Bepannah 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya presents a gift to Zoya

Bepannah 17th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sakshi had reached the party venue and wish she only gets a phone to make a call.
Anjana was angry at a servant and tells him to find her anyway, she must otherwise come here and fill her sons against her. Zoya years this and asks what has Anjana lost, she can help her as she knows the detail of everyone involved in the party. Anjana was annoyed with Zoya and asks if she had been spying her? Zoya clarifies she just came to call her for another surprise. Anjana was tensed about Sakshi and comes along Zoya calling each surprise a waste of time.
During the party, Aditya gives a thumbs up to Zoya. Everyone’s attention was grabbed when Harsh begins a dance performance. Anjana, Aditya and Arjun join their parents and dance together. Zoya and Noor later gives a dance performance. Aditya joins Zoya and they all enjoy together.
Sakshi enters the party in dancer’s disguise. The plate she held slips off her hand. Anjana’s attention goes towards the veiled Sakhi but she abruptly covers her face. Zoya comes to her help and asks if she is fine. Aditya finds Zoya helping the lady, Zoya tells Aditya her hand hit her while dancing. Sakshi finds it the right chance to reveal her face to Aditya but Anjana calls Aditya. Zoya assures Aditya she will take care of her. Sakshi was about to remove her veil in front of Zoya but an organizer takes Zoya. Anjana sends Aditya to pay to drummers and leave her earrings into her room. Sakshi decides to follow Aditya to Anjana’s room.
Inside Anjana’s room, Sakshi comes to tell Aditya all the truth. Anjana appears from the room instead. She smirks and winks at Sakshi that she was also looking for her for long. She grabs Sakshi inside the room clutching her arm while she screams and resists the grip. Harsh was stepping upstairs. Anjana hits Sakshi’s head with a vase, Sakshi fells off. Harsh finds the room locked from inside and calls Anjana if she is in there? Anjana replies she is setting her saree and a vase spilled. Harsh thinks he could sense someone falling on floor. Inside, Anjana wish Harsh believed her. She then decides to take Sakshi into the bathroom and drags her there.
Downstairs in the party, Zoya hits Anjana who was furious and screams at her for not looking on.
Droplets of water from shower dripped over Sakshi’s head as she lay on the floor of washroom. Her mouth had been covered, hands tied still she struggles to walk to find the lights. She was determined to reveal Anjana’s truth even if she dies today.
Noor calls Shawn to help her open the gifts. Arjun joins to their assistance. Shawn was busy with the work. Arjun briefs Noor about Aditya and Zoya. Noor reminds Arjun about forgetting something. He appeared clueless. Noor tries to signal but irritated she exclaims kiss! Shawn at once asks kiss? Noor and Arjun deny speaking anything like this, Noor says she said she is Missing her appi and scolds Shawn to focus on work.
Akansha takes Zoya’s permission to do dinner. Zoya instructs her about missing arrangements of food and ice cream and tells her to complete the work first. Arshad joins Zoya and brings a plate of noodles, insisting to eat it. He observed that she eats noodles fondly. Zoya was reluctant but Arshad insists. Zoya grabs two forks and offers Arshad to eat with her. Arjun watches this and thinks they demanded a time of fifteen days, it’s the first day and they are eating from the same place. Aditya finds them together and thinks eating from a single plate is their thing. Arshad gets a call meanwhile and leaves the table. Aditya comes to Zoya and questions what’s this? Zoya blankly replies noodles! Aditya claims this is out thing! Zoya explains he brought it for her, she just shared it. Aditya goes into the room annoyed. Zoya follows.
Aditya tells Zoya she is giving wrong signal to Arshad. Would she change her mind after fifteen days? Zoya clarifies to Aditya she won’t married and she has already stated it clearly to everything; her consent won’t change. Zoya explains to Aditya that she was really hungry still is, and as soon as the event ends they will go and enjoy noodles together. Aditya recalls bringing a gift for Zoya.
Arshad looked for Zoya. Noor comes to him and introduces herself as Zoya’s younger sister. Arshad feels good to meet her, he will get a chance to know her as well. He looked around to find Zoya. Noor gives a thumbs up to Arjun behind. Noor asks Arshad where he belongs. Arshad replies he was born in Mumbai but brought up in London.
Aditya presents the gift box to Zoya. She unwraps it with excitement then stops at once recalling once when she got a pop up joker. Aditya assures there won’t be any joker this time. Inside, Zoya finds a show piece. Aditya exclaims ‘Aik main aur aik tum; dono mile iss tarah’. Zoya smiles this is a glance at their friendship, she will always keep it dear to herself. Aditya says not only friendship…. And decides to speak his heart to Zoya this time.

