Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandni cares for Meghna’s baby

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 17th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandni asks baby to call her mum. Advay looks on. Murli gives him info. Advay asks Chandni where did she go at night. Advay checks the baby’s details and gets shocked.

The Episode starts with Chandni consoling baby and asking him to call her mum. Advay looks on shocked. Baby cries. Chandni kisses baby and cries. She gives the baby to the lady. The baby holds her hand. The lady leaves with the baby. Chandni turns and recalls…. She says baby looks like Meghna, she does not know her baby is alive, if I tell her truth, mum’s head will bow down, if world knows Meghna had child before marriage, she will take Meghna and her life. Mama ji worries. FB ends.

Chandni comes inside the house and gets shocked seeing Advay. Advay asks Chandni from where is she coming. She says I went out as I was feeling restless in the room. He says oh, who was that woman. She says she worked in our house, she was unwell, Meghna and Shikha you got me home from party, thanks, I was scared there. He says enough, I don’t want to hear more lies, I have heard and seen what I had to. He goes. She looks on.

Chandni recalls PP and worries. Indrani talks to servants. Chandni comes to her and says I wanted to talk something imp, I don’t want to marry. Indrani says we won’t get such good people and alliance again. Chandni says I love you a lot and can die for you, but this relation…. I don’t like PP, the way he touches, I m sorry, I can’t marry him. Indrani recalls her deal and gets her hand away. She says you know this relation is much important for me, but its not important than my daughter, if you don’t like this, I also don’t like it. Chandni hugs and says you are the best mum, if this relation breaks, our name will spoil. Indrani asks her not to worry.

Few men come in and call out Indrani. The man demands money. Indrani asks him to talk in low tone. Chandni looks on. The man says we will create a drama in this haveli, return our money. Indrani says give me some days time. The man asks her to pay interest. Chandni begs them for some time. The man pushes her way.

Murli calls Advay and says you were right, I m sending you records. Advay checks record and sees Chandni’s name. He thinks Chandni left one day old baby at Suvidha homes, the one who can leave her child, what will she keep friendship, she doesn’t even deserve my hatred. Indrani scolds the man. The man pushes her down. Chandni holds her and asks how dare you touch my mum, we will give you money. Indrani smiles. She says give me 3 days time. The man agrees and warns her to pay money within 3 days. The men leave.

Chandni asks Indrani not to worry. Indrani asks how will we get 25 lakhs in 3 days. PP says you will get 50 lakhs, Chandni and I are going to get married, this house respect will be mine, your son in law PP will repay your loan. Indrani says no, maybe I have to go jail, I need to talk, Chandni has told….. Chandi stops Indrani and thinks mum will be ruined if I break this relation. PP and his mum ask what did Chandni say. Chandni says mum wants to thank you, you promised to pay loan after marriage. PP says that’s my duty. Chandni says PP and I will stay happy after marriage. Indrani hugs her and thinks you don’t know you saved me from problem.

Chandni asks Indrani to have food and say how is it, I will get ready. Indrani says get ready fast, its your engagement. Chandni goes. Indrani says I m fed up acting, how long will I need to do this good mum’s drama, once she gets married, her unlucky shadow will get away, just me and my daughters will stay here. She throws the noodles. Chandni looks on and cries. Mama sees Chandni.

Advay says I was right about Chandni, she is a stain. Nani says you hate her, whatever she does, why do you care. He says I care because… She asks him to find answer of this because, maybe you get peace. He says I want her destruction. Mama asks Chandni why does she do this for Indrani, she is just stepdaughter. Chandni says maybe daughters are own and step one, but mum is just mum, relations are of heart too, I regard her mum by heart, she gave me everything. He asks mum’s love. She says I m not that unlucky that I don’t get her love, you see one day she will love me by heart. Mama ji holds her. She says I have this belief, one day she will accept me. Mama hugs her. Chandni says I m my mum’s daughter, and this is the truth. Nani says truth has many colors, but you are seeing that color which you want. He says there is just one truth, I have seen many colors of Chandni, lies and cheat are in her blood. Mama ji says the mum who hates you, why did you hide Meghna’s secret. Chandni says I can’t see tears in her eyes, if world knows its Meghna’s child, her life will get ruined, mum will die, if anything happens to her, I will give my life. Advay says I will remove her innocence mask.

