A blunder which corrected me (RagLak OS)

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The night was raining heavily down the small city and there were only two people who were getting soaked in water and yet arguing with each other.
“It’s been freaking hell!! I am getting pissed of standing in this rain. How long do you need to open the door?” Ragini muttered out looking at her wet clothes that struck to her skin.
“Who has told you to stay here in the rain??You can go anywhere anytime.” Laksh replied to her sarcastically as he finally opened the door with the keys. His condition was no less good than Ragini.
Ragini sighed and threw a death glare at him but he simply shrugged it off.
“Why do you ignore me and again come close with me?? You are such a player.” Ragini ranted on to him.
Laksh again sarcastically asked her,” Is there anything more to say?? Well I am closing the doors and you may spend the whole night getting wet in this rain.”
“Wait a MINUTE. Don’t leave me alone in this cold night.”She squeaked as she came running inside the house .Finally back at home. She felt that now finally take some rest but she can be never sure about it as long as her freaking playboy roommate is there.
“You are such a.. “Ragini stopped her sentence there at the loss of her words searching for the perfect adjective that will perfectly suit to this player behaviour.
“Jerk, alright”, Laksh finished her sentence.

She was surprised although it was not the first time he completed her sentence with exactly the same word that she has just thought of. He could be a mind reader, maybe. It can also be a mere coincidence but coincidences do not happen too often as it is happening with her. She was totally drenched in the rain so she felt that it would be better if she stopped her chain of thoughts here.
“I am gonna change, if you want yourself to catch a cold, then well and good. No one is going to bother about you ,”said Laksh. Though it was meant to be a sarcastic throw she found some hidden concern for her in his deep voice. She found it strange because she acknowledged him to be whimsical.
Ragini went to the washroom and had a nice warm shower. She needed it to the utmost. The warm water washed away all the lethargy of her body as well as the strange cold feelings about him that was lurking in her little mind.

She realised that she has forgot to take her clothes inside and so she came into her room covering herself in a towel. To her shock, she could not find her clothes in the closet. She desperately searched for her very clothes all around her room but to her dismay they were nowhere to be seen. She can’t stay like this all the night draped in a damp towel.
Gosh!!Did her clothes grew legs and they ran away from her?? But she had always kept her clothes neatly and safely as much as she could. So it is most probable that someone is playing a nasty prank with her and she has no doubt about that person who he is playing with her.
“What are you searching for?”She heard him asking or rather making her sure that he has fallen in his prank in a damn excited tone. And that person is none other than her playful prankster roommate Laksh.
She felt embarrassed to know that a man had seen in this state and that too her roommate who is no more or less a so called friend of hers. Her cheeks flushed red.
“You shameless, don’t you have the least ethnicity .How dare you come inside my room without knocking?” snapped Ragini at Laksh hotly. She didn’t face him out of embarrassment.
“Well, at first it was my room. Then you came here and took away my lovely room”, he spoke it out in a giggle.
“I don’t have that freaking mood to start an argument here whether it is your or my room. For the time being it is my room. And I will be really pleased if you step outside of my dear room. Have some respect for me.” She protested.
“You are looking so hot like this; I can’t control my eyes from looking at you” he threw in a flirty cheesy tone.
“Excuse Me!!”, she screamed.
“Serves you right for drenching my clothes in the rain”, Laksh said in a rather serious tone as he took a turn from his teasing mode.
“Did you take away my clothes?”Ragini enquired him frustratingly although she was almost sure that only he had that blo*dy plan to do that.
“Maybe” replied Laksh smartly with a shrug without being bothered or least concerned.
Ragini was now boiling in anger with Laksh’s clueless talks. How could she even think that this brat will have some concern for her a moment ago?? It was just a shit daydream amidst her tiring day on her part…
She turned him to face him but what she did was letting of just a big gasp of surprise and amusement.
Somehow she did ask him,” Why on earth are you standing here like this?”In a half shocked and half smiling way as she clutched the towel more closely to her body. God!! She found it hard to hide her naughty little smile on seeing him in such a state.
“To impress you, My Lady”, Laksh said in a much more amused tone with sarcasm loaded in it.
Laksh as he was standing was only in a track pants. He had nothing on his upper part of his body and his muscular chest and abs could be seen clearly. His strong biceps are now easily visible to her which was once covered by his shirt and his hair was wildly messy.Damn it! She was literally awestruck at his heated state. She couldn’t even control herself ogling at him even in her miserable state.

