Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raja tells Naina to get out of his house and never return to him with this face. He pushes her out of the main door over the floor, calling her stupid. Naina runs away.
At home, Naina returns crying. Her mother and Rekha cheerfully welcomes her, Rekha warning her to do some kissing scene. Naina remembers about Raja and hugs her mother.
Raja’s men come to him with Rani’s dead body photo. Raja was left in shock.
In the room, Naina stops her tears saying it was Raja who did everything wrong. The next time she will tear that don apart with the sharpest knife at home. She fights her pillow in hand.
Raja speaks to Rani’s photo wondering how dare she died; he has been waiting to revenge her and share his hatred for her. He has snatched his last hope of life; but it’s good as he would no longer need to see her liar face again.
At home, Naina angrily watches herself in the mirror. Her shadow appears in the mirror, asking what about the mark he gave her; what about her mother’s dreams as he is the financer of the film she got selected for. Outside, Naina’s mother thanks Vijay. Vijay calls Naina as hers, he demands a complete return. Naina’s mother promises to give him anything. Vijay says he might ask anything, she stands challenging him to ask. Naina comes out of the room, everyone around had gathered to clap for her. Her mother and sister were hopeful about her successes.
On the sets, Vijay stuffs Naina’s mouth and drags her aside as Raja had arrived. Vijay asks Naina for something in return. Naina says there is no exchanges in friendship. Vijay holds Naina’s face, and asks her to be his. She pushes him away, and warns she hates such jokes. If there was someone else in his place… she stops at once remembering about Raja.
The director was briefing Raja about casting a new girl. Naina watches Raja and thinks she can’t break her mummy’s dream. Naina’s mother and sister arrive on the set, but they weren’t allowed anyway.
Naina cries in washroom, then reminds herself that nothing can stop her from fulfilling her mummy’s dream. Raja wasn’t ready to wait for heroine anymore. Naina calls from behind that she is ready. Mummy and Rekha were upset for not being able to get inside.
Raja turns to begin the shot. He throws the board away watching Naina there. He moves towards her, demanding what she is doing here. She jerks her hand away, asking if it means to him. She is the heroine of this film. Raja was furious, he claps demanding what the director had seen in her. Naina asks what’s wrong with him, she has never caused him any harm atleast not deliberately. Raja reminds her of her self-respect, she must leave the film just like she left the money. Raja says she knew he was the financer of this film then why she still signed the movie. He says Naina must not know the meaning of respect, love or anything other than money in life. He warns the director to fire this girl, else he won’t be able to make the film again. He leaves the sets. Naina’s mother runs inside the sets.
Naina was standing on stage, when mummy and Rekha cheerfully come to her excited. The director announces her daughter can no more do this film. Mummy was sure she would get the next shot really well. Naina apologizes mummy for not being able to fulfil her dreams, but luck isn’t with her. Mummy fell on the stage, unconscious.

PRECAP: Naina comes to Raja to ask for her money. Raja asks why she returned those money. She says she never sell her self-respect. Raja drags her inside to give her the money.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Archana Shivkumar

    Oh today’s episode was very sad…raja was least bothered by rani’s death…he did not feel sorry for her…the way story is going i feel naina will find rani’s truth n make him realize his mistake…poor rani…raja is very bad…he never understood his rani

  2. What the hell is going on!!!! Will raja ever know the truth or not
    ?????don’t know for what sense writers are showing all this.so stupid and nonsense story is going on.Hate etretr!!!!

  3. Ok I totally understand Raja’s feelings of hatred. I still don’t believe Rani is dead. Something has to come up. He signed for her at the hospital so that means something. That hospital is still shrouded in mystery about that day’s events. I think Rani is still alive. And we will see. Now on Raja’s feelings of hatred that Rani could be dead. A man out to take revenge given the betrayal he endured, will understandly react as Raja did. I don’t think he is bad. He is within character to feel that way. A loving man now consumed by hatred and revenge because of his wife’s betrayal of signing a divorce, being with another man and off to marry another man ( who by the way shot him and left him for dead) and his wife has shown despise and rejection for him (raja) publicly in front of this other man (Iqbal) when he (raja) tried to get her and win her back. So I totally understand him. And in a revenge, there is no satisfaction in knowing the person is dead. There is sa’s reaction in killing them yourself. So with reference to the character and demands of his feelings of hatred and revenge given the betrayal, it is understood why he would feel bad she’s dead (as he thinks) when he wanted to kill her himself. But I have hope for a happy ending that the real rani is out there somewhere and will reunite with raja after this brief period of bad times. Now, Naz, you would understand where I’m coming from. Have you read a novel called VENOM? Google it. I will get the author’s name for you later. The character Raja is playing now reminds me of the main character of the novel. His name was Michel ( his mother was a white French and his father a handsome Indian). He was deserted by his mother whom he loved and his father ill treated him and throw him out on the streets at the age of 4. So he grew up with a hard life, turned to crime, been in and out of jail, and then became an international criminal. But he was extremely alluring and drop dead handsome which caused women to swoon for him. So he used his fatal attraction and appeal to use women to commit his crimes. The character got that way because of his mother. Throughout the book he was looking for his mother to kill her. You see he loved her and adored her but yet she deserted him and that resulted in the horrible events of his life. His love turned to hatred and revenge. His hatred was of the same degree and depth as his love for her. When he found later on she was dead, he was enraged because he wanted to kill her himself. He said she died too easily and he wanted to ensure she suffered and died as she caused him to suffer. It is an amazing novel and worth reading. You will love it and so will any viewer who loves reading novels. I highly recommend it. You will love it. So I can understand the character of raja at this point, but I hope he changes as I like and look forward to happy endings, so I hope the real rani is alive. Will look at this episode when it shows tonight. Come now writers, don’t disappoint me. I want happy endings. With the real rani and raja, not a silly naive childish lookalike.