PRECAP: Aditya follows Arshad and Zoya and wonders why he brought Zoya to a lonely place like this. Zoya and Arshad were walking together when they hear a scream from behind the bushes. It was Sakshi trying to grab their attention. Anjana held Sakshi behind the trees and thinks she won’t spare Sakshi today.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. hi! aaj itna late? not complaining.. but i hope everything’s fine?

    about the ep,is it just me or this anjana drama really is completely irrelevant? usually things like these connect in the end.. but i feel this is just a filler.. with no end..
    and weird thing is that i don’t want it to end.. as i have said many times already.. but i will say it again,.. aaditya doesn’t deserve this! saari problems,saare dukh usi ke hisse main hain kya? not fair at all!
    “our thing” <3 *blush* *blush*
    i got really mad at zoya too.. how could she? it's an adiya thing!!
    and the gift! <3 and,and ofc the dance! they killed. <3

    precap,again,not impressed.. -_-

  2. Come on guys , you stretch the strory like a chewing gum. When you show a night almost a week long. How long will the two weeks take? I cant See arshad any more!!! If i could influence the story I would pay a killer to kill him…. no wait a second… I prefer it to do it myself.
    I’m suffering with adi. Why has zoya to eat from the same plate with arshad? Like husband and wife? She always say that she didn’t want to marry. But she goes to a moonshine walking with him? How to understand that?

    1. @Simi…don’t worry Arshad is gonna be around only for a month..he joined the cast on 10th August so by 10th September his cameo will end…
      N now as per spoilers on Instagram a new promo has been shot wherein Zoya-Arshad are together. Adi goes to propose Zoya but someone pushes Sakshi from the terrace. Adi is shocked. So Adi’s focus is now likely to shift from Zoya to Sakshi. Zoya will probably figure out her feelings on her own!!!!!

  3. There’s too much draggy, not interested in watching this party until end of next week. I understand Adi’s attention is all on Zoya and his found love and happiness. Great thing but, I’m hoping to see more during this 2 weeks period. I don’t want Adiya friendship to end but be affected, hopefully in a positive way. Adi doesn’t have a job, he’s a bum!! Yes, his family is rich but he needs to work. Zoya will not care about his unemployment when she eventually falls for him but Waseem will raise this issue, in the form of an insult. I’m tired of people being I insulted about who they are of what they’ve achieved in life by the girls father, so I’m hoping somehow he realises he needs to make himself worthy of Zoya at least Infront of her father. I also hope that Zoya realises how important her bond with Adi the more she spends time with Arshad. I’m pretty sure he’ll do something that might compel her to agree to marrying him during this time. I hope Adi doesn’t make a fool of himself trying to win Zoya’s love, I’m happy his willing to fight for his love but not give more reasons to papa Siddiqui why they shouldn’t be together. I’m hoping for a lot but let’s see.

    1. Neha1

      Exactly, you’re right AmandaS, Waseem will definitely questioned about Adi’s Professional life…??? As we know he earlier didn’t attend the flying test as he want to leave but now after learning his feelings for Zoya, Adi decides to stay and that’s good….but he has to do some work before AdiYa’s relationship go to the next level but he should first confesss his LOVE? for Zoya….And I also think that after Adiya’s LOVE CONFESSION, their relationship will not go as smooth as we think,, obviously 1st reason is Papa Siddiqui and 2nd is Evil Anjana…. as she too irked and HATES Zoya to the core….Yesterday when Zoya hits Anjana by mistake, the way Anjana react is surely indicates how much she hates Zoya… and even said that ” Samajh nhi aata pehle kisko thikane lagaon Sakshi ya Zoya”….??. But, let’s see what happens next…only time will tell..!