“I know that I am handsome but I regret being it because some cannot control themselves to check me out” Laksh threw his line.
Ragini found drooling at him and desperate enough to look at his well toned body.
“Weren’t you the one who was staring at me a few minutes back?” She counter charged him
“Yes I was but you are really mean. ” He said simply.
“Why??” She asked.
“My sweetheart Tell me aren’t you responsible for my condition” he said in a low growl.
“What condition? I don’t hold any responsibility for any of your miserable conditions…” she shrieked.
“Really ..but I am 100% sure that you took away my clothes from the wardrobe and threw them out in the terrace.” He said menacingly.
“First Reflect on yourself man. If you are 100% sure then I am 200% sure that you moved away my clothes from my closet..and too For Revenge.”, she snapped hotly.
“Wow..what an indirect confession you made .Since I am not a Turn-your-hand-around-your-head-and-hold-your-nose person like you, I directly admit that your clothes are now dancing in the rain.” He threw sarcastically.
“I am dying here of the cold and you have such horrible plans in your head..you must have planned to kill me, haven’t you?”
She shouted at him
“Not at all. I can help you if you need.” He stated to calm down her boiling anger.
“By what? Staring at me or talking nonsense with me?”She said in an irritated tone.
“Take this… “He came near her and handed her a white piece of cloth..
She unfolded the cloth and found that it was a white shirt and that too his.
“What shall I do with this now?”She asked him in a rather frustrated tone.
“Wear it and come for dinner “,he replied plainly
“Give me the others “,she demanded.
“You have sent them out in the rain to play. Forgot??” He remarked.
“You are too involved in this prank.” She pointed out.
“Yeah I see”. He sighed.
“By the way, how did you have these safely?”She asked curiously referring to his tracks and his shirt.
“I kept them hidden underneath the bed mattress for emergencies like this.
Danger can happen anytime especially when you are sharing your room with a hot and s*xy prankster. Pretty foolish of you.” he said smartly and a naughty smirk curled up in his lips.
“You are impossible..” she cursed him under her breath and let out a gasp hearing his statement as he went out of her room, Finally.
The towel was really cold and damp which sent shivers to her delicate skin and she would definitely get sick if she was gonna cover her with it the rest of the night. She badly needed some warmth after getting drenched in the rain. His shirt was now the Only Solution to her problem but she would be in a predicament to appear Only in his shirt in front of him.
Ragini came in feeling damn awkward into the dining room. The power has gone away long back and their house was pitching dark. The dining room was only dimly lit by candles. Even in this ..She felt some unknown feeling in her mind to come in such a state in front of Laksh. She didn’t know what would be that Guy’s reaction on seeing her. The shirt didn’t go even up to her knees. It was too short.
She felt a heated gaze towards her. It was the Greek God himself who sat posed like the King on the chair – Laksh. She averted his gaze and somehow controlled herself from checking him out.Damn it !!He was too hot to resist in that shirtless state.
She sat down on the chair opposite to him.
“Are you trying to seduce me?”He leaned a bit towards her and spoke in a whisper.
Her eyes went big at his words.
“No way, you are the one who has turned me like a seductive lady “,she snapped out.
“You look more hot and beautiful in this way”, he complimented her. She could see that he was checking her up and down.
WAIT. What was it??Was she always hot and beautiful that he today he inserts the word, ‘MORE’.
Her own family told her that she was plain and geeky and will never look like a beauty…were they jealous of their Step daughter’s beauty??Even She didn’t find her that beautiful but a plain simple girl.
FORGET ABOUT IT ALL!!Her mind warned her that the player was just flirting with her. The irony was that she was attracted like a moth to his so called glowing words.
“What’s now going around in the pretty little head of yours?”he asked.
Pretty!!Was she really pretty??
The sleeves of his shirt were three quarters in length and went up to her mid thighs..the first two buttons of his shirt was missing and thus her cleavage was loosely exposed…He might be referring to her nearly prominent figure.
Flirty boy!!He is too Flirty !!
Ragini and Laksh ate their dinner in the light of the candles.
Ragini finished eating her dinner. She saw that he too has completed his.Oh God! Today it was Her Turn to clean the plates.
“Can you pass me those plates, please?”she asked him trying hard to be polite as she could. This brat didn’t deserve politeness after all this.