PP holds Chandni’s hand to make her wear ring. Advay comes and gets engaged, saying you are just mine. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Chandini how many sacrifices…then pls sacrifice this serial also…show will be good

    1. Nivika

      ?????????????????this for you…for opener of this page…congrats!!

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Lol… Snehal… I was expecting something else. Yaar

    3. Nivika

      Kya di….?

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      My cactus it seems…he he ha ha hi hi…??????

  2. Antara

    wow chandini already know that she is her stepmom phir bhi she doing all this 2 get that socalled ma ki pyaar & this bichrani is planning aganist her kya masterstroke hai bichrani? how could u? seriously sauteli beti my foot
    can’t tolerate her meghna ka baccha? i don’t understand wat is happng
    i liked the convo b/w nani & chikku tujhe kyu farak padta hai mujhe farak padta hai kyuki…………………. & nani said first find the answer for kyu that was amazing
    precap is just fantastic & that dialogue “maina kaha tha na ki tum sirf meri ho”
    now adays missing its dialogues & attitude

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Ab ASR itna bhi love sick hogaya hai ki hum hamare Mr. Mathematics Arrogant Singh Raizada ko miss karne lage hain. He is compensating to his his lips are in rest of action and his eyes and hands are doing it.

  3. again misunderstanding its enough yar

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Ayesha…. Its just the beginning. Have patience to tolerate more.

  4. TuttiFrutti

    hii….Thanks for welcoming me.
    Fenil bhai is here na.
    Episode was good.
    baby track is useless.
    Love NiVay/Adni

    1. Riana

      Hi Frutti ?…Yah fenu bhaiyoo is here

    2. TuttiFrutti

      hehhe Thanks for nick name.

    3. Nivika

      Fenil bhai toh yahi bhi rahte hai magar ghar pr late aate hai…????

    4. TuttiFrutti

      hahaha Aisa kya..Kyun any reason ?

    5. Nivika

      Yahi rehte hai woh pr kabhi kabhi bahut late cmnt karte hai…jaise friday ke epi pr sunday pe cmnt karna(kabhi kabhui ha…)???

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      Haan Fenu ka ghar toh yehi hai…but hum sab ke kabje mein hai yeh ghar.

    7. TuttiFrutti

      Ohh Sister aisa kya..kuch baat nahi …hume jaga dedo thodi .

  5. Sunanda_Guchhait

    Expectedly Unexpected thing happened. ????????????
    It’s meghu’s baby. On top of that she doesn’t know about it, even that Bichrani also, except mama ji and chandni. But how? How did they manage to hide it so long? Only Gul khan knows…

    Chandni seems really attached to this baby, the way she was crying, kissing that baby, worring, and asking to call her mother, really shows how much she loves him. Brilliantly​ potrayed by Shivani.
    AdvaY is always on the edge of misunderstand his chandni​. His eyes are shouting loud to express his anger. He is hurt, he feels he is being betrayed by his love. Being unable to control, AdvaY confronted chandni but failed to see the truth in her innocent painful eyes. In the rage of anger AdvaY rejected her gratitude. 1st time chandni was pouring her heart in front of AdvaY, wanted to share her pain with him, but what AdvaY did, is just not right. Chandni’s eyes are begging AdvaY to stay, to listen but he didn’t. AdvaY forgot the way he used to read her heart without uttering a word…
    Chandni realizes that PP isn’t the right man, and got courage to speak her heart out. But kiske samne?? In front of That blo*dy cheap money minded evil selfish Indrani-the Bichrani??
    Chandni!!! You are damn foolish​!! girl.!! You’re​ asking help frm that person who is ready to sell you, making money out of you.
    And so Indrani again played her cheap dirty game and succeed to trap chandni in her crocodile tears.
    Damned​ this indrani. Just want kill her. Want to give her the worst death in this world. How can she do this.??
    As usual AdvaY thinks if chandni can leave her child, she can go to any extend.
    Throw your​ degrees and the lebel of being professor. They are useless.
    Chandni is innocent, deprived from mother’s love, a little bit bewakoof. So Indrani​ can easily trap her. But AdvaY!! You are so intelligent that you’re​ trapped in your imaginary world.
    Someone please stops this Indrani. Plz Gul khan. Can’t take it anymore. She is destroying the purest form of love. Mother daughter relationship. She isn’t​ leaving a fraction of second to use chandni.
    But I am really shocked to know that chandni already knew it. Even then she is doing all this for her mother??? For this Indrani???
    Oh my mata. Koi iss chandni ko samjhao yaar.. puri ki puri pagal hai kya???

