Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer breaks Sunaina’s heart with his confession

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sunaina coming to Sameer. Naina looks at them. Sunaina sings song kya gazab karte ho ji… woo him. Suddenly she falls down. Everyone rush to her. Munna and Pandit sing the same song. Swati asks them to shut up. She asks are you fine? Karthik asks if she is fine. Sameer asks if she is fine. Sunaina says she will be fine when he genuinely tells her I love you. Sameer’s voiceover tells that Sunaina might have understood that his love fever got down. Poonam and Mami are talking. Sameer comes and goes to his room. Poonam asks if he is taken sanyas again. Mami gives an angry look. Sameer is thinking about her and Naina’s love story. Munna and Pandit joke. Phone rings. Naina is the bathroom and asks Preeti to pick Sameer’s call. Prreeti says you have broken up with him. Naina says it is Sameer’s call. Munna asks Sameer to call again. Sameer calls again. Nain comes out of bathroom and says hello…..koi pichle janam song…..Bela comes and asks them to keep some stuff. Naina tells Preeti that the talk is done. Preeti asks what he said. Naina says nothing. Sameer says I think Naina is right and tells that I won’t let the bitterness come between us. I want her to remember me with smile and not with tears in her eyes. He says you will see different Sameer now. He says Naina is right, I can’t take out Naina’s anger on her. He calls Sunaina and asks her to meet him in red rose.

Tai ji is having food in Anand’s house. Anand comes and asks Naina why she didn’t tell him that Sharad’s mum came to your college to enquire. He says Preeti told him. Tai ji says you have also enquired about Varun. Anand says I had enquired before engagement. He says everyone must be making fun of her. Tai ji says few days are left for college. Anand says she will study after marriage also. Tai ji says Taya ji and Rakesh have decided. Anand calls Sharad’s office and talks to him. He asks him to come home at 3 pm tomorrow.

Sameer, Munna and Pandit come to the red rose restaurant. Munna and Pandit ask him to rethink. Sameer says he will tell Sunaina irrespective of the consequences. Sunaina comes and greets them. Munna and Pandit leave. Sunaina asks what is the matter? Karthik tells Priyank that Sameer is fooling both Naina and Sunaina. Sameer tells Sunaina that he did a big mistake and asks her to punish him.

Sameer says I..Sunaina says that you don’t love me. She says she is not at all sad and tells that we will always be friends. Sameer says yes and promises her. Sunaina says bye and leaves. She gets teary eyes thinking about her love confession. She sees Karthik and Priyank and is coming to them. Priyank says she will scold us, lets go. Munna and Pandit tell that they don’t believe that she took it sportingly. Sameer says she is very understanding. His voiceover tells that I never knew that Sunaina was lying to me seeing her face, and I came to know this much later.

Sameer meets Naina in the temple and tells her that they will go to Bombay and will call their family after reaching there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Frankly my dear I am very disappointed by sharad and his mum. Who in the nineties stops the girls from finishing studies in the nineties.? May be in the seventies. Definitely not in the nineties. A boy doing CA would want a graduate wife even if she does not work. Even in villages even in eighties girls continue and finish college once they join because they know education is valuable that is why parents pay fees to send girls to college.

  2. Lol Tai ji has such an illiterate…mentality…she cannot see better for anyone backward in thinking…

  3. Can someone please tell me the meaning ofor “bhagwan jhooth na bulaya” in English?

    1. It means God punish me if I lie

    2. It literally means ” Let God not make us like”.
      In Bela chachi’s context, it means she is telling that she would never lie and the opinions she’s holding or about to tell, they are the truth. Basically means she’s saying the truth.

  4. Hi guys!!
    Today Sunaina won heart…But on other hand feeling bad for her too…?…
    Hiding her tears behind smile… Really heartbroken…??
    But these stupid boys can never understand her real feelings…? However Sameer was feeling guilty but Munna Pandit?…They don’t have any emotions…Life being a comedy for them…They were just afraid that Sunaina might slap them too…What kind of childish behavior is this??..They are not Sameer’s best friends… Today I really felt that they are only his “Chamchas”…with no emotions for others…not even for Naina…?
    I feel Comedy is good but not everywhere…
    I hope Sunaina may not turn her mind towards taking revenge from Sameer for playing with her emotions and using her despite manipulated by Kartik…Makers let her remain pure hearted…
    Precap: Sameer proposing Naina to elope with him!!!…God knows what’s going on his mind…?He is always unpredictable…

  5. Episode was fantastic. Happy that Sameer still love Naina. Feeling little bad for sunaina but her heart would have broken now or later. Happy that she understood what Sameer was trying to say. Precap was little confusing but let’s see what happens. Waiting for Samaina reunion soon. Love Samaina ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????????????????

  6. Definitely Sameer is making fun with Naina, he will never ask this question since he knows his naina very well who will never accept such things…….but he will pray to god that he will never want to be separated from his Naina.we all hope for the same…..

    Sunaina – very smartly hided her feelings but this Karthik will make use of her feelings and turn her negative…. i really feel that karthik, Sameer and mundit every one is taking her granded and use her in all the situation….. mundit start this game…………they are also equally punishable like Karthik and Sameer.. felt very bad for her and if she take revenge also it is acceptable afterall she is also a human na…

    Taiji – evey day every minute every second i hate her when i see her segment in YUDKBH never even image that a woman always think bad and selfish……..

    chachaji – understanding person always …………

    last excepted to see the upcoming episode – chachaji’s conversation with Sharad…
    Samaina’s temple visit….and so on

    Might be after this conversation, Sharad will go to Naina’s college and misbehave with her and then comes the twist of Samaina’s reunion and engagement call off……………

    awating to see the nextweeks episodes………….along with Dream sequence………………..

  7. I think Sharad has mental problems ,for that reason his family give this no dowry prposal.Because naina’s chacha can’t recognize Who is Dilip virani,when he is a CA,I THINKthis CHARACTER create by SHARAD

  8. Hello everyone. I was amazed at Sindhuja’s post where she sketched this weeks episodes. Wow. I wish you can do it for next week too. Devi, your comments and posts have been excellent. You write, whatever I used to write. That makes it so beautiful.
    I am loving the new reviewers. somehow, I don’t see the earlier regular commentators. Hope they come back. Guys, you are doing an awesome job.

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