  4. Neha1

    Episode was very interesting… but AdiYa dance is fabulous..?????and so was Arnoor dance…both looking nice..???? And Arnoor talking about a kiss… Again Sakshi caught by Anjana… God she’s a devil…
    And Zoya-Arshad eating noodles in same plate..??? Adi was jealous and he claimed that “THIS IS OUR THING”….! Why this Arshad…??? Angry Adi confront Zoya…but Adi gave Gift? to Zoya was really sooooo nice and cute…??????? “Ek main or ek tu, dono mile iss tarah” but Zoya didn’t understood his feelings and again called him. a friend…
    Precap is full of suspense, if Adi-Zoya be able to save Sakshi or will she die…if she died then how Anjana evil side will reveals…??? And will Adi be able to share his feelings to Zoya or no…? Weekend aa gaya, have 2 wait for Monday….!

  5. Now d story is dragging like beyhadh , Maya feel in love with Arjun ,he is under unaware of it keeps telling like a friend fiend , and this what Zoya does with Aditya , hope for some extraordinary proposals like beyhadh in bepannah too.. But this Arshad is till irritating like saanjh in beyhadh

  6. When Zoya reopened the case or when she called Poosh relationship ‘pak’ I didn’t get a bit irritated with her unlike many other viewers…
    But this time Zoya is irritable…why is she so friendly with Arshad? N eating noodles from his plate? Very irritating…
    If I was in Aditya’s place I would have said ‘go to hell Zoya’…

    1. Neha1

      Yes Arch, I too get irritated of that scene…. And Adi is absolutely correct that if she’s in no mood of marriage with Arshad, then why she’s giving him a positive signal…
      She must have denied Arshad for sure…why this 2week she gave to him…it’s of no use…or if she’s gonna change her mind.??? So, here I completely agree with Adi…!
      Hope, makers will not torture more to Adi… feeling bad for him….just eagerly waiting 4 Zoya’s realisation track, hope makers will not delay this track and hope Arshad-Zoya engagement never ever happened… Let’s wait n watch…!

  7. When will this Aditya open his heart to Zoya??????? and when is she gonna accept him?????? Just do it fast makers. We are waiting for adiya union. This Arshad and Anjana are soo much irritating. And this Zoya is eating noodles with Arshad and that too in same plate.!!!!!! She got to know about Arshad only 2 days before and now both are eating from the same plate. Please unite Aditya and Zoya soon.

  8. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Sona

  9. Hi guys. I’ve startd following the story very recently and only thru written updates. Can anyone tel me y sakshi is held as hostage by anjana. wat does sakshi want to reveal to adi?

    1. Sakshi is Pooja’s (Adi’s ex wife) mother. Adi always have more importance to Sakshi than his own mother Anjana. Anjana is very possessive about Adi n cannot tolerate anyone hurting him or exerting greater influence in him than her.
      Anjana is also probably the murderer of Yash n Pooja bcos Pooja was cheating on Adi with Yash (Zoya’s ex hubby)..this truth has may be come forth Sakshi. Sakshi has been held captive by Anjana for over 6 months but she lied to her sons that Sakshi is in USA

  10. Arshad track is very annoying.
    Hope after 2 week it’s over.
    They will not drag up to marriage
    As everyone know zoya-arshad marriage will never happen, so this track should finish early rather than dragging for last moment

    But i have bad feeling, zoya will say yes???

    1. I don’t mind Zoya saying a ‘yes’ under Wasim’s pressure but not out of her own will…bcos she is so happy to agree to the 2 week nonsense that Zoya may say ‘yes’ thinking Arshad is perfect for her…n anyways makers have already ruined her character…since last 2 episodes she is damn irritating…from a shy timid girl to being very open with two guys at the same time…no makers should not ruin lead’s character like that

  11. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Day by day, I start hated zoya! She really interested in Arshad and I think soon zoya will say yes for marriage! Poor Aditya! Zoya can’t understand his feelings! But, I want to see captain Aditya Hooda.

  12. Arshad track is not just for Zoya realisation i think. It is also a mirroring of what happend to the previous couple’s, i mean Adi/Pooja and Jash/Zoya. They were incomplete and in the moment a third person came in, they found what were missing outside their relation. The same is here. At this moment Zoya and Adi are committing the same mistakes they did before, only this time are at the opposite side. Adi is obsessed with his feeling of love for Zoya and he is not getting she is not ready for this. He hasn’t asked himself for one single time if she will accept him or not. At this moment he is not behaving as her friend, he is not understanding anything. At the other hand Zoya has put a blindfold on her eyes called frendship and is completely unaware at what is happening. They need an intruder to show them what is lacking in their relationship but in analogy of Poosh they will find out that within their relation not outside.
    Any way Arshad is boring and they better speed up things.