    # but today Shivani’s acting is outstanding. Her tears, her emotions are really making me cry with her. Special when chandni saw Indrani throwing food which she brought for her lovingly.
    AdvaY ko farak padta hai. But kyun?? Even we don’t know Nani.
    Aap ka nati pagal ke sath sath deaf and blind vi hai. He will always complain about her, but won’t try to find her the truth, see her innocence.
    When AdvaY said
    ” Chandni ko hadh se jyada nafrat karta hoon, mujhe sukoon nehi chandni ki baarbadi chahiye”.. I feel like. Sare remotes and woh tab, uska apple ta laptop, sab uske head pe maroon. Ta ke uska brain kuch to kaam kare..????????????
    Mama and chandni’s conversation was really emotional and painful. Chandni to bedi bangeyi but Indrani, ma nehi banpayi.such a shame. Chandni is such a fool, usse avi bhi Indrani se umeed hai.

    Chandni ko unmask karte karte khud apni nazron mein na gir jao AdvaY . Be careful.
    Love # shivani❤❤❤❤❤
    Love # Barun❤❤❤❤❤
    Love # Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon
    PRECAP: ?????? as usual Badass AdvaY.

    1. Pinku

      U were right sunanda meghana ka baby so disappointed noe….

    2. Manuu

      Ha sunanda..chandini ki acting bahut achi thi..itna improve kiya uss ne..hats off to her..wrkng really hard

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Excuse me!! Kya kaha …You will beat my ASR with his laptop and a those remotes..Dare you girl and I will gift you my special gifts..????. Every one knows..Laptop is the first wife of ASR and may be those remotes are their Achchu. They are happy family… But don’t dare to attack my Advay.

    4. Sunanda_Guchhait


    5. Nivika

      Chandni’s acting is improving day by day….
      And it meghu’s baby ….papa kon hai baby ka??
      Precap is dhamakedaar…….
      Di did u saw new segment of haldi ceremony…..??chandni and asr were looking ?????????????

  6. TuttiFrutti
    This is my first ever work..If you want then read at least for fenil bhai sake.i m toh new i d k all of u

  7. first shock:the child is meghna’s
    second shock:chandni knows she is stepdaughter of indrani and she doesn’t even love her still she stays like perfect daughter being a stepdaughter
    indrani ruined dev and chandni’s childhood and now trying to ruin her life by getting her married to that blo*dy pp
    anyways only her dev will marry her waiting for upcoming
    love u nivay
    can anyone plz give me some short name for dev and chandni?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Still no short couple name for their childhood name..but Fenu bhaiyyo calls them ChanduDev.
      Ajeeb hai yeh sab…yahan jo oyaar karta hai..wo jhoot kehta hai khudko ki nafrat hai [email protected] Advay…aur jo nafrat karti hai wo bhi jhoot karti hai ki Pyaar karti hoon Chandni [email protected] indrani.

  8. Yazhu

    Hi Rabba ve gang….
    Today’s epi is good ?????lots of drama and conspiracy ??

    I think Misunderstanding is the only thing Gul has for her love stories ????lots and lots of MU… It’s too much ???

    Indrani and her dramabaaz ???????????hate that lady… Cheapo ?????so Chandni does know about her fake love still she’s just buttering her a lot ??????duffer Chandni ????sach mein tumare dimaag karaab hogaya ??????….

    Advay again misunderstood her ????????not again (this just reminds me of IB… Where SSO too misunderstood Anika being with Daksh????)Same concepts are irritating… Looks like Gul doesn’t have any more new ideas for her shows… Just repeating the same things from her own previous shows ????????

    Meghna’s a mother for a baby ????????yeh kya ho raha hai yaar ???dumbo Indrani and her family… Everyone has a dark secret ?????