“Come here and take them.” he said gruffly and arrogantly leaning on the chair crossing his arms.
“That’s rude of you”, she gasped.
“I was rude, it was you who came to know about it today.” he replied sarcastically raising his eyebrows.
“You are a total jerk,” she muttered to him.
He kept mum..without being affected by her compliment.
She came to his side to take the plates when he pulled her by her waist towards him. The movement was too sudden for her and her hands held his bare shoulders for support..They were now dangerously close. In a second, They were lost in each other and literally drooling in their eyes. Wanting to know all the secrets and promises hidden behind the mask of appearance. Slowly he made her sit her on his lap.
Laksh ran his hand on Ragini’s face while she was still lost in his chocolate brown eyes. He tucked the locks of her hairs falling on her face behind her ear. It sent shivers all over her body, her heart raced more than ever and the knot inside her stomach opened to release a thousand of butterflies. She always felt some strange unknown feelings pop in her mind whenever he comes close to her…She had always felt comfortable and protective in his touch. It seemed that he was not merely his roommate but her soul mate. She didn’t want herself to make her heart ache again thinking about him like this cause it had the least connection with the reality. It would only lead to sheer disappointment and a broken heart , nothing else.
He leaned down closer to her face. She shut her eyes to break the hypnotizing effect of the chocolate pools..she wanted no more. She felt her lips touching with his. Gosh !!He was kissing her lips softly and sensuously.
She was literally shocked by his action. She tried to tell something but Laksh kept on kissing her.
A sudden urge to kiss him back aroused in her but the thought it might evoke that over confident player refrained her.
But she could not hold back her desires for long. Her heart won over her mind. She reciprocated his kiss. Quite amusing she felt he was a bit surprised but he didn’t stopped kissing her . It slowed down for some seconds and again it went up with ever widening zeal.
With the passage of time the soft kiss turned to a passionate one. Soon it dawned on her head what the blunder she was doing and broke the kiss. She took a look into his mesmerizing eyes for the last time..this time with guilt in her eyes and then she pulled her away from him. She ran to her room. She cursed herself for reciprocating the kiss with Laksh – her roommate.
Laksh was too shocked at her demeanour. He didn’t expect her to reciprocate. Tonight he found it too difficult to control to come close to her and to his heck,he crossed the line of control. She didn’t behave so strangely with him as she did now. He sighed and just wished that she forgot about this incident very soon and be the same Ragini and Laksh who were at loggerheads at each and every petty thing and played pranks on one another.

Ragini was looking at the dark cloudy night through the window of her room. She could see the heavy rain bathe the whole city.
Rain drops pattered on the panes of the windows..
She did realize that she had some feelings for Laksh but could not come to a conclusion. She wanted..no..she needed to know whether he has really feelings for her or just playing with her like one of his pranks.
She went to her room to ask him about the recent moment. He was not there in his room. Where he could be? She felt heavy inside. Well whenever she wanted to meet him he is nowhere to be found and when she doesn’t want to have even a little glance of him he is always present before her eyes. Now she was really frustrated. Enough is Enough.
Laksh was standing at the door to the balcony watching the downpour. The rain drops splitter splattered on the floor of the wide balcony. He recalled how Ragini and he came close while he was painting on the canvas…
He knew that she will return to her former cheerful funny mood again and play with him. He could not deny the fact that he was badly attracted to this girl who is his roommate for the past three months. She brought more liveliness to his life than ever. She was as fresh as a flower of the dawn.
But in the very next moment the thought of disgust entered his brain. She has been really unconcerned of that painting and brushed it black as much as she could. However she had regretted about it immediately and gave her best efforts to undo it but failed. So he finished and glossed and tried to make it nice as Much he could. Though the portrayal was not to his expectations, he felt that it was beautiful and submitted it to the National Painting Competition and Exhibition. The best paintings will be displayed in the exhibition and the Best among the best will be awarded.
He pulled up the dishevelled locks of his hair in anger and confusion. It can be concluded that she had feelings for him after the kiss but the thought whether she did really loved him or just gets carried away in his looks refrained him from declaring his love to her. However hard he tried to keep himself away from, the more closer he came .
His chain of thoughts was put to a halt when he was suddenly jerked to the balcony and soon he found himself drenched in the rain. It was really heavy Indeed. He turned back to see who on earth pushed him under the sky to play in the rain and his brows frowned..
It was Ragini. She stood at the door side with her arms crossed and a wide grin was seen on her charming face.
