Born for u….living for u (epi 18)

Hello everyone…thanks a lot for the overwhelming u all…and a big sorry for not replying to the comments…as I was not well I am continuing and here goes….

Ragsan are seen hugging and laksh leaves from there…swara notices it and starts following him..
Laksh: why god ..why me..i love her so much..why r u doing this to me…
Swara places her hand on his shoulder..he immediately wipes his tears..
Swara: don’t wipe them laksh..let them flow..let ur pain also flow…
Laksh : what r u saying swara..
Swara: I know laksh u love ragini na..

Laksh immediately hugs her..and starts crying like a small kid…
Swara also has tears in her eyes thinking about her love for sanky…
Both break their hug…
Swara: laksh love means giving ….let her go laksh..
Laksh: u r right swara…waise my love for her is nothing infront of sanky’s love for her..
Swara smiles..
Swara : hmm
Laksh: thanks for being with me…
Swara smiles and leaves…

Ragini is seen sleeping while sanky holds her hand and looks at her lovingly…
Ragini smiles in her sleep and sanky smiles looking at her…
Ragini: stop staring….it’s rude..
Sanky is surprised..
Sanky: u are awake…
Ragini: I didn’t want to sleep…I am scared if I sleep and when I wake up I find all this as dream…
Sanky sits on the bed and cups her face..
Sanky: angel..i wont ever leave you…
And pulls her into a embrace..

Ragini: sanky?
Ragini: i want to meet mami and mama…but
Sanky: what happened..
Ragini: mama will be still upset na..
Sanky: dad is fine with everything jaan..he only asked me to bring u…
Infact I called them they will come here tomorrow..u can meet them
Ragini: really..thank u so much..
Sanky: only thanks…??

Ragini : smile bhi kiya na…
Sanky: what!! smile.. .?.
Ragini: kya !!!u only said smile is enough for u…
Sanky pouts..: buddhu…I want something else
Ragini: what kiss now here…no
Sanky comes closer

Sanky: yes…
Ragini: no
Sanky: kiss
Ragini closes her eyes holds his shirt tightly and pulls him more close
Ragini: no naa.
Sanky: please na..
Sanky looks at her who is now cutely closing her eyes …smiles to himself…comes close to her and touches his forehead to hers…
Ragini opens her eyes…and stares into his eyes..
Sanky( not breaking the eye contact): dramebaaz..u were saying no to a kiss but pulling me closer to u…they say correct ladies say something and mean something…
Ragini shies and lowers her head..

Sanky lifts her chin and makes her look into his eyes…
Ragini: wo..actually..i cant stop u…when u are closer to me..i forget the world…I lose control over myself…
Sanky: mee too…I cant stop myself …if u cant stop ur self then kiss na…
Ragini: No na..i want our first kiss to be special..and especially not in hospital…
Sanky looks around and pouts…
Sanky: so tell me how it should be…
Ragini: not now..after my discharge..i’ll tell u..
Sanky: okay baba.. now sleep..
Ragini: stay with me na…
Sanky holds her hand and sits makes her lie down and pats her head..she sleeps peacefully..holding his hand…
Guys I know its short..but sorry…

Precap: not decided..but most probably there will be some more cute moments…

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