairy

    Awwww!!!such a sweeet ending dear…… ????????? Cho Cho Cho chuweet litterelyy??? thnx a lot for giving us dis beautiful ff?? waitng for ur nxt story????
    Keep rockng n stay blessed sweetheart??????

  15. nice ending will post any new ff.miss u

  16. awesome dear.come back with another ragsan ff

  17. Asw

    Nice my favourite scene is all the 4 introduce as a friend’s stayed in sanskar’s house keep going

  18. Awesome…

    1. Shrilatha

      thanks Niriha

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