“Why the hell you pushed me out in the rain ?”screamed out Laksh. She was truly crazy, freaking crazy.
“It’s because you threw away my clothes out my clothes and prolonged my time. “she answered back with a shrug.
“I knew that it was all over.” He said in a frustrated tone.
“Well it is just the beginning for me” she chirped excitedly.
“Oh..Then you must get the punishment for damaging my painting.” He growled dangerously
He pulled her in the rain and she went wet in no minutes.
“Hey you are really unmannered..and impulsive. You made me wet and now we have no dry clothes to put on.” She screamed.
She looked at him. He was staring at her piercingly ..trying to find the truth hidden inside her. He changed his colours in the fraction of a second.
“Now what ??”she mumbled.
“You could have pushed me and left that room at that instant, couldn’t you?”he said very huskily.
A lump formed in her throat. She couldn’t deny that she liked..no..loved his intimacy that time. That moment is to be remembered forever…Ahh!! If only she did knew he too feels for her like him.
“It was pretty badass of you to pin me to the canvas and paint there pressing to my body all over. I didn’t expect this and really pissed off with you. “she whispered.
“If you were pissed off with me then you didn’t had ached hard to clean the mural off the black colour. You felt sorry for what you did with it.” He said in a low voice still gazing into her eyes.
She kept quiet. Just looked into his deep brown eyes. Only the sounds of the rain drops falling on the earth and the weak roars of thunder can be heard. They were getting wet yet they were not aware of their condition. All that mattered to them was now each other..
Laksh’s track pants were already was already wet in that heavy shower. Rain drops stuck to all over his hard toned body which shone like armour of the knight. Water was dripping from his locks of hair and he looked alluring hot and handsome. He looked too earthly
On the other hand Ragini felt horrible getting drenched from top to toe. The shirt she was wearing stuck to her body horribly and her hair was tangled and wet.
Suddenly she sneezed breaking the serene silence and the mysterious eye lock between them.
“Let’s go inside. You may get a cold”, he advised her in a concerned voice.
WOW!!Concern in his voice. She did think of but that lead her to breaking of her expectations into millions of tiny pieces. Was it really REAL this time ??
Laksh and Ragini stepped into the house. As she was going to enter her room, he shrugged and said in a sneer, “I think that you are really trying to seduce me. And to the worst, I am getting tempted …You naughty girl.”A naughty and mischievous smirk started to play on his lips. The guy is Back to his Play Mode.
“Just you stop joking and let me sleep peacefully.” She gritted angrily.
“Well I am not joking, Just take a look at yourself.” He suggested her to prove his point.
She looked down at herself. All wet and clingy. Her hair was all messy and tangled and the shirt she was wearing was completely wet. She looked horrible in that wet state and the worst, her curves of her body was nearly visible in that semi transparent shirt. This boy was really
She glanced at him. He looked wild and handsome as ever, he didn’t even look a bit dropped down in his hotness. She wondered how did he managed to look such s*xy and hot in such a state where was all badly messed up like her brain was.
“Now Good Night!!” she shouted at the top of her voice and shut the door to her room with a bang.
He has been making her damn crazy with his boldness and hot attitude.
Ragini was now in her room. She opened the completely wet shirt and made dry herself as best as she could in the poverty for warm clothes. She nudged inside the warmer to invite her beauty sleep. Probably it was the only warm piece in the house..
Suddenly, Laksh just banged into her room like a lion who just broke the cage in which he was held captive. Ragini sleep broke in that sharp movement and was way too shocked to see him in her room in these late hours. She was only covered with the warmer…
“Have you conspired to push me into a watery grave? “he shouted using his lung power as much he could.
“Now what did I do? ” She sat up rubbing her eyes and put up an innocent tone in her voice.
“What you DID??Why the hell you did throw away my bed sheets and warmers in the rain and made the mattress of my bed wet as a watery grave?”he questioned her damn loud.
He looked dry but he was wearing the same wet black tracks.
Ragini recalled what the Great Thing she did with his possessions. Yeah she threw away the bed sheets and warmers in the rain and made the mattress of his bed for landing her in such an s where there was a famine for clothes.
She could do it easily when she went in his room a while ago and didn’t find him. She took her Revenge.
“Maybe..and that’s for playing dirty pranks with me ,”she shoved with a stern face. Yet a light smirk was appearing on her playful lips.
