Bitti Business Wali 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Bitti wears bridal clothes and comes to Mahi

Bitti Business Wali 17th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bitti wearing Nurse clothes and makes unconscious Nurse lie on the bed. She knocks on the door. Goon opens the door. Gayatri asks Suman to tell where is Bitti? Jogi comes and asks why is he forcing her and says Suman will tell after a day. Gayatri says I am seeing that Dadi, Virender and you are taking it lightly. Jogi says whatever we do is for house betterment. Gayatri says I know better. Jogi taunts him. Gayatri asks Chandana and Pavitra to make him understand. Jogi thinks I have handled here, get Mahi married fast Dadi. Dadi asks Sardar Singh to get the marriage done fast. Sardar Singh says I am waiting for Pandit ji. Laddo Singh says marriage would have happened by now. Pandit ji comes and says we will do kalavi’s rasam. Bitti sees Sardar Singh’s wife and goes to room. She sees clothes there and wears it. She comes to Gunjan and asks Servants to go out. She makes her have tablet and feels bad, thinks she is doing this so that their lives don’t get ruined. Gayatri comes to Laddo Singh’s house. Sangam says Gayatri ji came. Prema says he must have come for Bitti.

Sangam greets him and says Bitti went to her Mama’s house. Gayatri says she is not at Mama’s house. And tells that he came to ask Mahi and them. Sangam says they all went in the morning. Prema says even Akshata went to market. Sangam says they left early morning, and this is happening since few days. Gayatri says even my Amma and Virender go somewhere. Sangam asks if this is coincidence or…Gayatri looks on and calls Virender. Virender says they are in sadsang, Dadi is sitting and ends the call. Gayatri says he was lying and says it seems like some utsav was happening. Prema asks Sangam to call Laddo Singh. Sangam calls Laddo Singh. Mahima picks the call. Sangam asks where are you? Gayatri signs him to end the call. And tells that both families are at same place. Sangam says something is cooking. Sardar Singh gets happy and thinks if marriage happens then his daughter will become suhagan.

Dadi tells Virender that it seems Sardar Singh haven’t told Pandit to hurry up. Laddo singh asks Pandit to hurry up. Bitti wears Gunjan’s bridal clothes and thinks this is the only way to reach Mahi. Sardar Singh’s wife asks Ramaiya to give her injection so that she gets married without any drama. Ramaiya gives her injection. Sardar Singh’s wife is about to see her face, but just them Dadi comes and says she will see her face. Bitti feels drowsy because of injection. Gunjan is unconscious behind the bed. Dadi asks Sardar Singh’s wife to take Gunjan fast. They bring Bitti to mandap. Bitti is about to fall. Mahima asks what happened to her? Sardar Singh’s wife makes an excuse. Sardar Singh asks his men to do firing until they get short of bullets. Bitti gets up from mandap and comes infront of Mahi. Mahi is shocked and gets up.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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