Nazar 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ruby kills another person

Nazar 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ruby puts her face in wal to calm herself down. She turns and sees Mohit there, he sees her feet turned away and says you are not human? she grows her nail and hair and says I am a witch, Mohit runs from there.

Shekhar asks Ansh to bring gifts for guests, Ansh leaves.

Mohit is running away from Ruby and screams. Ruby says you have to remain silent as I have to marry Ansh and he shouldnt know about my truth, Preeti got to know about my truth like you so I had to kill her, Ansh thinks he killed Preeti, first I took Preeti’s body and threw it in college and I made Ansh’s footprint in college, Ansh will think himself as killer and my work will be easier.

In party, Piya does khatak. Ansh looks on. Rishi dances with her. All family members join. Shekhar dances with Mehdeshwi.
On frist floor, Ruby grabs Mohit and closes room door.

Ansh dances with his family, lets nacho plays.

Ruby grabs Mohit by her hair. He pleads to let him go, Ruby says I am a witch and we eat our family too so who are you? she eats away his age, she kills him.

Ansh sees Piya dancing with others, he gets lost in her, he recalls his moments with her. Piya is busy in dancing and doesnt see him staring. Ansh sees Mehdeshwi tired and goes to her. He asks her what happened? She says nothing, where is Ruby? he says I will go and look for her.

Ruby is eating Mohit’s age but door opens. Ruby throws him away and hides her nails behind her back. Ansh comes inside. She gets tensed. Mohana is watching it and worried too. Ansh asks what are you doing here? Ruby holds his hand. Mohit’s body is lying on fan but Ansh doesnt see it. Ruby says were you missing me? I knew you would come behind me so I came here. She sees Mohit hanging and his hands about to touch Ansh so she pulls him closer and hugs him. Ansh says mom is calling, lets go. Ruby sees Mohit’s blood falling, she puts hand over droplets and doesnt let Ansh see it, he asks her to come down. He turns to leave but Ruby thinks that I will trap Ansh, she uses her powers and make Ansh dizzy, she thinks that he will say what I want. Ansh starts murmuring that Maa I want to marry Ruby.. I want to marry Ruby, I want to marry Ruby. She says good boy, come down.

Ansh and Ruby comes in party. Ansh is parroting the lines Ruby wants him to say. Ruby comes to Mehdeshwi and wishes her birthday. She thinks that I have to control Ansh. She makes Mehdeshwi busy in talks.
Piya is searching for her phone in party. Ruby says to Mehdeshwi that Ansh wants to say something. Mehdeshwi asks what? Ansh tries to say Ruby’s lines but guests keep coming to Mehdeshwi. Piya is looking around for her phone, she sees it in Ansh’s pocket and says he stole my phone? he is owner of such big house and stole my phone? Mehdeshwi is busy with guests. Ruby asks her to talk to Ansh. Ansh says Maa, I want to..

PRECAP- Mehdeshwi sees turned away feet marks in house and says to family that this shows witch is in our house so we have to put flowers and mustard seeds on every door and window so she cant run out of house, we have to catch her at any cost. She puts them on entry points of house.
Piya falls from stairs, Ansh runs and grabs her arm.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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