“You Girl ,Made my life horrid hell as f**k,” he hissed in anger.
She plainly shrugged it off. She has adapted herself to hear such dirty words while staying with him and that didn’t affect her now as it was earlier.
“Can you please leave my room? I am in an uncomfortable position. Besides I have to sleep.” She requested him in a pleading voice.
“Oh I see ! I will sleep here only – it is the only warm place in the whole house and you need to get your punishment Now ” He replied and smirked.
Her eyes rounded.
“What punishment at this moment?” She screamed out in shock. She knew that once he decides something he executes it immediately.
He didn’t say anything but only smirked harder and trotted steadily to her bed. She just stared at the deadly handsome walking sin in shock and her heart was beating as fast like a racing car.
He stripped of his tracks like a fashion star model while she turned away her face in disbelief. She whispered,” It’s too much.”
He jumped onto the bed beside her and she tried to go away from him cause it was beyond the known..the unknown for her.
He pulled her down to the bed lest she shifts her place and came over her taking care not to strangle her with his strength.
“What are you trying to do ?”she squeaked.
His wild, dark eyes full of desire met her warm, honey eyes trying desperately to look for an answer for the unknown.
With the flow of time Ragini forgot everything-the world, her family, her work, her past, her life, her dreams, hardships, surroundings, the recent events…The only thing she knew at the moment was those hypnotizing dark pools of Laksh. He took away all the sanity from her. She surrendered her to him..she was lost in his charm. She was literally blown over from everything beyond this- it is this unknown she was seeking for. Perhaps he too was lost before her beauty .They were drunk in desire and craze for each other and they came closer than ever making it out and …and they completed their silent desire for each other. The dark stormy night witnessed their love and promised them to keep it as a secret forever…
The shimmering rays of the morning sun fell upon Ragini. She blinked and slowly opened her eyes. She reminiscence that she has been intimate with Laksh the whole night. A small but sweet smile curled on her lips. Ultimately after the storm on this new day she realized that she loves Laksh. He had been sometimes naughty, flirty or dangerously wild, ignorant to her remarks but always he tried to take care of her. Since he came in her almost torn apart life, she learnt how to live to the fullest. She decided to confess her love on this new beginning.
She turned around and expected to see him sleeping beside him. But to her surprise he wasn’t .Where he could be? Was it just a dream ?He didn’t have work this early. She looked up at the clock.Oh!! It was sharp 9:30 ..she has waked up late.
Suddenly a fearful thought crept into her mind. It could be possible that he had been damn lusting her and faking all along. No!! She didn’t want heartbreak. He was her last hope.
By the way, she was greatly pleased to see that all her dresses had dried up and was back to place. He has kept them.
She stepped out on the road in search of him when she couldn’t find him in the house. Well she does give it a damn to him cause her doubtful mind tells her that the jerk can’t love anyone plain like her..but deep in the core her heart gives her the lost confidence to have faith in her love.
“Heyy Sanskaar !!”she called out as she saw Sanskaar coming by the way.
He came towards her.
She asked him whether he knew where Laksh was. Sanskaar was Laksh’s close friend and it was him who suggested her and made arrangements to stay in Laksh’s house. He has been really a true friend of Ragini’s who acquainted her with all the details of this city almost new to her.
“As per as the news I came to know that Laksh’s painting has been selected for the competition and is displayed for the exhibition. Maybe you can find him in the gallery” he said genuinely .
“What??Laksh’s painting has been selected. “she said horrified. Now she had to get herself prepared to welcome embarrassment.
“Was his painting not up to the mark? I knew that he brushes really well and some of his pieces. Those were classic and excellent.” Sanskaar asked her.
“No it is not. There is something more…I will tell you later. And thanks for your help. “she said him and she straddled steadily towards the gallery.
Ragini reached the exhibition hall. It was large and splendid. Modern displays of art added more splendour to this gallery. People across the globe abounded here to view such fabulous abstractions. If only she can find him here in this mass of people…
Her eyes came across a painting which seemed familiar to her. She struggled to go near it through the huge crowd of spectators and finally got a crystal clear view. She became awestruck..It was the painting made by Laksh. How it can be selected for this renowned exhibition?? She did remember well about how he made it and what she did to it afterwards…
But as she stared at the painting she felt it was amazingly wonderful and one of its kind.
[ Flashback ] Laksh was in his study when suddenly Ragini entered in his room.