    1. @Eri : hey I completely agree with the launch party n bepannaah review articles they did talk about how everyone ends up committing same mistakes in their lifetime…exactly Zoya treating Adi as best friend only the way he treated Pooja. N Adi not behaving like a friend to Zoya by actually understanding her situation. He is just smitten in her love the way Zoya was behaving with Yash. Example : Anjana’s snide remarks about Zoya irked Arshad not Adi. Zoya was empty stomach whole day but Adi was just smitten in her love that he failed to ask her if she had anything. Arshad asked her instead…Arshad will act as a catalyst that will enable Adiya to turn perfect partners for each other…I mean Aditya understood that there has to be friendship in love but in reality he is unable to become her real friend.

    2. I forgot to add one more thing…Arshad doesn’t want to impose any relationship on Zoya but Adi has assumed that Zoya will say ‘yes’ to him…he must consider possibility of rejection as Zoya is not yet ready for remarriage…but as per some spoilers in upcoming episodes Adi will get a dream that Zoya rejects his proposal n chooses Arshad. This will totally shake him up n then probably dig deep into Zoya’s current state of mind by really becoming a good friend.

    3. Arch,I agree!watching Arshad being a catalyst would be an interesting thing to watch.. ❤️❤️???And yes,adi is being too naive in love! But I mean,it’s also not his fault! He had tried friendship that didn’t work so now he probably thinks love is all that there is.. And I guess partly also because he can’t really be friends with Zoya or perhaps anyone after Pooja!?
      Before his wife or anyone,he has lost his bestest friend in his life and that too not too long ago.losing a friend is way more traumatise than losing your love,for you can’t even talk to anybody about it.. ??
      Anyway,I know I am whining now.. ??But again,This Arshad track and the little things like the examples you gave would be nice to notice if This whole intense Anjana drama wouldn’t take place! ??
      I know we can’t change track and I should make peace woh it now but I just can’t seem to come to terms with this! ?????
      Also,Arshad is kind of boring!! ??Agreed on that too.. It’s been two days since his character is introduced an it has failed to make an impact!!
      Hmm.. ??

    4. Neha1

      Yes, I too agree with both (Eri nd Arch) of you…This time both Adi-Zoya are wrong at there own places, as they both are thinking with their own perspective not showing that concerned which actually matters a lot…And about Arshad, like he felt odd when Anjana’s comment about Zoya, Arshad noticed that Zoya was so busy that she hadn’t time to eat…. these are very small things which Adi ignored to get that one answer during the party was “what Zoya’s abbu said… Did she talk to her Abbu or not..??”
      On the other side Zoya has repeating the same mistake which Adi did with his earlier relationship… And Honestly, I didn’t understand that HOW a Successful Business Women can be so stupid that she didn’t even understanding by Adi’s behavior that He’s in LOVE…

    5. Eri, thank you!
      I could not have said it any better!!
      You are absolutely right and I was thinking about it too..
      Despite that fact that they think they’ve changed,that fear is still there,I feel.
      It makes me cringe too,the fact that Aditya has not once questioned if Zoya is ready,or if she will accept him or not!!
      He still being childish..
      And it’s so true that they’ve become the opp.. I hope they realise this soon..
      Although I feel this Sakshi Anjana drama is going to shift the focus from that and once again the self explorations will be vague.
      Also, I wonder why do the makers need to do this..first when Pooja was there. Adi was having dad troubles and Pooja comforted him which I believe also played a role in adi thinking he loves Pooja when he didn’t.. This time,it’s going to be moms troubles to make Zoya fall for him..
      That’s not fair. Why should there be a third person and emotional trauma for love to begin?
      Zoya has Seen broken adi already.. There was absolutely no point in making this a thing!
      And I hope Anjana is not behind poosh murder because they’ve just gotten over their partners and have moved on but once it’s revealed that they were murdered,I don’t think they’ll be able to love each other then.. !!
      But since that’s not the track just yet,let’s not go there..
      But I loved your analogy! Desperately needed this discussion!
      I love AdiYa! I hope it all goes well.. I don’t want to give up on them!