    Chandni’s such an emotional fool ????she’s doing all sacrifices even knowing about their real colours… Idiot ???????is she a Mother Teresa or what??? Doing sacrifices for the person who don’t even love her or consider her to be a human being ??????does she even have self esteem ????snap back girl (wish that happens soon)….

    Advay’s just jumping to conclusions ????without investigating the whole thing…..?? Nani made the right point… Find the answer for your “because” chikku ????it’ll give you the solution….

    Precap: Finally NiVay’s engagement ????????????yaayyyyy ????????wanna see Bichrani’s face when ASR puts the ring in Chandni’s finger ????

    Love ASR ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Love NiVay ?????????
    Love ShiKku ??????

    1. Manuu

      Hey yazhu..yah chandini is being emotional fool..mahaan..
      W8ng for d strong chandini..hope asr will bring dat side of chandink

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Yazhu… waiting for tonight… hope we will have a great weekend.

  9. Oh Allah..this baby is belong to Meghna.No nivaay .i dont feel bad for chsndini bcoz shes know ASR,NANI,MAMU.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Sach jaan ne ke baad bhi Chandni kar rahi hai sab toh no thoughtful Mamu can change her …so only our Arrogant ASR is needed to handle such dumb girl… only ASR can make her understand with his actions and no words will work with her…

  10. Aastha_Reddy

    “You were saying right Advay Bhaiyya.. Chandni Di left the baby in orphanage one year ago”- Murli gave infirmation to his broken music lover bhaiyya that made his guitar tone more melancholy tune.
    The men barged inside their house.. demanded money back, misbehaved with Chandni and Indrani then gave few days due, PP entered with his cheap mother, fake tears from Indrani all was very preplanned to trap Chandni more forcing her into this marriage and she fell in to their trap knowing it well. Chandni was saying her heart out of not liking PP Baba, Secretly after seeing this new caring Advay Singh Raizada who always protects her, thinking Dev as her husband from childhood, feeling unconfortable around with PP Baba, having no feeling for PP and then the following incidents just killed the desire of an innocent girl..She is emotional and then practical followed by sacrificial. She doesn’t like PP means she has developed a soft corner for Advay Singh Raizada comparing him to her caring forever… silent supporter…Her Dev.
    “Mujhe fark padta hai nani kyun ki main…..”- as usual he don’t have any answer to give, answer is there but he has covered in name of hate or afraid to scream the answer hidden deep inside his heart. Nani is right…the day he will find the actual true answer his heart will feel peace…ChanduDev together forever for that day…
    Nani’s advices to Advay and Mama’s conversation with Chandni again continue to rule with its magic.
    She is waiting for her mother to love her back… Like she is secretly waiting for her Dev to return…One side love is already bloomed in innocent heart other side duty-responsibility and sacrifice is suppressing it for Chandni and she is trying to woo her step- mother even after knowing her fake love.
    “Truth is one Chikku”- From nani that followed pain of Advay… and he reached-” May be truth is one…and Vashist family is ugly is the only truth, Chandni has many colour and I had watched it all”.
    “May be you are watching the colour from Chandni you wanted to”- Definitely this is not the colour Dev wished to see ever but Advay Singh Raizada is present too so he have to see her black mark just for his family revenge.
    “I thought Chandni has a strain but here this Chandni is filled with all black strains..she is a lier”- It was painful hurt from Dev, who wants to fight with Advay Singh Raizada trapped in a love hate puzzle, not finding way out.

    Precap- Heart attack entry…Heart wooing engagement..Old dialogue new actions…Engaged Advay..fiance Chandni.
    “Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon???”- still a question.

    1. Harshaa

      Nice review by u astha. A very emotional episode. Liked it.As we all thought it was meghas baby. Good from tomorrow the story will move and as stated in hotstar chandani starts to love advay and she will be ready to get punished for crimes she did not commit
      I want to tell some plp here that story will always have heroin as good character with all goid qualities. Thats how stories are written. The male and female leads have good qualities only. And here chandani is a girl who is sensitive good at heart and all that.

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Harsha… I am just waiting to see their engagement tonight. nothing else for now.

    3. No no i am talking about some person who is saying chandani u sacrifice everything then sacrifice the show or something. U see i generally dont talk with many people but known people like u. So i inserted that opinion in ur comment only.

