Love? – Episode 8 – Shocked Anika + Shot

shivika and gauri were very shocked with this line partition. they have never expected this and now it has happened. aniri met in the middle of the house but didn’t cross the line.

anika: how are you doing gauri?

gauri: dead.

anika: what?!?!?

gauri: what is the point of living anymore? all these accusations on my character, all this torture is a lot for me to handle. everyone was nice at first but thanks to…

anika: shh! don’t say it gauri. ok?

gauri nods.

anika: anyway how are the kids doing?

gauri: kids are doing alright. very helpful and supportive.

anika: that’s good. anyway i will quickly tidy om’s room as obviously he kept it messy. so bye.

gauri: bye.

anika went and gauri too went.

om’s room:

anika entered the room and looked mad. the room was an absolute mess.

anika: whatever!

she started to clear all the paper when she came across some pieces with om’s signatures on them.

anika: hmmm…. what are these papers?

she puts the other papers on a desk and finds a clean seat. she sits on it and reads the papers:

anika saw om's signature on the papers and dropped them

anika saw om’s signature on the papers and dropped them.

anika: di.. divorce papers? om’s …… om’s signature?! what the hell?!?!? i know that om hates gauri but this is a new low. divorce! i have to tell shivay and gauri about this.

she gets out of om’s room with the papers in her hands.


a lady wearing black came in the O.M and hid in a corner. she saw anika and smiled evilly.

lady: enjoy your last day being loved by your bade bhaiya and bhoojal gauri!

she brings out her gun and shoots. gauri sees anika who had no expression on her face and anika fell backwards as gauri crossed the line to her anika bhoojal’s aid. anika landed in a pool of blood and her eyes shut tightly. the person make the gun slide on the floor making it near gauri’s side.

precap: accusations+pain

so who shot anika?

and what will gauri do now?

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