Ae dil hai mushkil -naagin, Matsh, swaragini.. (episode 2)

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Scene 1
Yamini and her family come to Annapoorna house… Yamini gets glad seeing shivangi… She thinks to make Rocky to spend time with shivangi… So she sends her to help Rocky to take bags… Shivangi with little shy and happily goes…. Suddenly rain comes….. She sees Rocky… He also sees her…they both have an eyelock… Shivangi imagines romancing with Rocky…. She was wearing white anarkali… He pulls her dupatta and they both kiss each other…. (meri ashqui plays)…. Suddenly a voice comes disturbing shivangi’s dream… That is Rithika… She hugs him and asks him to come inside…. Seeing shivangi she overacts with Rocky… She asks him to fix their marriage soon as many eyes are on him… He asks her to stop joking and kisses her and they both leave…. Shivangi breaks…..

Scene 2
Laksh calls someone and asks her to come soon as he was really missing her and gives kisses via phone… Rags get shocked… She asks him who was it… Laksh angrily reacts that she is doubting him and overacts… Rags cries and leaves…. She shares with swara and sanskar… They ask her not to worry as they are with her….

Scene 3
All return home from picnic… Annapoorna introduces yamini as her Bhabi….and also Rocky… All greets each other…. Suddenly swara faints… Doc checks her and tells that she is pregnant… All gets happy and celebrate… Laksh and Rithik teases sanskar… He hugs swara…. Sarmishta tells that she is very lucky as her both daughter and daughter in law are pregnant at same time… Yamini asks Annapoorna that how can swara be pregnant as the marriage has happened only a week ago.. All gets irked at her question….sanskar gets angry and ask her to be quiet…. Swara and laksh gets tensed and sees each other…

Scene 4
Ishani tells Rv that they need to get shivangi married soon… Ishani tells about Rocky… But Rv rejects because of yamini… Annapoorna and yamini hears this… Rv tells her that shivangi won’t be happy with yamini as she is a witch… Ishani asks him not to talk like this and tells him about rudra who is their childhood friend…. Rv gets happy and says OK… Annapoorna and yamini gets shocked and tells that this won’t happen….

Scene 5
Rv ishani tells everyone their decision… Shivangi gets shocked while Rithika feels relieved and feels happy… Even Rocky does not react….just then Rithik comes home with rudra and keeps his hand and shivangi’s hand together and says congrats…. Shivangi still stands in shock…

Precap : Rocky and shivangi consume….ishani slaps shivangi… Rithika consumes sleeping pills…

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Shivangi’s dream rain dance with Rocky is so sensual. Whom is laksh talking on the phone?hope ragini’s pain will go soon. Why did ranveer say that yamini is a witch?what did yamini do?since Rocky is yamini’s son ranveer chose rudra for Shivani.oh…shocking to see Rocky kissing ritika.does he really love her?poor shivangi. Swara pregnant immediately after marriage? Why are laksh swara tensed?are swalak cheating ragsan? Hope not.shocking precap. Please update soon

  2. Nandana

    Nice one dear….

  3. Hi Supriyaa,
    Pls can you send me the links of the other episodes or can you send me the link of your other account so that I can directly check the other episodes there…
    Btw the episode was awesome, waiting for your next update…
    Thanks once again

  4. Awesome dear ?

  5. perfect dear

  6. Niz update dr
    Keep going

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