Born for u….living for u (epi 13)

Hai guys…sorry for late update and so sorry for the scary here goes..

Ragini reaches home..
Ragini: papa..papa..where r u?
Sumi comes
Sumi: finally princess came….
Ragini: maa…voh..where is papa.
Sumi: smirks…ur there..(pointing towards the wall.)
Ragini looks at that directionand the ground beneath her shakes as she finds shekhar’s photo…
Ragini runs there and careeses the photo.
Ragini(crying):papa…why did u leave me…maa tell na this is lie…please maa.
Sumi: do u think I am u r friend to joke on you.. that old man is really dead..
Ragini falls down… could u leave me..maa..when did it happen..why didn’t u tell me..

Sumi: and give u a chance to see him for the last u think I am fool….
She smirks and leaves from there..
Ragini breaks down and keeps on crying…

Swara is waiting outside sanky’s house….her eyes are red due to crying..but she tries to be normal
Swara: oye bandhar come soon we r getting late .
Sanky comes out and notices her eyes and pale face…
Sanky:shona… what happened are u alright.. why u r eyes r red?
Swara:voh..voh.. I am fine..i couldn’t sleep last night due to excitement..
Sanky:are I should be excited not u…
Swara: sanky…u r my best friend na…I will more excited about u r life na..
Sanky hugs her..

@ Kolkata
Its night..

Ragini is still crying..and yuvi comes..
Yuvi: jaan u came..
Ragini is scared listening to the voice…
Yuvi: I missed u baby…say na u also missed me right..(looking at her…she is trembling)
Sumi comes
Sumi: if u r done with mourning..come and serve us food..
Ragini is disgusted.. but still goes she is serving food and yuvi is staring her belly lustfully..(guys she is wearing the anarkali that swara wears in the show..the one with the slit near waist) … and sighs sumi..she leaves from there..
He suddenly grabs her waist and starts licking her belly…ragini is shocked and tries to push him

Ragini: leave me…please maaa.. please tell him to leave me..but sumi ignores her
Ragini is shocked.. she tries to restrict him.
He stands and pushes the things on the dining table and pushes ragini on the table..and pins her to the table by placing his hand on the waist..
She tries to escape but he slaps her hard…his finger prints are imprinted on her cheeks and blood comes from the corner of her mouth..her starts kissing her cheeks forcefullyand drags his lips from cheeks to the nape and bites her… ragini is crying and struggling to free herself..

Ragini: please leave me yuvi..please ..
Yuvi:how can I jaan..i have been waiting for this for so long.. to have you .to make u mine …and now when I am about to get u how can I leave u…u r mine..i will make u mine..saying s he drags her forcefully to the room…she is dragged on the broken pieces of glass..and her legs atart bleeding..
Yuvi brings her to the room and pushes her her head hits with the edge of the bed and starts bleeding..he insensitively pulls on the bed and falls on top of her..she is crying profusely to free from him…she thinks…god please save me from this animal..and yuvi is forcing her like animal..he tears her clothes ..there were many scratches on her body….
Swara: ragini u don’t need anyone to fight u r battles ..u have fight them alone…u need to be strong for ur self..
Ragini opens her eyes..which r red now not because of cying but because of anger..
She thinks: enough now I cant take anymore…I wont let anyone to ruin my life..
She starts looking around the room..and finds a vase near her and hits yuvi with it..
Yuvi gets up from her and winces in pain..he gets angry and is about to pounce on her when she takes a near by knife from the fruits..and makes a cut on his hands…he shouts in pain..

Sumi comes hearing the sound..
Ragini: what u thought u can do anything..dont even dare to think like that.. ia m no more that old ragini who is going to tolerate every thing…I can do anything to protect my selfrespect….
Sumi: oh really…how dare u to hurt yuvi..ia m not going to leave u..
She is about to slap ragini but ragini holds her hand and jerks it..sumi and yuvi are shocked….ragini holds her hand and twist her behind and places the knife on sumi’s neck…
Ragini: I gave my mother place to u..but u ..u r not even eligible to be a one falls this low.. now enough.of games …move…..move with me…
Sumi has no choice so she compiles..
Yuvi is about to come forward when ragini pushes sumi onto him and closes the door..locking them and runs from there to save fast her bleeding legs could take her….

@Laksh’s house
Laksh is worried and moving here and there..
Aadarsh comes there..
Aadarsh: lucky what happened..
Lucky: bhai..ragu didn’t call me after reaching home..
Aadarsh:lucky… her mom would be so she might have not called don’t woory..
Pari shouts..
Pari:Aadarsh jii..lucky ..come soon..
They run to see what happened…
They are shocked to see ragini as a lifeless body…staring into infinity..her body had scratches all over her head and legs were bleeding..her eyes had nothing to show as if she didn’t want to see anything else..pari seeing her clothes torn covers her with her pallu and hugs her…laksh who is worried to see her in that state ..goes to her..he is about to hug her but she jerks him..

Ragini: don’t touch me..stay away from me…go away..
Aadarsh and lucky were hurt to see her this vulnerable ..whereas pari hug her tight and sighs them to understand…
Pari: ragini..kuch nahi hua..see I am wih u na…see everyone is there..dont worry..tell me what happened..(she doesn’t get any response)..ragini..ragini?
She finds her unconscious..laksh holds her and carries to the room..
After a while doctor checks her

Doctor: she is fine but was scared a lot..try not to stress her..
Aadarsh: tthank uu doc…
Laksh goes to ragini …as soon as she sees him she hugs him tight..
Ragini: laksh..laksh..he he..tried to f..force me..(crying)
Laksh’s eyes are red now..
Laksh: ragu…don’t cry..who was it tell me..
Ragini: yuvi..
Aadarsh and lucky closes their eyes in anger..
Dp: but bête how could shekhar let it happen..
Ragini hugs laksh hard..
Ragini: papa is dead uncle…he died ..three days ago..
Everyone is shocked..
Ragini: she didn’t inform us…she didn’t want me to see him for the last time..
Pari: how can anyone behave like that..chi..
Ragini:she left me like a prey to yuvi..
Laksh clenches his fist…
Laksh: ragu don’t cry..see u r lucky is here na..i wont allow anyone to touch u…don’t cry..
She releases the hug… and wipes her tears..
Laksh: I wont leave that ba****d..and that lady..
Aadarsh: no lucky …look at ragini..she is so scared…now is not the time..i am sure they will look for her… awe need to keep her safe
Dp: aadarsh is right laksh…waise u are selected in the competition…leave for Mumbai asap..she needs to safe…don’t take rash decisions..laksh looks at ragini who is pacified by pari..and nods..
Scene ends with angry face of laksh

Precap:swasan in Kolkata..

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