Bin Kuch Kahe 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Abha and Sandy’s Wedding In South Indian Style

Bin Kuch Kahe 17th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Myra/Kabeer and Abha/Sandy’s sangeet ceremony starts. Simone and Rukku dance first. Akshay and Priya host event and call Sudha and Mandy on stage from bride’s side. Sudha and Mandy dance and entertain guests. They then call groom’s family. Kabeer’s parents and Sandy’s parents dance next. Akshay and Priya themselves dance next on Ladki beautiful kargayi chul…song.. They then call Abha and Sandy on stage. They dance beautifully on Nashe si chadgayi oye kudi nashe si chadgayi…song..they both then hug each other emotionally. Everyone clap for them.

Akshay praises Abha for her dancing skills. Priya praises Sandy and says I love you bhai and bhabhi. Abha says we love you too. Akshay says let us end sangeet now. Everyone shout to stop. Priya say they forgot to call next couple. Akshay says this couple saw so many ups and downs and took so much time to convince each other. He calls youngest couples Kabeer and Myra on stage. Kabeer and Myra dance romantically on Rangde to mohe looking into each other’s eyes. Everyone clap for them next.

Next day, at cafeteria Sandy over phone tells Abha that he should get at least some liberty to kiss him and tries to convince her. Priya comes and keeps doll near his lips. He kisses it and then realizes it is a doll. Priya laughs, he runs behind her.

Myra wakes up feeling someone’s touch and shouts, relaxes seeing Kabeer. She asks when did he come. He says early morning when she was asleep. He says he wants to clear something before marriage. He asks what. He says I love you. She hits him and hugs.

Abha looks at Aryan’s pic and gets emotional. Sandy calls her and says he knows she is missing Aryan, but he will come back soon. Abha asks how does he know. He says he understand his wife at least that much. She smiles. He says he knows she is smiling. Their chatting continues.

During breakfast, Sudha tells she was surprised seeing Abha’s dance. Abha says thank you. Priya tries to wiggle her feet on Akshay, but wiggles Mandy’s instead. Mandy says her that her target is somewhere and she is shooting somewhere. Priya gets hiccups and runs to bathroom. Mandy congratulates Akshay and he looks confused.

Kabeer’s father JM meets Shekhawat who says after his company’s scandal, his business has gone down and needs his opinion to improve it. JM asks his future plans. Shekhawat says he wants to sell his business and settle in mountains and marry someone. JM says let us fulfill his wish then.

Wedding rituals start. Abha and Sandy’s wedding starts as per Tamil rituals. Pandit says now groom will go to piligrimage. Sudha says they did not book tickets. Priya says it is a ritual and explains it in detail. Pandit says bride’s father is needed for that ritual. Sudha gets sad. JM comes in front and performs ritual. Rituals continue.

Precap: Kabeer waits for Myra in mantap eagerly. Abha asks him to relax, she will come and shows Myra coming wearing bridal attire. Kabeer smiles.

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