Raglak – Lovers or Enemies (part 3)

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A week passed.. Laksh is now busy with his new project… Whole day he spends in office working on the project.. It is his 1st  project and he has to give his bst for his Ragu..

Each day even in his busy schedule he takes out some time and message Ragini.. Asking how is her trip.. Is she ok .. When is she coming back.. Etc etc..

And every time he gets almost same reply” I’m fine Lucky.. My work is going fine.. and I’ll be back as soon as my work finishes… Take care…”

Finally the day has arived when Ragini is coming back… Laksh’s happines has no boundaries…

Laksh pov:
” finally Raghu u r coming back.. I can’t tell how happy I’m… How I have spend each day without u.. I missed u like hell… But now not any more.. Once u come back I’ll make u mine forever and never let u leave me…”

Laksh’s pov ends..

A day before Ragini’s arival

Laksh’s office..

Sahil ( armans’ friend come legal advisor) : Laksh SSG enterprices has filed a case against your company regarding new project.. and since u are handling the project sir ( sir= Laksh’s dad) wants u to go for the hearing..

Laksh: what case.. No ways I can’t handle the court cases..

Sahil :  u have no other option Lucky.. 1st hearing is tomorrow. And sir is out of town for two days..

Laksh 🙁 doubled shocked) what tomorrow…?? Oh no..!!

Sahil:  is there any problem Tommorow..

Laksh( to himself) tomorrow Ragu is coming back I have to prepare a lot of things…

( to Sahil ) yaar I have some work u handle every thing till I reach court…

And he leaves..

At night–

** Beep beep**

Laksh : Ragu’s’s message..( a smile crept on his lips..)

” hey Lucky.. Tomorrow I’m coming back… But u know what Tommorow is a big day for me.. Last whole week I was preparng for this day only.. I’m damn nervous.. I wish u were there with me.. Like my all other schol and college exams.. Wish me luck Lucky.. See u tomorrow in the evening… Take care Good nite..:-)”

Lucky texts Ragini…

“Ragu don’t worry every thing will go well.. your hardwork will not go waste.. and who said I’m not with u.. I’m always there for my Ragu.. All the best… my wishes are always with u… Now leave every thing.. Eat your fav icecream and go to sleep… And don’t forget to have your favorite chocolate tomorrow morning.. don’t stress ur self Good nite..:-). ”

Ragini’s pov:

I miss u Lucky…

(Her phone vibrates and she reads Laksh’s message..)

(She calls room servise and order her favorite ice cream… One scop vanila, one bluebery and one choco chip..)

U r the best Lucky… Love u soo much u have solution to all my wories. Only u can take me out of my nervousnes…


Tommorow is Ragini 1st final exam of her high schol and she is hell nervous

Janki: Ragu what is all this whole room messed up..

Ragini : maa plz I’m in no mood of ur scolding.. I’m damn worried

Janki : don’t stress yourself baby.. It’s just an exam…

Rsgini : its not just an exam.. Maa u will not understand …

She leaves her home irritated..

Sanskay: hey Ragz… worried for tomorrow.. Relax it’s just an exam and u have studied well it will go good..

Swara : Sanskar is right… See its my exam too and I’m not woried …

Ragini : ufff… I’m fed up with all of u Just a few mins before mum was saying the same thing.. and here u guys… From where did all of u guys got this speach.. Just an exam… why are u not understanding my problem..

Swara :(to sanky) I’m leaving… If I stay here any longer I’ll go mad listening ragu…

Sanskar : don’t worry u go n take rest.. U also have exam tomorrow.. I’ll try and handle her..

Sanskar:( to himself ) Lucky where are u.. Only u can handle her.. God I’ll go max listening to her… Come fast Lucky mere dost and save me…

Sanskar sees some shadow from behind and he leaves..

Ragini was still lost in her thoughts unaware that her friends left and she kept blabbering something..

Voice : bhaooo

Ragini : aaa… ( screamed on top of her voice )

Voice : hahaha.. ( Not able to control his
And runs…
Ragini- luuuukkkyyyy… u I’ll not leave u..

