Peshwa Bajirao 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Baji gets upset with Kashi

Peshwa Bajirao 17th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baji asking his family members to give away their jewellery to cover the loss of nation’s wealth. Kashi gives the necklace also given by Baji. Bhatt tells that Baji has rectified his mistake and returned nation’s wealth, he don’t need to resign from Peshwa position now. Kashi apologizes to Baji and tells that she didn’t know that she should use only one locker. Radha says you would have asked me when you have taken keys. Baji says it was my mistake, I gave her responsibility, for which she was not ready. I should have talked to you. Radha says this mistake will not be repeated again. Kashi returns the keys to Radha. Radha takes it and keeps with her.

Chhatrasal tells Mastani about their enemy attacking on Bundelkhand. Mastani plans a counter attack with her girls’ team. Mantri asks if you are ready to give her this responsibility. Chhatrasal looks on. Kashi thanks Baji for understanding that this responsibility was big to her. Baji says it was your stubbornness and says he wants utsav to be simple and asks why did she wasted money. Kashi says she tried to increase his prestige and says even Radha wanted the utsav to be grand. Baji doesn’t believe her and tells that she don’t understand even after her explains to her clearly.

Mastani asks Chhatrasal if he would have taken time if she was his son. Chhatrasal tells that he wants to see mehendi on her hands and says he likes her plan, but someone has to be in the Qila. He asks her to stay in Qila and take care of everyone. She says she will give life, but will not let Bundelkhand go. Baji tells Kashi that he went from home angrily, but then thought of her and came back so that they can do puja as husband and wife, and Peshwa and Peshwin Bai, but you made it ass public function. He says it is my mistake that I can’t make you understand my point. Rakhma asks Chimna whose mistake it was?

Chimna says it is destiny’s mistake and tells that Kashi and Baji are like water and fire which are not meant for each other. Baji attacking Mughals and winning is shown. Someone informs Chhatrasal that Bundelkhand is free from Mughals because of Baji. Mastani writes letter to him thanking and praying for him. A voiceover is heard, who says that Baji defeated Nizam. When Bundelkhand was attacked, Chhatrasal asks Mastani to write letter to baji asking him to help her. Baji is shown with moustache now…as some years passes by. Baji and Mastani both look at the sky from their respective home and palace.

Precap: Baji hears Mastani singing the same bhajan and gets attracted to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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