“Laksh why did you take away my notes ? “She asked.
“I thought you didn’t want them so I took them.” he answered back without looking at her.It seemed that he was giving full concentration in his work.
“Give them to me ,Now.” She demanded.
“You can see me working..I need to complete the painting within four days. “he protested.
“Pleaseee ,”she pleaded stretching the word ‘please’.
“I can’t ,”he said straight in a deep tone. He was still focused.
“Oh..You don’t even have the little time to do this tiny work. ” she cried in a you-are-so-busy tone.
“Yes I don’t have..you better get them yourself.” he said back plainly.
“No You have to get it for me or else..” She was at a loss about what she will do.
“Let me consider that you will spit out some kiddie words or beat me, isn’t it? You can’t do anything more than that” he interrupted in between raising his left eyebrow and completed her sentence. Now he turned his gaze towards her. He smirked.
“You, Don’t consider me to be so weak. “she protested sharply pointing his index finger to him.
“I bet that you can’t do..you are so meek in these things. Can you ever make me fall in trouble?”He challenged her and raised both of his brows. It hit her ego.
He had to see the hidden talents in her.
“Just see what I do.” she told and went out of his room slamming the door loud. He just smirked a little more at her stupid words and again focused on his work.
Suddenly he heard the sound of breaking of few glass objects and hard objects falling on the floor. She was in the room which he has allotted for keeping his tools and supplies of paint. What the hell she was doing there ??
Laksh stormed into the room and his eyes went big in astonishment on seeing what the mess she has done.
Gosh!! She threw his brushes all over the room rolling here and there and there was a spectrum of colours on the floor. She didn’t even spared the canvas on which he intended to paint…Threw colours and oil on it making a colourful mess if nothing. It just proved that she was smart enough to make him fall in trouble. He was just boiling in anger while she grinned and shrugged her shoulders.
“How dared you have the f**king guts to all this mess ?” he gritted in anger. She was nice, but at times she was really annoying.
“You had challenged my ability, forgot ?” she threw back in a sarcastic tone.
“Just see what I do..” he threatened and marched steadily towards her. But to his bad luck, he tripped on a bottle and fell down. He got himself wet and smeared with paints and looked like a rainbow still looking handsome as ever. He just looked at himself and despised his colourful state…
She couldn’t help laughing out loud at his poor state. A Good lesson for underestimating her. She seemed like an angel who laughed at seeing the distressed condition of a handsome hunk.
He got up and started walking towards her like a fashion model…He slid his hands in the pockets of his jeans and she was stunned to see his reaction. Her melodious laughter vanished in no time. Why doesn’t he go for Modelling?
He came dangerously close to her. Her breath stuttered and she walked backwards. There was no room for fleeing now.
He pinned and pressed her to the canvas. She felt her clothes soak in colours and oil.
“What are you gonna do ?” she mumbled.
In reply, he just drooled in her brown eyes with an intense gaze. She could feel her breathing getting fast. To her surprise and shock, he went down upon her and started to daub paint on the canvas against her body with his colour stained hands. Various colours dyed her body and clothes and hot intimate feelings lurked in her mind. Her breathing got hard as he rubbed paint against her from her legs, thighs, hips, and waist and up to her br*ast. He didn’t even refrain himself from coming so close with her..He was wild and bold enough to cross the line…
She felt herself out of the world when he pressed his body with intimacy with her. Not even an inch of gap was left between them. Both of them looked like two colourful butterflies playing a romantic trick with one another…
Oh Man!!Now he slid off her top from her shoulders and felt his rough lips there. He kissed her sensuously and intertwined his hand with hers. She tried to resist him but she couldn’t however hard she tried. Her body wanted him..his touch.
Her hands clutched his shirt tightly .The top three buttons of his shirt were open…Her hand went over his chiselled chest and down on his abs. She could feel how well toned his body was even over his shirt. She couldn’t even have thought that he could have such a well built body like the action movies actors. His hand was glued to her thin curvy waist and it seemed that he didn’t want to remove his hand from that place…
They simply forgot that they were all wet in colours…Both were lost in each other’s charm. She couldn’t find any lust on his part .What she found in his eyes was love …
Laksh caressed her cheek with his thumb which was red. Her already red cheeks turned redder while his cheeks were blue and orange in colour. What a contrast !
