Swaragini Raglak ff Benaam Rishta Woh Chapter 6

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Recap: Sahil and Ragini to go to an orphanage and Laksh comes to know about it

Now with chapter 6


Next day morning

Laksh was waiting for the last 3 hours outside the Baadi. He parked his car in such a way that he could see if anyone was coming out of the Baadi but no one could see him. He came there really early because he had no idea at which time Sahil would come to pick Ragini. And at any extent he wanted to follow them.

It was 9:55 am and there was no sign of Sahil anywhere. Just then Sahil came there in his car. He came out wearing a black blazer with white shirt.

Laksh: Lo aa gaya. He got dressed up as if he is going for a fashion show. Hmphh.

Sahil took out his phone to call Ragini when she came out wearing a blue anarkali. Her long straight hair was flying owing to the wind.

Laksh was left mesmerized seeing his lady love looking so beautiful. She was looking like an angel. And moreover the fact he grew happy over is he was also wearing blue shirt with a brown blazer.
They were in the same color dress.

Sahil also was taken aback by Ragini’s beauty.

Sahil: Hi Ragini.

Ragini: Hi Sahil.

Sahil: Chalo we are getting late.

Both of them got into the car and Sahil started driving the car and Laksh started following Sahil’s car.

In the car

Sahil: Ragini I am sure that you will love the kids at the orphanage. They are really sweet. By the way do you like kids?

Ragini: Yes I really enjoy spending time with kids. Atleast they are so pure at heart.

Sahil drove the car and stopped it at the orphanage. It was a medium sized building surrounded by a beautiful garden.

Sahil and Ragini came out of the car and went inside. They opened the gate and all the kids who were playing in the garden came running to Sahil. They hugged him.

A kid: Sahil bhai, who is this didi??

Sahil: Yeh Ragini hain.

Ragini: Hi kids.

Another kid: Hi didi. Can I tell you something?

Ragini: Yeah tell me.

Kid: You are so beautiful didi.

Just then incharge of the orphanage came out.

Incharge: Hello Sahil beta.

Sahil: Hello Aunty. This is Ragini, my..

Incharge: I know beta your mother told me about her on the phone yesterday. Welcome Ragini beta.

A kid: What did Maya Aunty tell you about didi teacher?

Incharge: She is not your didi. She is your to be bhabhi.

All the kids started calling Ragini Bhabhi and seemed to be happy.

But a heart was crushed seeing that. Yes Laksh was seeing all this and he felt like someone is stabbing his heart.He somehow controlled his emotions.

The kids start playing with Ragini. They tied a cloth around her eyes and she had to catch anyone.

While playing Ragini’s feet gets stuck in a water pipe of the garden and she was just about to fall down when Sahil went and caught her. He made her stand properly. Then Ragini also removed the cloth.

But Laksh who saw all this couldn’t bear what was happening. He couldn’t see his Ragini in someone’s arms. His heart started crying. He just ran away from there.

Ragini and Sahil were returning back from the orphanage. It was quite late. But Ragini did not want to leave the kids. She became really attached with them.

The weather was a bit windy. Sahil was driving the car and talking to Ragini about his other experiences with the kids at the orphanage.

As they were driving home, it started to rain heavily. Just then Sahil saw someone coming towards the car in the opposite direction. Ragini also saw the person and she was shocked. The person was Laksh. She was flabbergasted as he was drooling.

Ragini: Sahil please stop the car.

Sahil: What happened Ragini? Don’t worry about that person. I can easily drift the car. Our car won’t hit him.

Ragini(with tears eyes and a bit angrily): I said stop the car.

Sahil stopped the car and Ragini came out of the car and ran towards Laksh.

Laksh was about to fall down when Ragini went and held him.
Laksh : Ragini tum aa gayi?

Ragini: Laksh Kitna pee hai apne?

Laksh: I didn’t drink Ragini.

Ragini: Don’t you dare to lie.

Laksh(a bit drooling): Arey I am saying the truth.

Ragini: Okay then promise that you didn’t drink.

Laksh kept quiet.

Ragini( shaking him holding his shoulders): Have you gone mad? Why did you drink this much?

Laksh(removing her hands from his shoulders): Haan I have gone mad. From the time you left me I have gone mad. Pagal ho gaya hoon main.

He started crying vigorously and sat down on his knees.

Laksh: Come back Ragini. I need you. Please.

Ragini made Laksh stand up properly.
She cupped his face.

Ragini: Laksh you know that I can’t see you like this. How much ever strong I make myself your pain makes me weak.

Laksh(holding her hands): Ragini then please don’t do this to me na. Today when I saw you in that Sahil’s arms it started paining in my heart so much. I thought I will die.

Ragini covered his mouth with her hand. Laksh hugged her still crying with red teary eyes.

Laksh(almost fainting): I love you Ragini. I really really really love you. I can’t live…

Ragini didn’t held him.
Saying this he fainted still hugging her.

Ragini shook Laksh and when she got no response.

Ragini: Laksh,laksh….please get up. Sahil can you please help me?

Sahil who was till then shocked seeing what was happening came running and helped her. Both of them brought Laksh to the car and made him lie on the back seat.

Laksh kept murmuring in the subconscious state “Ragini please don’t leave me. Please Ragini. ”

Ragini sat on the back seat and places Laksh’s head on her lap. She was crying seeing him in such a state.

Ragini: Laksh I am right here. I am not going to go anywhere.

She caresses his hair and turns to Sahil.

Ragini : Sahil let’s go to Maheshwari Mansion. We need to drop Laksh there.

Sahil quietly drove the car and seeing Raglak in the rear view mirror now and then.

Maheshwari Mansion

Sahil and Ragini helped Laksh to come out of the car and Ragini rang the bell.
A servant came and opened the door.

Servant(on seeing Raglak): Chotti bahu rani,aap?

Ragini and Sahil brought Laksh inside with great effort.

Ragini(to servant): Where are all the family members kaka?

Servant: They went to Mehta saab’s daughter’s wedding. But what happened to Laksh baba?

Ragini: He is unconscious kaka. He drank a lot.

Servant: I was seeing from many days that he is not normal. Neither does he eat on time nor he takes care of himself. Leave all those.You take him to your, I mean his room.

Ragini and Sahil take Laksh to his room and make him lie on the bed. Sahil’s phone starts ringing and he had to take it as it was from Shekhar.

Ragini slowly caresses Laksh’s hair and kisses his forehead. She joins her forehead to his one and cries loudly. She sees her photo that was kept on the side table.

Ragini: Laksh, I know that you have changed. But I can’t come back to your life because I can’t put my family into humiliation again. Please forgive me.

Suddenly Laksh holds her hand and says
“I love you Ragini. Please don’t leave me.”

Ragini(in mind): I need to leave from here before I fall weak because of my love.

Saying this she tries to go from there but Laksh had his grip on her hand and the grip was tight enough to not let her go.

She struggled in his grip. She succeeded to get her hand out of his hand and finally ran out of his room.

Sahil was coming from the opposite side. He saw her.

Sahil: Ragini your dad called me. We need to leave.

Ragini nods a yes and both of them reach Baadi.

Ragini gets out of the car and goes inside. Sahil follows her inside.

Shomi(seeing Ragini drenched): Ragu how did you get drenched in the rain? And what took you so long beta? Where were you?

Shekhar: Mishti relax. Ragini beta first go and have a bath beta or else you may fall sick.

Ragini goes inside the room. Just then she heard Sahil’s voice.

Sahil: Uncle Aunty Daada ji Daadi ma I wanted to tell something to you. I have decided to give Ragini and my relationship a name. I am ready to get married.


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