Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puttan handles the fake degree scam

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 17th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli worrying that Puttan got her stuck in this fake degree scam. She is asked to give lecture when she didn’t prepare for it. She calls her daughter to take help, and gives a silly lecture on stage. The man asks what are you doing, Puttan will not leave me if he knows this. He praises Imli for her simplicity and honesty. Puttan learns that Khoji and Genda joined hands. Puttan says we don’t have to leave Khoji, I will trouble him now.

All the ministers do stitching work at Imli’s house. Jha gets some work files and asks her to begin work. Imli asks Jha to get the files weighed, so that they can know which one is lighter. She finds the ministers foolish. She asks them to check the files’ pages and think which one is lighter, we will start work with this file, one should start with minor tasks, its not good to start big task and gets stuck in the middle, I have become new CM, I will take little steps and succeed. Jha and everyone praise her. They take selfie. Khoji says breaking news, we have told you before. Puttan says he wants to create a ruckus. Khoji says CM Imli Devi….Puttan stops his video. Khoji says we investigated but didn’t get anything. Puttan interrupts Khoji’s news.

Its morning, Puttan asks why are you so worried for this little issue. Pahelwan says we have to do something. Whisky says this degree scam has tarnished our reputation. Pahelwan says I have a solution, make me the CM. Whisky threatens to withdraw support. Puttan says you are responsible ministers, you have to support us, no minister resigns, if we resign, then it will be like confessing crime. Pahelwani says we are here to warn you, its fine if you understand. Whisky says Khoji will make this revelation and then we will withdraw our support. Puttan says get everyone’s degrees checked, I won’t leave anyone.

Genda says what, Puttan has got my degree also. Haseena says yes, your fake degree will be known. Uncle says you should have studied on my saying, you should run towards Puttan. Genda says I got it. Puttan shows the degree and asks Genda about her fake degrees. Imli says she is sharper than me. Puttan asks her not to criticize others. Whisky says I can’t tolerate this. They scold Genda, and praise Imli. Puttan says I got everyone’s degree, Pahelwan has fake degree for 11th and 12th class, he was saying he is getting disgraced. Pahelwan laughs and says forgive us, you know our nature, forget it. Genda says leave it now. Uncle says forge personal enmity and reach a solution. Puttan says Genda will tell media that Imli’s degree isn’t fake else…. Genda says fine, I will go as you say. Khoji says breaking news, we were waiting for this day, Genda is going to expose Imli, she is going to get evidence for us. He asks Genda what revelation is she making today. She asks what. He says truth about Imli’s degree. She says Imli’s degree is real.

He says you praised me and promised also. She says you talk rubbish for the sake of TRPs, I won’t accuse Imli. He says opposition and ruling party have joined hands, but I will not give up. He says I m alone with the truth, you played with my emotions, I have nothing with me, I will come back and expose your and Imli’s tie-up. Khoji shouts breaking news, we found out that Genda’s degree is also fake, so she joined hands with Imli, we will expose this scam, all the media is sold off, except this. Puttan says Khoji is saying the truth, we have to do something. Imli worries about people’s opinion. Rajneeti asks her not to worry. Imli says what will Chaitu think that I couldn’t do a small task. She feels bad. Puttan says today, people are liking educated politicians. He gets a news and says now it will be fun.

Puttan sees a girl and likes her. Music plays….Rajneeti says she is my friend Jhilmil. Puttan meets Jhilmil. She asks are you concerned for me, do you like me, or fell in love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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