Bitti Business Wali 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Bitti gets glad hearing Mahi’s confession

Bitti Business Wali 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri crying worrying about Bitti. Suman asks him not to cry and says I know where is Bitti? Gayatri looks surprised and asks where is she? He asks her to tell. Dadi and Virender get tensed. Bitti thinks how to stop this marriage, I have to inform Mahi. Suman says I can’t tell you everything, but can assure that Didi will come. Gayatri says what is happening? He says you are not telling me even after you know. Dadi says why are you worrying and tells that Bitti might have asked Suman not to tell anyone. She asks him to have patience. Dadi goes to Suman and scares her, tells that everything will be fine. Suman cries still. Virender says we shall go now. Sardar Singh might be waiting for us.

Sardar Singh asks Laddo Singh where is Mahi? He asks if he changed his mind. :Laddo Singh and Mahima say no, and tell that Kashi is bringing Mahi. Kashi and Mahi come there. Kashi says Mahi was busy in work so he couldn’t change his clothes, and asks them to give him a room to change clothes. Sardar Singh asks him to go to his room. Mahi thinks where is Bitti? Kashi asks him to be happy. Bitti hears that Mahi came. She thinks if I shout then may be my voice will be heard. She shouts Mahi and says she is here. Mahi couldn’t hear her due to the band baja’s sound. She shouts Mahi. Mahi hears her voice and thinks he felt like hearing her. Bitti thinks don’t know where is he. Jogi tells Dadi that when Suman told that she knows then he got worried. Dadi says once Mahi gets married to Gunjan then everything will be fine. Kashi helps Mahi dressed up as a groom. Mahi recalls his wedding with Bitti. Kashi tells Mahi that he understands his problem and asks him not to be tensed. Mahi says I will go to bathroom.

Bitti sees him from the room and calls him. Mabi hears her and tells Kashi that he heard Bitti. Kashi asks him to think about his new wife. Bitti shouts. Mahi is sad. Kashi asks him to smile. Mahi says this is not right and tells that she wants me to apologize. He says I did a mistake and realizes my mistake. He says I have decided to accept my mistake and will apologize to her. Bitti hears him and smiles. Kashi says this girl is waiting for you and you are talking about Bitti. Bitti calls Mahi. Goons come and is about to hit her. He threatens her and says he shall not hear her now. Bitti thinks to stop the marriage somehow. She sees poison bottle kept there and tries to reach it. She falls down. She manages to get the bottle and opens it. The poison falls out. Goons rush inside and see her unconscious. They inform Sardar Singh. Dadi gets worried for bitti and asks Sardar singh to call Bitti.

Laddo Singh and Mahima get worried and think if something happened inside. They see doctor and say they shall go inside and check. Sardar Singh comes out and tells that Servant faint and fell down. Kashi asks Mahi to smile. Sardar Singh’s wife asks Mahi to give them a chance to take care of him. Mahi asks what Doctor and Nurse are doing here? She says Servant fainted so they have called the doctor. Doctor checks Bitti. Bitti recalls making poison apply near her mouth. Doctor says she is stable. Sardar Singh asks Doctor to give her sleeping medicine. Nurse gives her tablet and water. Doctor asks them to go and says Nurse will take care of her. Dadi says God has saved her Bitti. Everyone go out. Nurse talks to someone and asks to meet her. Bitti recalls taking off tablet from her mouth and gets up. Nurse is shocked.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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