  13. Is it from a couple of episodes that i feel they are talking to each other but their are not listening to each other. They are focused only in what they need, what they want and not paying attention at what the other one have to say or how it feels.
    I hope Sakshi’s issue will settle things down. They need to stay away from each other for some time to figure things out.

    1. Trueeeee..
      Nowhere are the ‘friends’ vibes.. friends talk,they listen and they know each other.. I gotta say,with them keeping up like this.. I am major missing the old adiya!! They had a better understanding,I swear!
      But with so much happening all of a sudden,
      I realise they need time.. but it am also scared that after this zoya will not leave Aditya alone.. she will be all up and about adi as her Aziz dost would need her.. like how it happened when adi was realising his love for her… She had barely let him live then.. (not for complaining about her concerns tho,it’s nice that she cares of course).
      I just hope it settles soon. *Sigh*

  14. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I just feels Zoya behaviour with Arshad is really cheap. Zoya knows Arshad from two days and she started dancing with Arshad in Hoods house. Eating noodles from the Same plate. Eventually, central character of the show become very much open minded and cheap with a unknown person! Earlier zoya used to be shy and very well mannered girl. But within 1 year after Yash death, zoya became over open minded girl.

    1. Zoya is not cheap…the writers are cheap to butcher her character…she is stupid as to not understand Adi’s love…n yes I too eat food from the same plate with my friends whether they belong to same or opposite s*x…but Arshad is not her friend n this indeed is a wrong signal for a prospective groom…good Adi scolded her…n that showpiece had a girl boy holding a heart indicating love…how stupid Zoya read it as ‘friendship’?…I think there is something more to this track than what meets the eye!!!!…hope Zoya is not deliberately friendzoning Adi fearing heartbreak again n also to not let down Wasim…:)
      Actually both characters are still immature only..just a white wash has been given to their core personality…n logically too u can’t expect a sea Change in anyone in a span of 6 months!!!

  15. Dat… Aditya should just start ignoring dat…. Zoya, I’m sure she will cum around

  16. Zoya has just accepted to wait for two weeks to give a reply instead of refusing immediately the marriage thing. Eating noodles from the same plate is just a minor thing comparing to this. Maybe it is just to show that eating noodles together is not what makes a relationship special. There are much more important things that have value. And to me it feelt like it was just food sharing. There was no intimacy in there. Just being kind with the one who ofered her food. In Adi and Zoya case they were feeding each other that is quite different.

    1. Neha1

      You’re righht Eri, Eating in same plate isn’t a big issue but Adi is a different person as we seen earlier he didn’t like that his lady love will do such things which was in their relationship’s…Arshad-Zoya eating Noodles in same plate effects Adi and specially that Noodles coz according to him, he and Zoya did it before and like eating ice cream… So Adi is quite possessive with these small things… and what Shocked Adi that Zoya told him that she’s not ready for marriage but. she gave 2 weeks to Arshad and Arshad had came just 2 days ago…so he’s new/stranger for Zoya…So that effects Adi more…it’s my thinking, I may be wrong..?
      I remember an old scene of Adi-Zoya, when they was running from Rajveer…..In the tempo they hide…. Where Adi said to Zoya….that He and Pooja are fond of cooking and eating, so they did grocery together, that’s the thing only we did, “THAT WAS OUR THING”, Pooja loves to do Painting, he was his best Model, “THAT WAS OUR THING” Then how could a third person could share these Things…!!! So, Adi is being a possessive BF/Hubby….Whether if it was Pooja then, and Now it’s for Zoya…!

    2. I completly agree with with you Neha and I completely understand Adi’s reaction. He is considering himself already in a relationship with Zoya which gives him the right to feel possessive to her. But she is completely unaware of this. And she is not feeling like doing something wrong because is considering both of them friends.
      But I think she should have guessed what is happening from that specific line.
      This proves that she for the moment is blind and deaf too.

      Good night to you all.

  17. Neha1

    Friends here’s another spoiler, where Anjana get arrested fr Sakshi’s kidnapping with help of Adi-Zoya…. Well it’s not confirmed if this spoiler is true or fake…! Let’s see…

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