    4. Pinku

      Astha uhu uhu uhu (crying) ye kya hogaya…. meghana ka baby naaa hi…. ye track badlo plsss….

    5. Aastha_Reddy

      Pinku…Meghna baby!! Actually Meghna looks some what like that right… Chandni and Shikha looks some what like fresh but Meghna looks a little like that…I hope you got it..
      Baby ke papa kaun hai pata nahi!! I am not pointing finger at Meghna still a baby need both Mumma and Papa’s love… Hope Nivay will manage them together.

    6. TuttiFrutti

      Nice views Dii

  11. Manuu

    Hello guys..hw r u doing..omg..toh chandini ko pata hai ki indrani uss se nafrat karti hai..phir bhi woh uss se itna pyaar karti hai..salaam chandini…
    So it’s revealed..woh bacha meghu ka hai..chandini bacha ka mausi hai..mai dhek bhi liya aur sun bhi liya aur kuch kehne ki zaroorat nahi hai..asr tum khud sab assume kar lete ho..dekho nafrat ki patti nikhal ke…
    Finally chandini himmat karke shaadi ke liye mana kar diya…lekin bichrani ne apni chaal cheli..phir se cheli sacrifice karne
    .thoda dhimak lagao chandini..
    Achi maa ka natak karte karte tak gayi indrani..hum bhi tumare drama dekh ke..jab bhi ise gale se laga ti hoo..seene mein saamp..hum bhi jab bichrani ko dekhte woh hi mehsoos karte..
    Chandini sab jaan ke bhi uski maa ke liye kuch bhi karne ke liye tayar hai..
    Jst luvd dis: betiya sauteli yah apni hoti hai..par maa toh maa hoti hai..luv u chandini for dis???..pity u chandini kyun ki tumhari vishwaas kabi nahi jeetegi..bichrani kabhi nahi badalne wali…
    Phir se shuru MU…tum mere nafrat ke bhi layak nahi ho…she deserves best man..and that’s u…
    Nani..u rock ..aap hi advay ko samja sakti ho..tume kyun farak padta hai jab tum uss se nafrat karte ho..bolo asr..bolo dat u luv her damn it…
    Precap: aww..I can’t wait..asr ne sabke samne ring pehna diya…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      wow ASR is always best… Kya himmat hai sabke saamne kaha you are only mine!!! So sweet of his possession.

    2. Pinku

      Manu …. hahaha awesome comments hahaga lovely… very disappointing noe… jaldi track badlo varna trp aur kam hojayega aur iss baar tho pinku ko heart attack aajayega agar trp 1 se kam hogaya tho….

    3. Manuu

      Don’t worry pinku..trp kam nahi hogi..tumhe kaise heart attack dega asr

  12. Jesna

    I hate Misunderstanding too much ?? Meghna’s child ?? how this possible finally chandni realised indrani ki true face but why she sacrifice herself for that greedy step-mom (indrani) Nani is such a sweetheart ?? l loved her
    Precap mind blasting ??
    #love Nivaay

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      I will not be surprised if Indrani know about the baby and that is why she created the Chandni’s kidnapping so that people will be distracted to kidnapping Chandni incident and Meghna- Baby news will be suppressed. Sunanda was worried for opposite of Meghna but yeh ladki toh sabse chantumai nikli!! Jab baby hai uska toh ab baby banane ke liye baby ka papa kyun chahiye(naughty logic). Will Advay search for baby’s fathet and bring him back to Meghna..Moreover that Meghna is still a chipku to boys even after such incident!!!

    2. Pinku

      Hahaha good one astha…. yea every possibility Indrani must hv done tht…

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      What an idea.. astha ji..
      Very logical one.
      I was thinking maybe Indrani wanted to blame chandni for this baby ..
      Because chandni was taken hostage for three nights, so everyone will believe that chandni is a characterless woman,. Not meghna.

      Aur sach mein meghna kaisi hai yaar.. after all this , she​ is still a chipku to boys. All time thinking about romantic moments, even eyeing chandni’s AdvaY.. .what the…

      But interestingly both the incident happened one year ago. That time chandni was in school dress,
      To kya meghna school mein rehte hi yeh sab kar liya??? Sounds little wired..
      Kuch gadbad hai.. ..