He suddenly diverted his gaze from her to the canvas and pulled away from her. She breathed a sigh of relief as it made her quite crazy. His expression changed from the dark one to a brighter one. He
“Ragini by the way you helped me a lot today in this painting. I needed a start-up and see you made me pick it up” He said frankly as if nothing had happened a few minutes earlier.
She was hell confused and wondered how did she helped him.
“Well my Dear Girl I won the bet. See you helped me instead of making me fall in trouble.” He said cheerily and winked at her. He bunched his shoulders and walked out of the room.
She turned back and saw a quite beautiful piece of Modern Art been portrayed on the canvas…She didn’t expected to help him out and her mood fell down. She wanted to do something that will show that she doesn’t go less than him.
God!! Why it does always happens with her Only ??
[ Flashback ]
She was lost in her little loving thoughts when someone tapped her shoulders bringing her back into the real world. She turned around to see the person. It was Swara – one of her close and best friends. She was friendly and became friends in a short span of time.
“Ragini I was searching for you. Good that I met you here.” Swara said beaming with excitement.
“Do you need anything from me?” She asked her.
“Well I don’t need. I met Laksh here and he told me to bring you here. He wants you to meet him. “she replied hastily.
“Laksh is Here !” She gasped in surprise.
” Yeah he is. I heard that his painting is declared as the best painting of this Year and it is a matter of great prestige of him. Go and congratulate him.” she informed and suggested her.
“Okay..” she mumbled. She was hell confused how this painting made out of spite, anger and haste could be declared the best painting of the Year.
“I am off now, I have some work. Don’t forget to meet him.”Swara said with a smile and went away.
Ragini is in the auditorium now. She got to know that Laksh has to give an interview cause of his success and reporters will be surrounding him. It will be too difficult for her meet him in this mob.
No sooner did he appear than the reporters started hurling him with questions.
“We congratulate you on your success Mr.Laksh Maheshwari .It must be a memorable moment for you. So how do you feel at this moment ?” One of them inquired him.
“Well I didn’t expected to bag this award. I felt honoured & pretty satisfied to get it and hope that I will improve more. There is always a scope of improvement.” He said.
He said plainly with confidence in his voice.
“The painting you made was an exotic one..Did anyone help you this ?” Another reporter threw at him.
” Yeah..I would like to acknowledge Ragini my friend who has given me this beautiful idea for this painting. She was of great help.” He answered back .
Ragini ‘s mouth hung open. When did she help him ? All she did was to make the painting worse than ever. She saw that his gaze turned towards her.
He was sure that she Will come .
“Is she here ? If so we would like to call upon her and ask her some questions.” One among the eager reporters asked him.
“Ragini is here. “he stated. Laksh beckoned Ragini to come to him.

A shocking yet confused feeling stroked upon her. What she would say in front of the reporters? She knew nothing..all she could do was to put up a story. No wonder this guy always makes her fall in trouble. How could she ever all in love with him ??
Ragini went towards Laksh as the people made way for her looked as if she was a princess flaunting her simple dress who walked down the way to meet her Prince of Dreams…
“So Ms.Ragini Gadodia we heard from Mr.Laksh that you helped him with his painting. He owes you a lot. How do you feel on his win?”
“Umm….mmmm I just suggested him..It is all for his excellent talents that my meek suggestion is appearing … beautiful..gorgeous. And… and I am happy that he won the Award. “She mumbled and managed to tell.
“Anything more Miss ?”
“I … wish that he continues to nourish and boost his talents like this.” She couldn’t get anything more better than this.
When would this rain of questions end ??
“Are you and Mr.Laksh dating ?” An unexpected question was thrown at her and her breath stuttered for a minute. Now she really didn’t what to cook up..They did make love but she is not sure whether he loves her or he just used her to get rid of his s*xual frustration.
“Ahh..”she stammered.
“We just love each other..as friends. Let’s see what destiny has in store for us but I want her to stay beside me like this.” Laksh defended her to this embarrassing question.
She was too shocked to see his blunt answer but on the other way she felt relieved that he was with her…
The reporters asked them some other questions and then they left.
Soon The Manager of the exhibition cordially invited them for a glam dinner on Laksh’s master-stroke and they accepted his request.
Ragini looked at Laksh. He was calm ,quiet with a cold mask on his face. He seemed thoughtful.
She decided to ask him about the last night but Not Here.
“What to do you want to ask me?” Laksh inquired Ragini as they walked on the streets in the orange light of the sun.
