Bin Kuch Kahe 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Myra panics and cries loudly calling Kabeer. She asks Abha where is Kabeer. Abha says he must be coming with his parents. Myra says Kabeer proposed her so many times, but she delayed, she should not have wasted so much time. Kabeer enters with his parents and Sandy and says she really wasted so much time. She runs and hugs him. He calls her kukdi. Sandy says when he went to airport, authorities announced flight is traced and will land in 1 hour. Abha says why did not he inform beforehand. Sandy says Kabeer stopped him. Kabeer’s father speaks. Sandy introduces Kabeer’s parents. Sudha introduces her family. Kabeer’s mother says her house is beautiful, India is beautiful. Mandy says this is raja maharaja’s city and she will take them for a tour. Mother says she will love it. Sudha asks Myra to show Kabeer’s parents their room. Kabeer asks where is his room. Abha says his room is fixed. Kabeer smiles ands says thank you.

After dinner, family sips tea. Kabeer’s dad asks where are Kabeer and Myra. Mandy comments let us leave love birds alone. Sandy also excuses and leaves with Abha. Kabeer and Myra enjoy ice cream in their car. Myrasays she was very tensed and asks to promise he will not trick again. Kabeer says he did not do anything. Constable knocks door and asks what are they doing. Kabeer says he brought his girlfriend on a date for the first time. Constable asks him to come out and walk behind him. Myra says Kabeer she does not want to go to jail now. Kabeer and Myra gets into car and speed away.

Next day, during breakfast, Mandy taunts Myra that she had a lot of love last night, so now she cannot meet Kabeer for 4 days till their marriage. Sandy comes. Myra tells he cannot meet Abha as per rituals .Sandy says he needs to talk to Abha something important. Sudha comes and says it is a ritual. His family comes with idlis for Abha. He says he will have breakfast and go. Priya says they kept enough idlis for him at home. Sandy goes near Abha’s window and knocks window. Abha opens window and asks what is he doing. He gets in and insists for a kiss. She says she will check if someone is coming and asks him to come out. He tries to kiss. She asks to close his eyes and kiss and silently walks aside. He tries to kiss. Whole family comes and Priya clicks his pic. Mandy says she has gone, hard luck.. Priya taunts him. Drama continues.

Sudha and Kabeer’s mother share emotional bonding next. Sudha tells Kabeer’s mother that all he 3 daughters will leave her and she will be alone. Kabeer’s mother says it is rule of world, they cannot change it. Sudha asks if she does not miss Kabeer. Mother says they have to give children good moral values and let them free, rest is up to them. She says forget everyting now and see how beautiful the world is. Their chatting continues.

Precap: Kabeer and Myra walk holding hands. Akshay comes and they both look at him.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. I enjoyed this episode today. Thank you.

  2. I think serial is going to end Friday vil b d last day of bin kuch kahe

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