    4. Maryjose

      Chandini’s kidnapping happened a year back and Indrani said in an episode this week that she thought she had rid of her but she came back yet again!

      The baby appears to be 5-6 mos old only. So, timing wise, it cannot be tied to the kidnapping event!

      Even in a drama, we need some reality checks!

  13. Fenil

    Episode lil it good warna pura episode Indrani kha gayi.
    Meghana’s child great news Astha baby Pende baato Kya upbringing:P:P:P:P:)):)):)):)):D
    Nani and ASR scenes was good.

    Poore Allahabad mein Noodles ke alwa kuch food hi nahi milta kya baat hai.:)):)):)):D:D:D:DGulli phir kahengi cast bimar hain toh show close karo yaa cast change kro.;);););):P:P:P:P

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Fenu bhaiyyo.. what is pende!!?? I didn’t get the name.. name of any sweet right , send me some of PENDE so that my doubt will be cleared and I will taste it too .

      Aww… Now a days I feel like a real darling baby..Every one is calling me Aasthu baby…Aastha baby..Aashu baby… You too Brutus!!
      Noodles and Gul’s excuse lol bhaiyya aap bhi kinder joy khate ho kya… ha ha ha…

  14. Nice epi and the precap is interesting

    1. Manuu

      Welcome appu..njy d show

  15. Sunanda_Guchhait

    Chandni had suffered a lot through out her life. Indrani is using every bit of her. She destroyed chandni and DEV’s childhood.
    shakun, kajal and ranjit didn’t miss any chance to humiliate her.
    And now AdvaY is behind her to destroy.

    A 6 month old child without mother, tricked and manipulated by her so call step mom, separated from her best friend Dev, till now deprived from motherly love, suffering everyday for the sins she haven’t done..
    How much will she bear??? When will it end ??
    Really painful to see chandni’s condition when most of the truth regarding her, is out.

    But one thing​ is healing every wound. That is AdvaY is going to marry his chandni..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Every dark tunnel leads to lighted open end..Chandni has not reached her light but her light has managed to reach up to Chandni, The small stone with Chandu- Dev written and the return of Advay Singh Raizada… Its not Advay’s revenge for which he returned back to Allahabad..Its the heart of Chandni calling him, craving for him and then the small stone.. It brought Dev back as ASR. She need someone powerful to absorb all her pain… share her pain.. And no one except Advay is fit for that.
      Peoples says they are made for each other… Nivay @ChanduDev are born to be bound together…forever…

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Love you… Astha. Seriously..
      Loved this comment.. so well written..
      Every word. Thank you yaar..

  16. Riana

    Hey guyzzzz….???…Btw now i just removed many of the ill sarun fan comments…which was mentioned on new promo…I AM FEELINGGG SOOO HAPPY to remove their stupid comments ?????????? smirking ….But by mistake i removed one shirun fan’s comment also…lol ??

    1. Riana

      In youtube

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Riana…. kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai ..inlet khane keliye eggs todna padta hai…. its alright. Just one paddy plant got uprooted when you tried removing all weeds.

    3. Riana

      ?…absolutely right astha (in fakelana tone) ???

    4. Pinku

      Awesome work riana keep it up love u hugs

    5. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Well done Captain Riana.. I am proud of you

    6. Riana

      Thankiuu ??

    7. Nivika

      Good work dii….

  17. Manuu

    Hey guys ..surprise is w8ng for u all..check my wall

    1. Pinku

      Hey i saw ur wall n commented too manu

  18. KartikK

    Epi was epic and nice one developing story
    Precap omg the best one Jo bhi meri ho love that aasthik

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Karthik… “tum jo bhi ho meri ho…” lagta hai yeh aapka favourite dialogue hai.. one of a kind, you are too smitten by this dialogue. Love NIVAY… yeh ladka paagal karke chhodega ek din.

  19. Pinku

    Hey trp se yaad aaya astha any update??? On trp this week ib n ipkknd ka

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      No information Pinku. I don’t wish to know…trp is just number of audience… not quality of any show.

  20. Hi everyone i am new reader and i also very like this page
    Today the epic is nice so emotional

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Aimal welcome to Ravva ve land

    2. Manuu

      Welcome aimal..keep commenting

    3. Nivika

      Aimal welcome here…keep supporting nivay

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