    1. Naz…the title of the book is VENOM by bestselling author Colin Falconer. The main character of the book whom raja reminds me of was called Michel Christian. Highly recommended for your reading. It’s a very intriguing, exciting book from page one to the end. Full of action, thrills, romance, full of suspense and surprising twists, everything….you will see how closely Raja and Michel resembles and are similar. ?? and you will see how Michel went through different emotions depending on circumstances. Want me to tell you more of the Novel or will you read it yourself? … I’m anxious to tell you but I would rather you read it yourself. So you can get caught in the excitement. You will love this novel Naz.

  4. Hey Jess, you seem to figure me out very well. I’m an avid reader of hundreds of books of different genres, my preference being suspense thrillers, biographies and horror, although I have a soft spot for a good romance. Now, you have eloquently summarized Raja’s predicament ,that’s exactly what he is going through right now. Writers have nailed it on his reaction to his betrayal, his attempted murder, finding his wife after months of agony only to see her in a relationship with another man and constantly hearing her belittle him and subsequent brazen act of shooting him at such close range. How hard was it for her to tell him what was happening.? Didn’t he asked her countless times to open up and talk? Words have the power to hurt beyond measure and that’s what Rani did. She and Raja loved each other deeply and that’s what is hurting Raja immensely. I’ve noted your book title and will make efforts to read it on kindle although there is no greater satisfaction for me than holding a novel in my hands. A true reader always grow an analytical mind ,where one gets to go into characters mind ,live their ordeals,pain,heartbreak, moments of weakness and this is what I do while looking at a story being told. Jess, many many times I’ve read books and I’ve cried so much that I end up with headaches. Anyway, got to stop typing now, will chat later after I view the episode, I have catch up TV, going to the movies now
    to see XXX ..return of Zander ……….later…………

    1. Lol..ok. I know right. I too prefer to hold a novel in my hand than read it through any other means. Whenever you read VENOM, I would love your feedback. And there are lots of surprises in it. Including what happen to Michel and his feeling of hatred and desire for revenge when he met someone resembling his mother. You will see how the character changes and then swings back and forth like a pendulum all depending on the people in his life. I won’t say any more but leave you to indulge in it. And I’m delighted you’re an avid reader. Me too. I’m open to different genres. By the way, your writings, analysis, deep understanding of these serials/stories/characters/plots etc, the way you express yourself tells me that you’re an avid reader. That’s terrific. Keep it up. Your intelligence shows. Oh and I go through all the same emotions when I read. One thing I hate more than a boring book is when it doesn’t end the way I would like. I put it aside for good. Lol…when I read I laugh, smile (people wants to know what’s going on with me), I cry, I feel pity for characters, I’m really into a book or movie or serial. That’s why I react so strongly the way I do with this serial and especially for the character of raja who I totally love best of all because of the many shades of this character and what he goes through. He appeals to me more. And I’m fighting tooth and nail for the original rani to be found. It’s not about Eisha in the show, it’s about the character of the story and what that character is to raja. . It’s about the original raja and original rani who make up the title of the serial. Any deviation will be a great violation of the essence of the title and ultimate plot of the story: about a king and queen ( regardless of what they go through in their lives.). can’t have a lookalike replacing the original.

    2. I’m back…. You are so right when you reiterate that it’s not about Eisha, it’s about the character Rani and rightly so if there’s ANY deviation from this fact of the script, it would be a violation of the essence of the serial….. I will would download and read the novel you recommended. My favorite writers are Eric Van Lustbader (I fell in love with his character named Nicholas Linnear in the novel), Robert Ludlum, Stephen King, Dan Brown, John Grisham and Barbara Taylor Bradford. My most prized love story is The Phantom of the Opera….. Saw the live stage play in my homeland and I cried…..the live music was awesome and I hope before I die, to see it on Broadway, hopefully one day when I go on a vacation….. Lol….. BTW, I loved Sartaj Gill acting in tonight’s episode, he was very emotive…..great job by him.

  5. please bring original rani back

  6. Yes ,original rani ought to come back into raja’s life at some point because there is a say that true love never dies.If naina is not rani then she can never replace Rani’s place in raja’s heart as true love is soul related.An identical face can never become rani whose face and beautiful memories are imprinted in raja’ s memoryfor eternity.Definitely raja hates rani for the time being,but once he comes to know about the truth it will be completely a different story and the truth has to come out on one day either from naina if she is memory lost rani or from dadu if rani is really dead.If the writers are stupid enough to kill rani after all that passionate love ,then raja’s story also should come to an end because alter knowing the truth Life will be a bigger punishment than death. Hope the writers understand this and take the story towards a positive direction.

    1. I agree with you too and I know lots of other viewers do also.

  7. Archana Shivkumar

    Rani will come back but not with eisha’s face…someone in late 20s…as eisha cannot play 30 yr old as she doesn’t look like one…n in etretr season 1, original raja’s/ sidhant’s true love was sulakshana but he eventually loved gayatri/drashti…so y can’t raja love naina..y can’t naina become rani?..isn’t it nice to see a love story between n 18 yr old n 30 yr old…both eisha n sartaj are playing their real ages in the track…n drashti was a simple bubbly gal who became queen…y can’t naina become queen then?…


  8. Carminie Samarasinghe

    We who watch ek tha raja ek tha rani in srilanka hope there will a happy ending with Raja and true rani and that raja will know the truth at the end don’t make this story too long drawn out it becomes unreal

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