The day has been long and it was evening when they were walking by the river side…
“Laksh by the way..”she said but stopped. She felt horribly shy.
“It is the xth time you refrained from telling me.” he stated irritatingly. His face looked still cold.
” I.. mean why you called me up there for the interview did.” All could she managed to say, she badly needs to get over her hesitating feeling.
“My wish..besides I didn’t want you to rant about it afterwards. You deserved the credit.” He plainly responded to her so-called big question.
She sighed at her failure for not bringing up to the main topic.
“You took me here for telling just this petty thing. You are so impossible.” gasped Laksh and shook his head in disbelief.
“No no..not for this ..” she assured him
“Then for what..my lovely Darling. To play a watery prank like yesterday and go as hydra demons for dinner.” He giggled. The cold attitude was passing away and the player boy was coming .Well done..she encouraged herself.
“Laksh don’t you remember what you did with me the last night ?” She ultimately released the most awaited talk…she had to muster an Almighty courage for it..too much for her little heart.
“To be frank, I had s*x with you. Soo..”he stated with frankness.
Gosh!! This jerk didn’t even hang back to speak such things. Why only she is so in a quandary on these grey matters.
“Do you LOVE ME ?” She asked him suddenly tightly closing her eyes. She cursed herself for sounding so feeble but she badly needed to get her answer.
One .Two.. Three..Five minutes passed.
She didn’t get any answer still she had her eyes closed. Was he faking his love for so long ? Her heart still encouraged her to have hope.
“Laksh..are you here ?”she asked meekly with her eyes tightly shut.
“I won’t answer you unless you open your beautiful eyes. “came the reply for which she was waiting so long.

Flirting again !! Why doesn’t he admit it directly?
She reluctantly opened her eyes.
Where is he ?
All she could see was the sun setting in the horizon and the gushes of water flowing in the river. The dim orange light looked so forlorn…
No, not another Heart Break! Her heart began to sink…She had really fallen in love with him.
“Where are you looking at ,Dear?
You forgot to look down.”She heard his soothing voice which satiated her almost-going-to-break-heart.
She looked down with curiosity.
He was kneeling down before her with open arms.
“Ragini,I love you as you love me.” He declared in a cheesy romantic voice.
She let out a faint sigh and her heart stopped there..She was in seventh heaven now.
Wait !! Is it a dream ?How did he knew that she loves him.
Before she could speak anything,
He spoke out genuinely ,” I don’t know when I lost my heart for you. Initially I used to get pissed off with your crazy yet sweet talks..but eventually I realized that you are the one my soul needed in my deserted life. I called you there because the painting we made was the hidden declaration of our love. I wanted you to be with me always..I admit it was made accidentally by us…but still we loved each other without our realizations. I got to know that you love me by seeing you struggle for me to undo the things you did out of spite and reciprocating my kiss in the last night. I have been speaking for too long,
so Miss Ragini will you continue loving your Romeo and stay with him for the rest of your life?”
Laksh looked at her with eager eyes with a glint of truthfulness..
This time it was he was the one who wanted an answer.
Ragini was surprised at his sudden proposal. Never could she believe that such a handsome guy like him will love such a plain girl like her. It is too much to believe..
“Yes..Yes’s I will continue loving you – My Romeo and will stay with you the rest of my life. The day you came my life took a 360 degrees turn. You taught me how to live to the fullest. “she said loudly as she could piercing the stillness of the calm vista and jumped with excitement.
Without any further thought, she rushed to the kneeling Laksh and hugged him tightly. It was too sudden for poor Laksh to handle a too excited Ragini and lo they fell down in the soft sand scattering sand particles in the air.
She was on top of him. Their eyes locked again for a persistent time…
“Well Ragini don’t stop playing your nasty pranks on me after this…” he said to her trying hard to control his ever charming smile.
“I didn’t knew that you loved to fall in such miserable states..I will surely try to play the nastiest of my nastiest pranks on you.” She said sweetly and winked at him.
“Naughty girl…you will never change..” he giggled with a sauciness in his tone and pulled her for a long lip lock.
The sky blushed red watching them kiss each other with so much love and passion…
Hey everyone!!! How do you like this OS?
I am a hardcore SwaSan fan and I had never even thought of writing on any other couple but them. Maybe this is my first and last time giving RagLak a try.
And the ultimate credit goes to Varsha! Thanks a lot!! Love u? ,thanks again.
If you like my work don’t forget to comment.

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