The crush love story of RagLak – 2

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Part 1

“She is mine. She is just mine. She has to be mine. She is very beautiful. I want each and every part of her to me. Who is she..?” Laksh is thinking in his office.

His PA comes,

“Sir that girl name is Ragini. She is final year student in that degree college.” PA hand overs her details to him.

“Ragini, you are mine..!” Says Lakshya touching her lips on the photo.

In house, Ragini is dancing in her room to the one of Lakshya’s movie song. She dances crazily and kisses the poster on wall. She is too happy that her favorite star has given her shakehand.

Lakshya happens to come to Ragini’s house suddenly. Ragini’s parents shock looking at him. He comes there without knowing to people, if all comes to know this matter becomes a mess. Lakshya enters house and listens to the song coming from upstairs. Ragini’s parents panic looking at super star visiting their house and they give him seat to sit. Sharmishta runs up to call Ragini. Ragini collapses in amusement why her super hero has come..? Is it dream..? Ragini comes into hall and makes her eyes big and look at him in amazement. Lakshya looks at Ragini top to bottom and smirks.

“So, Lakshya ji, why have you come here?” Shekar asks.

Lakshya jumps into straight point, “I want to marry your daughter.”

With his question, all become numb.

“I’m not joking or this is not a dream. I truly want Ragini. I will marry her before everyone. I came for your permission.”

Ragini runs into her room, with Lakshya’s direct words.

“I will ask my daughter first” shekar says and goes to room.

Lakshya keeps looking. He is not requesting but, kind off demanding.

Shekar to Ragini,

“He is super star. This is very rare chance. And I think, he don’t have any bad intentions.”

“Daddy, it’s not about intentions. But, my wishes. Yes..I’m his fan.. that doesn’t mean, i want to marry him. He is just a crush. I’m a normal girl. I want to lead my life normally and happily. I don’t want any hungams dhoom dhamms in my life.”

Shekar leaves out breath, “your wish dear”

Shekar to Lakshya,

“I’m sorry Lakshya. She is not willing.”

“Why? Many girls are behind this super star, but he came behind her. Only because I love her. Why don’t you convince her.”

“We can convince and may get married. But, she can’t get convinced to love you Lakshya..! Hope you understood, and please leave.”

Lakshya puts up his glasses.

“I will go. But, your daughter will come and ask you to make her marriage with me. At last, she will be mine. Just wait for it uncle.”
Lakshya says in attitude and leaves.

Shekar worries, what he may do.

Next day Shekar only drops Ragini in the college. Ragini will be walking in college corridors, but seemingly no one are roaming around. All classes are locked. “May be I’m late.” Ragini thinks and rushes to her class. She enters the class,, but class is totally empty. Suddenly someone drags her inside. Ragini shocks and looks. Lakshya is inside and he has locked the door.

“Sir..Laksh sir. Leave me.” Ragini panics. Lakshya keeps coming forward. “Help..!” She shouts.

Lakshya smirks as no one can hear her voice. He steps ahead and Ragini falls on a bench. He was looking at her. Ragini holds her bag to beat hi, back…. then,..

Precap: “i want to marry Lakshya” Ragini says to parents. They say no. Ragini says if they say no, she will die. They shock.

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