Swasan – A Bond of Togetherness (Promo 1)

Guys this is first time I am posting promo so bear my mistakes as I don’t know how to give promo perfectly, today I gave this because there is special reason
Manu hearty wishes baby have a great year ahead with your good success : ) :-*
T his is dedicated to my one of my bestie NAGAMANASA writer of swasan ff love after marriage
Guys if I want to change I will change my plot accordingly irrespective of promo so I hope you understand.

Scene 1
Flash light is focused on our heavenly couple, they are dancing by deeply immersed In each other, everyone present there witnessing their love for each other, they lost in their dream world both come to senses by clapping sound.
Same couple in a room, girl hand adorned with mehandi and boy is feeding her dinner with love, girl can see immense love in his eyes towards her, she felt lucky for having him but she remember something which crushes her heart. her eyes filled with fear, fear of betraying, fear of losing.
Again same couple playing patang, its looks like a competition between couples present there, boy back hug her through waist and seeing her lovingly, but our princess is busy in playing very interestingly like this is world cup for patang competition, at last they win game

Scene 2
One girl is insulting another girl in presence of some people nobody is talking neither supporting nor opposing all are blank girl 1 to girl 2 “stay away from this family especially away from him, you are trying to snatch him, I know about you low class people who try to lure rich persons for their money ,you cheapo don’t dare to be near him, if I see you again I will kill you”
Girl 2 is standing there teary eyed, she run from there crying.
Who is girl 1 and girl 2

Scene 3
A beautiful decoration is shown, it’s a lake side with cool air breezing , floor is covered with rose petals all over, a boy kneel in front of girl forwarding a ring
“ I don’t know where and how to start, I don’t know any cheesy lines, but truth is you gave me feeling of soul mate, yes you are my soul mate, your care concern can say you love me, I love my life and you are my life I can dedicate me to you, all can I say isI LOVE YOU, will you be with me forever, will you stand by my side throughout life, will you marry me and bear my name with you, will you be MRS SWARA SANSKAR MAHESWARI”
Boy is waiting for her reaction
Girl seeing blankly ”I hate you Sanskar, you betrayed me our friendship, you again proved that I am worst friend, I hate you” she runs away from there crying, boy stares her going blankly ,he stand there trying to register her words
He uttered” your eyes saying different, you can’t fool me swara, I want all answers”

Scene 4
In office, a girl came to her boss cabin and hand over a letter to him, seeing that his blood boiled he fist his hands in anger
Boy”what is this swara???? You can’t do this”
Swara”it’s my life and I can do what I want, I don’t need your blo*dy permission”
Sanskar smirked ”so you don’t need my permission right, but see this ,and now decide ”he hand over a file to her seeing that she back off murmuring a sorry and storms out of his room angrily cursing him under breath
He chuckles seeing her reaction, but In next second he angered seeing her stubbornness
Sanskar to himself” you can’t do this, this is not right I can make you mine by hook or nook ,I am Sanskar maheswari can never accept defeated ms swara Gadodia, now get ready to face real me sweetheart” he smirked caressing her picture.

Scene 5
A girl is crying sitting in her room she is writing something may be diary, by looking her face it is like she is continuously crying for hours she slowly drifted into sleep like that. she muttered I LOVE YOU SANSKAR in her sleep.

Scene 6
Sanskar is sitting near unconscious swara, he is caressing her face lovingly
“you hided this much big fact from me ,how can you??now I know what to do, I will make things right, this is my promise for my love” he kissed her forehead and went from there.

Bye bye keep thinking , I guess this is not perfect but don’t worry I give all perfectly in episodes.
Thank you.

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