Laksh : plz plz sorry…!!
Ragini : where were u.. U know na tomorrow…

Laksh cut her and mimics her…

Laksh :  tomorrow is my exam and I’m too much nervous !!

Ragini : ( hits him on his head ) very funny Lucky.. U are also teasing me… U r my best friend I thought you’ll understand.. Anyways now I’ll leave..

Laksh : first take ur medicine..

Ragini: Lucky what are u talking about which medicine…

Laksh: here (giving her , her fav icecream..)

Ragini snatches the box and starts eating.. and in the mean while Laksh ask her random question regarding her syllabus..

Laksj : see u know every thing.. Now just chill go home take rest and tomorrow give your exam with fresh mind.. and  now more nervousnes nautanki got it…

Ragini nodded her head like an obedinent student…

Before leaving for their respected homes Laksh gave her a chocolate and wish her good luck…

Flash back ends..

A smile crept on Ragini’s lips on remembering her beautiful days with Laksh and she drifted off to sleep…


In court Ragini is there with her staff and opponents except Laksh.

Sahil : my client Mr. Maheshwari will be here in while.. Till then u may start… (Saying to his opponent lawyer)

Lawyer : ( Ragini’s lawyer ) ur honor my client miss Gododia has filed a case against DPM enterprise for stealing their tendor quatation of the project… And shows certain proofs  that are against DPM..

Laksh enters to prove his point on seeing Laksh Ragini froze.. and Laksh’s condition is no less..

Laksh tries to explain Ragini but no use….

Ragini:(shouts) that’s it Mr. Maheshwari we are in a court call me Miss. Gododia that would be better for u… and runs from there…

Next hearing of court was decided to take place after 2 days…

Laksh was shocked to see Ragini like this.. and he enquires what had happen in last 10 days.. Beyond shock he was upset that Ragini did not share anything with him…

Same day in the evening.. Laksh has planned for a small get together in a pub.. Where he wanted to propose Ragini…

It was swara’s duty to get Ragini there

Ragini’s place…

Swara : Ragz plz let’s go to pub .. Its has been a long time since we all meet..

Ragini : no swara I’m not in mood I’m tired…

Swara: your mood will change there for sure.. and Ragini Gododia is saying no to go to a pub with her friends..

Janki : hey swara how are u beta..

Swara: hello aunty.. I’m fine.. How are u and uncle..

Janki: I’m fine.. and your uncle’s condition is showing improvement..

Swara:  that’s a great news aunty.. I gues your daughter has gone mad..

Janki : what happen Ragu now what u did

Ragini : nothing mom she is forcing me to go with her for party and I’m not in mood.

Janki: u should go ragu.. It will change ur mood..

Swara  : see aunty is also saying..

Ragini : but maa…

Janki : no buts.. U should go.. U were out for work.. and u need a break.. Now no more arguments u are going..

Ragini : ok maa..

Janki : thats like my Ragu..

Swara : thanku aunty… and gives Janki a hug. Janki leaves as and both girls get ready for the party..

Laksh’s place..

Sanskar: Lucky what’s this u r not ready yet…

Laksh : I’m not in mood to go..

Sanskar : hey thats not fair u arranged the party and now your not in mood.. swara just called me and said they are almost ready and will reach in time..

Laksh : they..?? (confusingly)

Sanskar: what has happen to u.. Ragz and swara.. Dude are u ok..

Hearing Ragini’s name Laksh went to get ready..


Every one was enjoying to fullest.. But Ragini was trying every possible way to ignore Laksh…. Laksh tried his level best to talk with her… One of their friend Kavya grabbed Laksh’s hand and pulled him to dance floor..

Laksh tried to resist but Kavya forced him to dance..kavya said somthing in Laksh’s ear to which Laksh smiles..

On seeing the scene infront of her Ragini’s anger rise and she drinks and was completely drunk…

OK that’s it guys. Thanks everyone for your love on the last part. Sorry for the delay..

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